Friday, May 13, 2011

Racists Outraged Over Black Heimdall, Idris Elba

We should all be outraged by this news! This is a horrifying disgrace. Hollywood, get your head out of your tuckus! Idris Elba does not in any way resemble the real Heimdall.

Follow carefully... According to Wikipedia, Heimdallr, the Norse god upon whom the Marvel character Heimdall is based, is also known as "the one with the golden teeth." Therefore there is only one celebrity qualified to play Heimdall (see below).


  1. Its not racist to defend the gods...... It IS racist to make a "Our" god an African god.....Now Thats racist!! Piss off you are all a disgrace to the gods! And may you never enter Valhalla! None of you is worthy! Self hating white cowards!

    1. Getting mad about it only plays into the hands of those who wanted to offend you. It is the expected reaction. By contrast, equating our enemy's Negro Heimdall to the niggeriest nigger in all niggerdom (Flavor Flav) reminds them that you can put a monkey in a golden suit, but he is still just a monkey. You should be much more worried with black/Muslim immigration into Scandinavia then with Hollyweird's casting choices.

  2. Heimdallr is described as having the whitest skin of the gods