Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pepsi: Pro-Choice of a No-Generation

Pro-Life groups across America are calling for a public boycott of PepsiCo due to the megacorporation's involvement with a controversial biotech company, Senomyx. "Why?", one might ask. It seems that PepsiCo and Senomyx are utilizing aborted fetal cells in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers.

So now America has to cope with the image of PepsiCo as some titanic ogre-god, feasting upon the flesh of the unborn to satisfy its insatiable hunger for babies...delicious babies.

But are there actual fetal cells inside our Pepsi products? According to this article:

"Cells expressing certain proteins produce a chemical signal when flavors are introduced, which determines if it's the proper flavor. The aborted fetal cells are not in the product itself."

Comforting, I am sure, to some. However, the idea of petri dishes filled with detached squirming baby tongues, forced to taste-test Pepsi products 24-hours a day may still disgust and enrage the abortion-hating public. Let's hope so anyway.

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