Monday, July 21, 2008

Roma Holiday


Italian newspapers expressed shock and revulsion on Monday after photographs were published of sunbathers apparently enjoying a day at the beach just meters from where the bodies of two drowned Gypsy girls were laid out on the sand.

The most shocking aspect of all this is the attitude of the people on the beach," the statement said. "No one appears the slightest upset at the sight and presence of the children's dead bodies on the beach: they carry on swimming, sunbathing, sipping soft drinks and chatting."

Oh dear Lord, I know I am shocked and revolted at this news! How could this be? I had so much more respect for the Italian people than to imagine they could stoop to this.

How could they let these Roma scum onto an Italian beach? It is sickening and revolting. And then to provide free coffins for Roma that drowned! No, no! FOR SHAME! The decent thing to do would have been to throw the dead Roma children onto a pile of fetid refuse – the traditional Roma burial custom. Afterward, the Roma men would have returned to have sex with the girl’s corpses – the traditional Roma mourning ritual. Then the Roma would paw through the refuse to find plastic bags to wear over their feet as new shoes, used adult diapers to don as new underwear, and then fought one another with rusty disposable razors to determine who got the largest share of any rancid meat they discovered amidst the garbage – the traditional Roma holiday.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wonder Negro Powers, Activate!

Shape of…a loud mouth mammy!
Form of…a bucket of Colt-45 malt liquor!

Apparently, Obama has hired new campaign managers.