Thursday, May 29, 2008

The World’s Largest Gloryhole

The Newly Unveiled Berlin Monument to Homosexuals Persecuted by the Nazis Appears to be the World’s Largest Gloryhole.

You cannot make this stuff up, folks. LINK

An unrelated F.Y.I. here -
I have received some less-than-supportive feedback on my Ching Ching Roadkill story. I don't mind posting feedback that is critical of my views, but people need to remember a couple of details:

1) This blog is not updated daily, or sometimes even monthly. Expecting me to have approved your comments within minutes of you having posted them is foolish. Repeatedly posting the same comment, or a series of increasingly irate comments, won't make me respond any faster.

2) I filter comments for the same reason you have a doormat, to keep out other people's filth. I am, however, quite comfortable wallowing in my own filth.

3) If you put links to outside websites, there is a good chance I will find them extraneous, which will lead to rejecting your comment. On this blog, there are very few links to non-news-related outside sources. I simply refuse to post links that will potentially lead to the suspicious and disreputable corners of Al Gore's patented interweb.

The comments I received violated the principles of details 1 and 3. Still, I'd like to publish the comments because I think they are well articulated, even if they are less-than-flattering. It's such a rarity I receive any communication at all. Perhaps I will include them in my next post.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Were they at least American-made tires?

Oh, this is just toooooooo rich. I am on irony overdose. My Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (otherwise known as DAT GOY! by the Jew God on Mt. Sinai) is working overtime.

A Grammy award winning Christian music star (this guarantees I had never heard his name before today) has gotten the Job treatment from his dear Big Jew in the clouds.

Steven Curtis Chapman (three names = Christian/Country Music Star or Presidential Assassin) … (I am really going overboard using parenthesis today) … lost his youngest daughter in a traffic accident. Now prepare yourself for comedy –

The daughter, 5-year-old Maria Sue, was an adopted Chinese girl who was run over in her own driveway by a sport utility vehicle driven by a teenager who happens to be the biological son of Steven Curtis Chapman and therefore her (technical) elder brother.
… Excuse me a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes… Ah, laughter! But, now you must prepare yourself for the complexity of dissecting the handiwork of my Dark and Terrible God of IronY:

1) The easy and obvious part is the age old nyah nyah! of the atheist: Where was your God when you needed him, Mr. Christian? Of course, the Christians are so addled and depleted by their dogma that they will gladly accept any misfortune they personally suffer as the wisdom of their creator, while mocking the misfortunes of unbelievers as divine retribution. Next -

2) Steven Curtis Chapman, race traitor, brought foreign babies into this country to give them a better life, and ended up intimately acquainting one of them with the treads of his son’s tires. Perhaps she would have been better off where she was? “No, no!” Hear the Christians howl! “Now she is an angel who plays backgammon all day with a haloed Albert Einstein next to the Chocolate Bunny River running through the Gumdrop Forest on Cloud 169, East Heaven.” Well, Stevie-boy, go back and get yourself another Chink, but watch how they will wriggle like wet noodles while trying to get free of the grip of the Grim Reaper when you pick them up for the first time and introduce them to your son. Let's proceed –

3) Steven Curtis Chapman brought (let’s be honest here, bought) a girl from China and named her Maria Sue! He named the previous two Shaohannah and Stevey Joy! What a backasswards bumpkin! That’s gotta be worth some laughs, right? Nothing from you Yahweh-humping bastards, huh? This next one has got to be the one then –

4) A Chinese girl was run over by a white guy for a change. Come on people! That’s like saying a black person was killed while being mugged by a white teenager. Or a Muslim was blown up in a plane crash caused by a white hijacker. Or a mestizo got E. coli from eating lettuce picked by a white farm worker. Or a Native American was killed by a tomahawk thrown by a white tomahawk enthusiast. Or a faggot got Hep C via a blood transfusion from a nun. What are the flippin’ odds?!

Enjoy these alternate titles for my post:
Roadkill with Cashew Nut and Spicy Brown Sauce
From China with Road Rage
Who would Jesus run over?
White Driver Hits and Kills Chinese Pedestrian, And Other Improbable Situations
Try Explaining this to the Kids in your Confirmation Class
Driver Hits and Kills 5-Year Old Chinese girl, Receives Thanks from People Living in the Year 2019.