Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Finally Plays the Race Card

So, Obama has addressed the 800-pound-gorilla in the room, which has always been looming over his gawky, 140-pound-gorilla frame. In response to the suspiciously well-timed attention to the comments of Obama’s pastor (suspicious considering how closely it followed on the heels of the Geraldine Ferraro comments), Obama has finally shown his hand. I see what he has done as underwhelming, a hand too carefully played – it will not be remembered. But there is one aspect I would like to bring attention to, so that it does not go completely unnoticed.

I am referring to this passage from his speech, here excerpted by the New York Times:
“I can no more disown him [Pastor Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown my white grandmother,” he said, “a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”
This is, however, woman you are not above defaming as a racist in order to defend your pastor, a man with whom you share no direct blood relation.

This “white grandmother” raised you for 8-years. 6-years longer than your black father did, and only 2-years fewer than you white mother did before she dumped you on her aged parents and disappeared from your life. But, who is your “white grandmother” compared to the black pastor of your local church? She is just a racist, old white woman. She is an acceptable card to be discarded from your hand, as you hope to draw another spade from the deck.

"Sharpton: Dis nigger done got ya'all fooled!"
Obama really has a thing for racist, black pastors. Is it just me, or does that family photo in the bottom right corner of this picture look a little too conveniently placed?