Friday, February 29, 2008

Incubator of Deformity

A severely deformed woman from Northern Kentucky, whose body is little more than a sack of potatoes from which flailing, stunted flippers protrude, has given birth. News agencies are heralding the triumph with stories to the effect of “woman gives birth to baby almost as big as herself”. I, on the other hand, am keeping my barf bucket very close by as I write this.

Here is a living symbol of our cultural degeneracy. STORY, VIDEO

This … thing procreates, while millions of normal, healthy, successful Western women REFUSE to have babies. When a civilization reaches this point, it’s over.

Come forth voices of the New West, I summon you to tempt and taunt me with the deceptions you used to con the rest of my kith –

Spectral voices of the New West: What’s wrong with this? How can you judge her?
Adrean Arlott: Judgment is a freedom we still possess. I judge the severely deformed passing on their deformities to their children to be an abomination. I judge the failure of the West to replace its own population of normal, healthy citizens to be a disaster in the making.

Spectral voices of the New West: Whether or not to have children is a personal choice. How can you deny this potato-woman’s freedom of choice, while you are still free to choose? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?Adrean Arlott: Ah, if only her choices didn’t limit my own. If only there was a semblance of fair play about this decision. When this potato chose to bud, she created a new dependent that every tax payer will have the pleasure of supporting. Not that she shouldn’t receive the same services the rest of us pay taxes for – schools, roads, public services – she just shouldn’t receive more than the rest of us. The potato bud will receive a personal valet to shepherd her around school, a government subsidized vehicle designed to conform to her potato curves, and a lifetime of free health care from social services. That seems totally unfair.

Spectral voices of the New West [quivering with rage and indignation]: It is fair! Every life is precious! Everyone is equally valuable! Every life has equal value! No one person is more valuable than another! No one person counts more than another!
Adrean Arlott: Evidently her life is more valuable than any of ours, since every tax payer in this country will now pay to subsidize her existence. In other words, what I EARN will now be taken away and given to the potato bud. Do what thou will, but not with my tax dollars.

Spectral voices of the New West [in maddened frenzy]: Those who need more should get more; those who have more should give more!
Adrean Arlott: Thank you Karl Marx, but I thought you said we were all equal? I stand by my assertion that some of us appear to be more equal than others. Let me tell you a story. There once were two villages, one prospered and the other failed. The failures asked for help, and the prosperous got together to discuss the request. A few of the prosperous blamed the failures – “They are inferior people destined to fail!” This peeved many of the other prosperous people who declared – “We are equal, it’s the environment that turned against them.” So the majority ruled and decided to send a portion of their harvest to the failures. The next year the population of failures had increased, but their fortunes were no better. A few of the prosperous declared – “We told you, these people are incapable of success; feeding them only makes more of them, it does not better them.” This angered the many prosperous – “We are all brothers, they need our help and we will give it; since their land has failed them, let us open our borders and invite our brothers in, our land of opportunity has more than enough to share.” The next year the prosperous land was filled with failures failing. A few of the prosperous lamented – “These people continue to fail, what has your policy done but sully our land and burden our children?” This was the final straw for the many prosperous – “These people fail because a few people like you are still around; you may no longer speak against them or you will be arrested and everything you have will be taken away and given to our needy brothers.” Finally, there was no opposition from the few, and the many mistook the silence for success. And the number of prosperous dwindled, and the number of failures multiplied, and soon there were two villages filled with failures.

Spectral voices from the New West [suddenly serene]: So mote it be.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cavalleria Whitetrashiana

This weekend I enjoyed Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci on DVD. But, having scanned through hundreds of comments on White nationalist websites about a certain, recent murder suicide, I must say the operas became sooo confusing and unbelievable!


1) How could there have been cheating women in a world before Desperate Housewives? What nonsense that is! White women never cheated on their husbands before women’s liberation and trash TV – it is impossible.
2) How could anyone be driven into a homicidal rage without first suffering the debilitating effects of aspartame poisoning, or at least some mind-altering tricyclic antidepressants peddled by a scheming Jew-dominated pharmaceutical industry?
3) How could the husbands have known their wives were cheating without GPS monitoring?
4) How could these murders happen in broad daylight and the Mossad have been behind them? White men don’t murder their wives – the Mossad has to set up the white man to make it look like he did. These operas didn’t have a single Mossad agent in sight – that is ridiculous!
5) How could the murderers not commit suicide at the end of the operas? Didn’t they know that they wouldn’t get a fair trial in ZOG-controlled kangaroo courts?

The only logical conclusion is that Jewish agents built a time machine, traveled to 19th century Italy, and then wrote absurd black propaganda operas that made it seem like Jews are not responsible for all failed marriages and incidents of domestic violence. Those bastards! It’s obvious they went to all that trouble because a certain wife-murdering white nationalist had gotten 100,000 hits on his blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speaking of racist cuckolds...

So – a certain right-wing racist has permanently taken himself out of the struggle. Why? The lurid details were painstakingly, almost erotically-sadomasochistically catalogued on his blog. I sense the presence of My Dark and Terrible God of Irony at work. Consider:

1) After months of banging on about ropes and nooses, the right-wing racists finally have their first lynching victim – and it’s one of their own!

2) How many years have the gun-loving racists proclaimed: “If they come to take my guns, I’m going out in a blaze of glory and taking those bastards with me!” or “If I go down, I’m taking as many of them with me as I can!” Here was the opportunity to make such a mark, and what a surprise that opportunity was so roundly blown.

3) And of course, rather than seeing this man as a selfish nutjob who’s last act was to hand the enemy yet another propaganda coup, he is being praised as a martyr who sacrificed all for the White race! The apologists are already at work in the bowel-movement: “Oh, woe is he, if only the Jews hadn’t produced Desperate Housewives, none of this would have happened!” Read his blog – he spent the last few weeks of his life playing Nancy Drew joins the Gestapo and recording for posterity, in pornographic detail mind you, exactly how he was cuckolded. He was equally guilty of wallowing in self-indulgent, adolescent sleaze, ready and fitting for primetime.

And before any of you right-wing fools take a swing at me for besmirching someone who never did me any disservice let me share with you what he thought of me after I did my first CDN show:

This Negro would do well in a multicultural society! I'm waiting for "The Sandman" to come running out from behind the curtain to chase this Negro off the stage. (Showtime At The Apollo) I'm thinking of doing a weekly show just so we don't have to listen to this uppity Negro again! I wish I hadn't been POISONED! Can't WAIT to hear Phil's new show! I guess we'll have to take the good with the bad until other pro-Whites step up to the plate?!!! Yankee Jim Homepage 06.23.06 - 10:31 pm