Sunday, October 19, 2008

Et tu, Niggere?

The house slaves know the rebellion is a-comin’. They friz up their slicked back mulatto hair, quietly change from their butler’s outfits into the garb of the cotton pickers, and discretely bury any little tokens of their master’s favor – a book, a ring, a medal.

When ol’ Massa and his kin are drug out by torchlight and pierced by pitchforks, the house slaves will get the first calluses of their lives. They just don't make Uncle Toms like they used to.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Juno in Juneau?

What do Traditional Family Values ™ mean in the United States today? Ask the “conservative” party candidate on the G.O.P. ticket, Sarah Palin:

1) Race Mixing: Palin’s husband is part Eskimo.
2) Out of Wedlock Sex: Palin’s slut teenage daughter is pregnant at 17.
3) Every Sperm is Sacred: Palin gave birth to Down Syndrome baby.

“Conservative response to #1: She’s not a bigot! The G.O.P. is not a racist party!

This is why our nation is being flooded by brown invaders who wish to reconquer the southwest and turn it into Mexico North. Maybe if the G.O.P. was a racist party, White people would not be dwindling into minority status in the U.S.A.

Conservative response to #2: It proves she is human! Parents cannot be responsible for everything their children do!

Aren’t conservatives supposed to be for law and order, for self-restraint and personal accountability? How can conservatives successfully argue for abstinence education if the Vice President’s daughter gets knocked up before getting out of High School? Since when does fucking outside of wedlock and being too stupid to practice safe sex prove one's status as a human being? Since when are parents not responsible for what their underage children do? If Bristol Palin had joined National Alliance, don’t you think Sarah Palin would have been held accountable for her daughter’s actions and been castigated by opponents and supporters alike?

Conservative response to #3: At least she chose life! Where there is life, there is hope!

Though apparently no hope of paying attention to medical advice such as this: “The risk of having a child with Down syndrome is 1/1,300 for a 25-year-old woman; at age 35, the risk increases to 1/365. At age 45, the risk of a having a child with Down syndrome increases to 1/30. (By convention, maternal age refers to age at the estimated or actual delivery date.)” Palin is 44 and has an infant son. Let’s list some of the hopeful aspects of living with Down’s Syndrome, by complication and likelihood of complication: mental and growth retardation 95%, congenital heart defects 40%, hearing loss 40-75%, ophthalmic disorders 60%, infertility >99% in males. In other words, hope is the chosen refuge of those who fail to plan ahead. How about getting your tubes tied, or hanging out a Dead End sign on that creaking, rusted crevice between your legs?

If this is conservatism and these are family values, what is liberalism?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

For the Love of Sappho

If you just want a gratuitous picture of LESBIANS IN ACTION, scroll down and follow the link below my meandering little essay. Go ahead and skip, I don’t mind.

“Lesbos” isn’t just a Greek island, it’s also a way to describe the cultural phenomenon of women fucking women. How do women fuck one another? Awkwardly, I suppose. And for those who would say otherwise, I will remind them that “Denial” is not just a river in Egypt, it’s also a nightclub for ugly, butch women who’ve convinced themselves men are the problem and have decided to give scissoring a try.

Personally, I am immune to the supposed eroticism of voyeuristic lesbianism, much in the same way I am immune to gambling, drinking, viewing network television, enjoying the outdoors, and watching sports. I simply derive no enjoyment from any of these things, and I know that each compounds my otherness and minority status. The males I have socialized with all seem to love lesbianism. If I say to these men, “Betty from work is going on a lesbian cruise with her lover Sally.”, the men uniformly seem to respond “OOO! Are they hot?” And yet, if I was to say, “Bill from work is going on a gay cruise with his lover Saul.”, I have never met a women yet who responds, “OOO! Are they hot?” And I know some pretty fucked up, nasty bitches, to use the Negro expression.

In the spirit of giving the people what they want, I present this link to an article about the first lesbian couple legally married in San Francisco. WARNING! It includes a picture of -

Close-Up, Intense, Lesbian Fingering

Reality is such a bitch, right boys?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Hope: DATGOY

A foolish, thieving duo were introduced to some ironic justice today. 26-year-old Tyree Monique Tate and her sister sprayed a security guard in the face with mace and fled with stolen merchandise from a TJ Maxx store at the Lansing Mall in Michigan. The sister was promptly apprehended, but Tyree managed to elude her pursuers by hiding in a trash compactor. Shortly thereafter, the fire department received a call from the Goodwill store, reporting that a woman was being crushed inside the active trash compactor and was screaming for help. Here is a portion of the 911 recording:

911: You say there’s a woman trapped in the trash compactor?
Goodwill: Yes!
911: And she’s screaming?
Goodwill: Yes, she is!
911: What exactly is she screaming?
Goodwill: She’s screaming: “C-3PO, shut down all the garbage smashers on the detention level! Do you copy? Shut down all the garbage smashers on the detention level!”

Steal 500$ worth of children’s clothes from a TJ Maxx, get crushed to death in a Goodwill trash compactor – I adore my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Sorting Glass an Olympic Event?

I have been rather rudely informed that a young man by the name of Michael Phelps is not participating in the Special Olympics, but in the Olympics Olympics. So the Olympics are happening again? Didn’t they just do one of these like four years ago? What’s up with that? I acknowledge I do not follow “The Sports”. I have never been interested in football bases, bench lifting, tennis sticks, golfing rinks, shot vaulting, and so forth.

This is the Michael Phelps in question:

When I saw this picture I remarked, “Retards sure do love shiny things. I didn’t know the Special Olympics gave out medals.” Little did I know that the fellow in the picture was some sort of swimmity-jibbit muckety-muck. He looks like he’s about to take a bite out of that medal for Christ’s sake. Come on! Are you sure this guy isn’t a retard?

Oops, he missed his mouth. You know, he's going to fly into an uncontrollable rage when he finally notices that wreath you put on his head. The retarded can summon the strength of a gorilla when they are startled.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh, the Things We Do Let Slip!

In this article from California, we learn a startling, hitherto unheard of fact: Asian and White students get higher test scores than Black and Hispanic students. Who would have thunk it? I’ll give you a minute to recover from the shock.

Better? What I love about this article is that it leapt right for the racial jugular. So many of the pieces I read subsequently about the same story failed to even mention a racial dimension.

Here was the article’s clincher that left me sniggering: Among African-Americans statewide, only one-third are at least proficient in English, just 1 percentage point higher than Latino students - many of whom are still learning English.

HA! Dear Lord, that is hi-frickin-larious. Cheap shots are still the best kind of shots, even if accidental. It’s like saying: Ugly people get no respect in this country, you know that firsthand, don’t you Sue? (Oops!) Not to say that you’re ugly, Sue. Just that you are not a beauty by society’s standards. I mean, people don’t think you’re ugly, they just want someone who looks better. To them, of course! Better by their shallow definition of beauty – good skin, nice hair, well dressed, straight teeth, pleasant fragrance. Not that you stink! People just prefer flowers and perfumy type smells on women. Not that you don’t smell like a woman, Sue. I’m not saying you smell like a man – you have your own, unique odor! Sue, suicide is not the answer. That’s all that I am trying to say at this point.

Back on task – They are nearing 400 years in this country and Negro English scores are only 1% higher than wetbacks who’ve been here 4 years?! Sweet Christ, what does it take to prove that NIGGAS IS DUM? I know, I know -oppression, slavery, exploitation, grape soda, gold teef, pimp dat ho, blah, blah, blah.

I’ll show you how stupid dey be – Dey…(hurumph)… THEY cannot see that integration has been an unmitigated disaster for their race. Through the smoke screen of Black History Month, Martin Luther King Day, and Affirmative Action (all three so vital to American education at all levels) these silly Negroes have been disenfranchised yet again! They’ve been sold a complete fabrication, paid for with a fraudulent check by their system-appointed leaders.

Enough speechifying. In conclusion, I love the accidental candor of the excerpt above. I’m sure the reporter I quoted is a social Marxist cock-sucker who never intended that quote to be the delightful punchline it is.

All of this reminds me of a flaw that appeared in my normally perfect concealment of my racist views. In mixed company (mixed in that a single Darkie was present) I made the mistake of using the phrase “black market”. I know it has no racial connotation, but I want my performance to be flawless. I don’t want even one eyebrow to be raised in my direction. At least I didn’t let on that I was disturbed by my own slip, but such imperfections trouble me. Actually, this has happened before. In similar mixed company, all female excluding myself, I used the phrase “token male”, referring to the derogatory manner in which these particular harpies were discussing the single male in their department. Once again, not a fatal mistake, but I demand more from myself.

Even words remotely connected with racism shall not publicly pass my lips. Why bother with such deception? Experience! I have tried being the honest racist. What a thankless chore. Did one acquaintance ever so much as nod approvingly when I spoke? Heaven forfend! As racial-neutral, I have heard a thousand racist declarations, from all shades, faiths, and creeds. Some people fall to pieces after letting something racial slip out. What a lovely power trip being able to pardon such offences and maintain the moral high ground. Of course, being an avowed anti-racist would shut the spigot of truth off completely. Where’s the fun in that?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Weekend to Be a Negro Celebrity

The deaths of Bernie Mac on the 9th and Isaac Hayes on the 10th will undoubtedly force middle-aged Negro-celebrities everywhere to look up from their watermelons and ponder, “Who be next?”. After all, Death likes to claim celebrities in groups of three.

Whom will the Grim Reaper target next? The answer to that question is beyond the scope of mere mortals – but we can have fun guessing!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Really Blind Faith

More than 50 people in India recently went blind after staring at the sun in hopes of receiving a vision from the Virgin Mary. The next story we read should be: “In hopes of receiving a vision from Zeus, 50 or more people in India were drowned after prolonged staring up at the sky with their mouths open during a thunderstorm."

CDN EXCLUSIVE: A blinding victim in India recounts her mystical experience with the Virgin Mary, as read by CDN’s Indian Affairs Correspondent.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Leave the Decapitation to Us

Let’s review: While traveling aboard a Greyhound bus in Manitoba, Canada, a young man was repeatedly stabbed in the throat and then beheaded by his seatmate. After passengers fled the bus, the murderer displayed the head like a trophy to those passengers still attempting to keep him sealed in the bus.

I know what you’re thinking – typical experience of traveling by bus.

But in all seriousness, I know what you’re thinking – “The knife-wielding passenger on the bus goes stab, stab, stab! Stab, stab, stab! Stab, Stab, Stab! The knife-wielding passenger on the bus goes stab, stab, stab! All through the town…”

Stop it! I’m being serious here. Now – A bus leaves Edmonton at 0945 traveling on the Trans-Canada Highway and stops 85 kilometers west of Winnipeg. Assuming an average crusing speed of 100 kilometers per hour, how long does it take for the Canadian police to release the suspect’s name in the horrifying decapitation that forced the bus to stop? Show your work.

I have the teacher’s edition, so I know the answer is: 3.5 minutes if the suspect is White and the victim non-White; 24 hours if the suspect is non-White and the victim White.

Meet the perpetrator (Vince Weiguang Li) and the victim (Tim Mclean):

Tim’s photo is courtesy of his (suppressed giggling) Facebook (escaping guffaw) page. Thank you, DAT-GOY.

Dear, Whitey - Why, oh why did you befriend that Asian guy? You see, gentle reader, the murdered shared a smoke with the murderer during a stop along the trip. Later, the murderer changed his seat to sit next to the murdered. But, I know – race doesn’t exist, profiling is wrong, I’m a bigot, blah, blah, blah.

And don’t dare point out that knives don’t kill people, dangerous minorities kill people. Soon, the anti-gun lobby will be lining up in front of every microphone they can get hold of to thank their Jew-boy-in-the-clouds that the perp didn’t have a gun. Just think of how many would have died then! Well, think how many could have died if the attacker had decided not to behead one victim, but to keep stabbing away at people struggling to debus. Holy shit, that’s an actual word – debus.

Prediction: Within the next 72 hours we will be told that the MURDERER was a VICTIM of racial discrimination at some point in his life, which may have fueled his psychosis. Thus, the murderer will be absolved and then neatly tucked away in a mental facility. White Pride zealots will try to claim Tim Mclean as their own, only to find out he was 1/8th Cree and would have abhorred White people standing up for him. The media will bury the story, the next-of-kin will bury their boy, and white people, en masse, will bury their heads back into the sand.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Roma Holiday


Italian newspapers expressed shock and revulsion on Monday after photographs were published of sunbathers apparently enjoying a day at the beach just meters from where the bodies of two drowned Gypsy girls were laid out on the sand.

The most shocking aspect of all this is the attitude of the people on the beach," the statement said. "No one appears the slightest upset at the sight and presence of the children's dead bodies on the beach: they carry on swimming, sunbathing, sipping soft drinks and chatting."

Oh dear Lord, I know I am shocked and revolted at this news! How could this be? I had so much more respect for the Italian people than to imagine they could stoop to this.

How could they let these Roma scum onto an Italian beach? It is sickening and revolting. And then to provide free coffins for Roma that drowned! No, no! FOR SHAME! The decent thing to do would have been to throw the dead Roma children onto a pile of fetid refuse – the traditional Roma burial custom. Afterward, the Roma men would have returned to have sex with the girl’s corpses – the traditional Roma mourning ritual. Then the Roma would paw through the refuse to find plastic bags to wear over their feet as new shoes, used adult diapers to don as new underwear, and then fought one another with rusty disposable razors to determine who got the largest share of any rancid meat they discovered amidst the garbage – the traditional Roma holiday.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wonder Negro Powers, Activate!

Shape of…a loud mouth mammy!
Form of…a bucket of Colt-45 malt liquor!

Apparently, Obama has hired new campaign managers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Killing Two Birds with One Stone…

…the two birds being a race traitor Christian whore and the mud-colored, half-Muslim slug of flesh she expelled from her bloody cunt... and the stone being an abortifacient pill.

A TEENAGE Christian who had an abortion to avoid conflict with her Muslim boyfriend’s family died a fortnight after the procedure, an inquest heard today. LINK
What a wonderful win-win situation we have here! A White, Christian, British girl (Manon Jones) is dead after using a drug to abort a baby she conceived with a Muslim school fellow (Naeem Muzzafar). This is not sarcasm on my part. I am truly please by this outcome. It’s so rare that I feel happy while reading the news. Such stories brighten my day.

“Manon found it very hard to make a decision to terminate the pregnancy, she wanted to keep the child but there were difficult circumstances which she had to consider with her boyfriend’s family and their Muslim religion.”

Mrs Jones travelled to Bristol on June 11 2005 to be with her daughter, who had taken medication to terminate the pregnancy the day before. Mother and daughter both returned to hospital on June 12, when the abortion was completed.

She said: “She was scared and I tried to reassure her. It was a very emotional experience for us both to witness her pass her baby and my grandchild into the bedpan.”

I am practically giddy! Allow me, at this point, to request from the family the remains of their whore daughter and the mongrel, detrital spoogewad they would have called a grandchild. I have a delightful tabelau in mind that would prominently feature the remains, splayed in all their glory, done in a kind of entomology-motif using the side of a mosque as a collector’s gallery.

Read it again: "It was a very emotional experience for us both to witness her pass her baby and my grandchild into the bedpan.”

Now read what the Muslim’s brother had to say:

Naeem Muzaffar, 20, refused to comment, but at the family home in Bristol his older brother Taz said: 'This is the first I have heard about it. 'He is a good kid and everything seemed to be fine. He made a mistake.' LINK

Yes, that’s all you white whores are to them. Dead or alive makes no difference. You are erasable mistakes.
How richly satisfying...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The World’s Largest Gloryhole

The Newly Unveiled Berlin Monument to Homosexuals Persecuted by the Nazis Appears to be the World’s Largest Gloryhole.

You cannot make this stuff up, folks. LINK

An unrelated F.Y.I. here -
I have received some less-than-supportive feedback on my Ching Ching Roadkill story. I don't mind posting feedback that is critical of my views, but people need to remember a couple of details:

1) This blog is not updated daily, or sometimes even monthly. Expecting me to have approved your comments within minutes of you having posted them is foolish. Repeatedly posting the same comment, or a series of increasingly irate comments, won't make me respond any faster.

2) I filter comments for the same reason you have a doormat, to keep out other people's filth. I am, however, quite comfortable wallowing in my own filth.

3) If you put links to outside websites, there is a good chance I will find them extraneous, which will lead to rejecting your comment. On this blog, there are very few links to non-news-related outside sources. I simply refuse to post links that will potentially lead to the suspicious and disreputable corners of Al Gore's patented interweb.

The comments I received violated the principles of details 1 and 3. Still, I'd like to publish the comments because I think they are well articulated, even if they are less-than-flattering. It's such a rarity I receive any communication at all. Perhaps I will include them in my next post.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Were they at least American-made tires?

Oh, this is just toooooooo rich. I am on irony overdose. My Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (otherwise known as DAT GOY! by the Jew God on Mt. Sinai) is working overtime.

A Grammy award winning Christian music star (this guarantees I had never heard his name before today) has gotten the Job treatment from his dear Big Jew in the clouds.

Steven Curtis Chapman (three names = Christian/Country Music Star or Presidential Assassin) … (I am really going overboard using parenthesis today) … lost his youngest daughter in a traffic accident. Now prepare yourself for comedy –

The daughter, 5-year-old Maria Sue, was an adopted Chinese girl who was run over in her own driveway by a sport utility vehicle driven by a teenager who happens to be the biological son of Steven Curtis Chapman and therefore her (technical) elder brother.
… Excuse me a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes… Ah, laughter! But, now you must prepare yourself for the complexity of dissecting the handiwork of my Dark and Terrible God of IronY:

1) The easy and obvious part is the age old nyah nyah! of the atheist: Where was your God when you needed him, Mr. Christian? Of course, the Christians are so addled and depleted by their dogma that they will gladly accept any misfortune they personally suffer as the wisdom of their creator, while mocking the misfortunes of unbelievers as divine retribution. Next -

2) Steven Curtis Chapman, race traitor, brought foreign babies into this country to give them a better life, and ended up intimately acquainting one of them with the treads of his son’s tires. Perhaps she would have been better off where she was? “No, no!” Hear the Christians howl! “Now she is an angel who plays backgammon all day with a haloed Albert Einstein next to the Chocolate Bunny River running through the Gumdrop Forest on Cloud 169, East Heaven.” Well, Stevie-boy, go back and get yourself another Chink, but watch how they will wriggle like wet noodles while trying to get free of the grip of the Grim Reaper when you pick them up for the first time and introduce them to your son. Let's proceed –

3) Steven Curtis Chapman brought (let’s be honest here, bought) a girl from China and named her Maria Sue! He named the previous two Shaohannah and Stevey Joy! What a backasswards bumpkin! That’s gotta be worth some laughs, right? Nothing from you Yahweh-humping bastards, huh? This next one has got to be the one then –

4) A Chinese girl was run over by a white guy for a change. Come on people! That’s like saying a black person was killed while being mugged by a white teenager. Or a Muslim was blown up in a plane crash caused by a white hijacker. Or a mestizo got E. coli from eating lettuce picked by a white farm worker. Or a Native American was killed by a tomahawk thrown by a white tomahawk enthusiast. Or a faggot got Hep C via a blood transfusion from a nun. What are the flippin’ odds?!

Enjoy these alternate titles for my post:
Roadkill with Cashew Nut and Spicy Brown Sauce
From China with Road Rage
Who would Jesus run over?
White Driver Hits and Kills Chinese Pedestrian, And Other Improbable Situations
Try Explaining this to the Kids in your Confirmation Class
Driver Hits and Kills 5-Year Old Chinese girl, Receives Thanks from People Living in the Year 2019.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

RE: Absolut Vodka. If the ad had said ...

... would this be the best defense they could muster? (Found at the LA Times):

We are sorry if we offended anyone. This was not our intention. We will try to explain. Though you may not agree, I hope you understand.

The In An Absolut World advertising campaign invites consumers to visualize a world that appeals to them -- one they feel may be more idealized or one that may be a bit "fantastic." As such, the campaign will elicit varying opinions and points of view. We have a variety of executions running in countries worldwide, and each is germane to that country and that population.
Yes indeed, worldwide executions would seem particularly germane right now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Finally Plays the Race Card

So, Obama has addressed the 800-pound-gorilla in the room, which has always been looming over his gawky, 140-pound-gorilla frame. In response to the suspiciously well-timed attention to the comments of Obama’s pastor (suspicious considering how closely it followed on the heels of the Geraldine Ferraro comments), Obama has finally shown his hand. I see what he has done as underwhelming, a hand too carefully played – it will not be remembered. But there is one aspect I would like to bring attention to, so that it does not go completely unnoticed.

I am referring to this passage from his speech, here excerpted by the New York Times:
“I can no more disown him [Pastor Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown my white grandmother,” he said, “a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”
This is, however, woman you are not above defaming as a racist in order to defend your pastor, a man with whom you share no direct blood relation.

This “white grandmother” raised you for 8-years. 6-years longer than your black father did, and only 2-years fewer than you white mother did before she dumped you on her aged parents and disappeared from your life. But, who is your “white grandmother” compared to the black pastor of your local church? She is just a racist, old white woman. She is an acceptable card to be discarded from your hand, as you hope to draw another spade from the deck.

"Sharpton: Dis nigger done got ya'all fooled!"
Obama really has a thing for racist, black pastors. Is it just me, or does that family photo in the bottom right corner of this picture look a little too conveniently placed?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Incubator of Deformity

A severely deformed woman from Northern Kentucky, whose body is little more than a sack of potatoes from which flailing, stunted flippers protrude, has given birth. News agencies are heralding the triumph with stories to the effect of “woman gives birth to baby almost as big as herself”. I, on the other hand, am keeping my barf bucket very close by as I write this.

Here is a living symbol of our cultural degeneracy. STORY, VIDEO

This … thing procreates, while millions of normal, healthy, successful Western women REFUSE to have babies. When a civilization reaches this point, it’s over.

Come forth voices of the New West, I summon you to tempt and taunt me with the deceptions you used to con the rest of my kith –

Spectral voices of the New West: What’s wrong with this? How can you judge her?
Adrean Arlott: Judgment is a freedom we still possess. I judge the severely deformed passing on their deformities to their children to be an abomination. I judge the failure of the West to replace its own population of normal, healthy citizens to be a disaster in the making.

Spectral voices of the New West: Whether or not to have children is a personal choice. How can you deny this potato-woman’s freedom of choice, while you are still free to choose? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?Adrean Arlott: Ah, if only her choices didn’t limit my own. If only there was a semblance of fair play about this decision. When this potato chose to bud, she created a new dependent that every tax payer will have the pleasure of supporting. Not that she shouldn’t receive the same services the rest of us pay taxes for – schools, roads, public services – she just shouldn’t receive more than the rest of us. The potato bud will receive a personal valet to shepherd her around school, a government subsidized vehicle designed to conform to her potato curves, and a lifetime of free health care from social services. That seems totally unfair.

Spectral voices of the New West [quivering with rage and indignation]: It is fair! Every life is precious! Everyone is equally valuable! Every life has equal value! No one person is more valuable than another! No one person counts more than another!
Adrean Arlott: Evidently her life is more valuable than any of ours, since every tax payer in this country will now pay to subsidize her existence. In other words, what I EARN will now be taken away and given to the potato bud. Do what thou will, but not with my tax dollars.

Spectral voices of the New West [in maddened frenzy]: Those who need more should get more; those who have more should give more!
Adrean Arlott: Thank you Karl Marx, but I thought you said we were all equal? I stand by my assertion that some of us appear to be more equal than others. Let me tell you a story. There once were two villages, one prospered and the other failed. The failures asked for help, and the prosperous got together to discuss the request. A few of the prosperous blamed the failures – “They are inferior people destined to fail!” This peeved many of the other prosperous people who declared – “We are equal, it’s the environment that turned against them.” So the majority ruled and decided to send a portion of their harvest to the failures. The next year the population of failures had increased, but their fortunes were no better. A few of the prosperous declared – “We told you, these people are incapable of success; feeding them only makes more of them, it does not better them.” This angered the many prosperous – “We are all brothers, they need our help and we will give it; since their land has failed them, let us open our borders and invite our brothers in, our land of opportunity has more than enough to share.” The next year the prosperous land was filled with failures failing. A few of the prosperous lamented – “These people continue to fail, what has your policy done but sully our land and burden our children?” This was the final straw for the many prosperous – “These people fail because a few people like you are still around; you may no longer speak against them or you will be arrested and everything you have will be taken away and given to our needy brothers.” Finally, there was no opposition from the few, and the many mistook the silence for success. And the number of prosperous dwindled, and the number of failures multiplied, and soon there were two villages filled with failures.

Spectral voices from the New West [suddenly serene]: So mote it be.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cavalleria Whitetrashiana

This weekend I enjoyed Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci on DVD. But, having scanned through hundreds of comments on White nationalist websites about a certain, recent murder suicide, I must say the operas became sooo confusing and unbelievable!


1) How could there have been cheating women in a world before Desperate Housewives? What nonsense that is! White women never cheated on their husbands before women’s liberation and trash TV – it is impossible.
2) How could anyone be driven into a homicidal rage without first suffering the debilitating effects of aspartame poisoning, or at least some mind-altering tricyclic antidepressants peddled by a scheming Jew-dominated pharmaceutical industry?
3) How could the husbands have known their wives were cheating without GPS monitoring?
4) How could these murders happen in broad daylight and the Mossad have been behind them? White men don’t murder their wives – the Mossad has to set up the white man to make it look like he did. These operas didn’t have a single Mossad agent in sight – that is ridiculous!
5) How could the murderers not commit suicide at the end of the operas? Didn’t they know that they wouldn’t get a fair trial in ZOG-controlled kangaroo courts?

The only logical conclusion is that Jewish agents built a time machine, traveled to 19th century Italy, and then wrote absurd black propaganda operas that made it seem like Jews are not responsible for all failed marriages and incidents of domestic violence. Those bastards! It’s obvious they went to all that trouble because a certain wife-murdering white nationalist had gotten 100,000 hits on his blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speaking of racist cuckolds...

So – a certain right-wing racist has permanently taken himself out of the struggle. Why? The lurid details were painstakingly, almost erotically-sadomasochistically catalogued on his blog. I sense the presence of My Dark and Terrible God of Irony at work. Consider:

1) After months of banging on about ropes and nooses, the right-wing racists finally have their first lynching victim – and it’s one of their own!

2) How many years have the gun-loving racists proclaimed: “If they come to take my guns, I’m going out in a blaze of glory and taking those bastards with me!” or “If I go down, I’m taking as many of them with me as I can!” Here was the opportunity to make such a mark, and what a surprise that opportunity was so roundly blown.

3) And of course, rather than seeing this man as a selfish nutjob who’s last act was to hand the enemy yet another propaganda coup, he is being praised as a martyr who sacrificed all for the White race! The apologists are already at work in the bowel-movement: “Oh, woe is he, if only the Jews hadn’t produced Desperate Housewives, none of this would have happened!” Read his blog – he spent the last few weeks of his life playing Nancy Drew joins the Gestapo and recording for posterity, in pornographic detail mind you, exactly how he was cuckolded. He was equally guilty of wallowing in self-indulgent, adolescent sleaze, ready and fitting for primetime.

And before any of you right-wing fools take a swing at me for besmirching someone who never did me any disservice let me share with you what he thought of me after I did my first CDN show:

This Negro would do well in a multicultural society! I'm waiting for "The Sandman" to come running out from behind the curtain to chase this Negro off the stage. (Showtime At The Apollo) I'm thinking of doing a weekly show just so we don't have to listen to this uppity Negro again! I wish I hadn't been POISONED! Can't WAIT to hear Phil's new show! I guess we'll have to take the good with the bad until other pro-Whites step up to the plate?!!! Yankee Jim Homepage 06.23.06 - 10:31 pm

Friday, January 18, 2008

Three-Fifths of a Marriage

What Mike Huckabee showed voters yesterday may be described as gay bashing by the left or an assertion of family values by the right. To me, he did nothing but prove how incredibly stupid he is, and how the media (and hence their flock of sheeple) have lost the ability simply to reason. If we apply even a tiny amount of reason to his comments we will see that what he said is neither gay bashing nor an assertion of family values – it is nonsense – …it…does…not…make…any…sense… – it is the deluded, ill-conceived rambling of a phony, religious nutball.

"Marriage has ... as long as there's been human history, meant a man and a woman in a relationship for life. Once we change that definition, then where does it go from there?" he asked in an interview with online "Beliefnet" magazine.

"Well, I don't think that's a radical view, to say we're going to affirm marriage. I think the radical view is to say that we're going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean two men, two women, a man and three women, a man and a child, a man and animal," he added. LINK

Let’s start with this: “Marriage has ... as long as there's been human history, meant a man and a woman… I think the radical view is to say that we're going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean … a man and three women…”

Hey, dumbshit! Do you believe in authenticity of your own bible? Consider:

- Abraham, the first Hebrew, and ancestor of all Israel, had three wives, namely Sarah and her servant Hagar (see Genesis 16 v 3), and Keturah, as well as a number of concubines (Genesis 25 v 6).
- Esau, Abraham's grandson, had three wives - Judith, Bashemath (Genesis 26 v 34) and Mahalath (Genesis 28 v 9)
- Jacob, father of the twelve tribes of Israel had Rachel and Leah, who were sisters, as his wives, see Genesis 29, and their servants Bilhah and Zilpah in Genesis 30. Without these four wives there would be no Israel.
- Gideon, mighty man of God and judge of Israel, who defeated the Midianites, and whose name is now used to distribute Bibles worldwide, had 70 sons, "for he had many wives" - Judges 8 v 30
- In 1 Samuel 1 v 2 Elkanah has two wives, Hannah and Peninah. Hannah gives birth to the prophet Samuel.
- King David, a man after God's own heart, had plenty of wives, namely Michal in 1 Samuel 18 v 27, and Ahinoam, Abigail, Maacah, Haggith, Abital, and Eglah in 2 Samuel 3, and last but not least, Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11 v 27.
- Solomon had three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines, according to 1 Kings 11 v 3, but we'll not list their names. He wrote the Song of Solomon, a celebrated poem about marital love, to his 141st wife (see Song of Solomon 6 v 8) SOURCE

To be sure, biblical history is replete with examples of marriages between one man and many women. So your pronouncement that marriage has historically been between one man and one woman is farcical. Remember also that we have not even delved into the practice of concubinage!

But perhaps you want something more recent, to show you just what a moronic jackass you are, Huckabee? Let’s address: "Marriage has ... as long as there's been human history, meant a man and a woman…I think the radical view is to say that we're going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean… a man and a child…

How about two children? How about a woman and a child? Up until 2006 in the state of Georgia, anyone who was pregnant could get married, regardless of age and without parental consent. Thus a 37-year-old woman married the 15-year-old who got her pregnant. Also, a 13-year-old and 14-year-old were permitted to marry because of pregnancy. Now, the legal age is 16. In other words, at least in the state of Georgia, the radical change has been to ban child marriages, which were permissible as recently as two years ago! You are wrong again, Huckabee!

And finally, let’ consider: “Once we change that definition, then where does it go from there? I think the radical view is to say that we're going to change the definition of marriage so that it can mean…a man and animal.”

You fucking retard! That is exactly what we did when our nation permitted interracial marriages! Man can marry animal. The definition of marriage was already changed within your lifetime. The result being the current mess we find ourselves in.

After all, why shouldn’t faggots marry if you let niggers marry Whites?

Oh, but you’re bigoted! There is no difference between so-called races!
We are all human beings deserving of equal treatment under the law!


After all, if marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, why do we permit marriage between 3/5ths of a man and a woman?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let’s Play God!

I’m sick of people denouncing scientific research as “playing god”.

God doesn’t sit in a lab all day conducting embryonic stem cell research.
God doesn’t genetically modify crops.
God doesn’t cryogenically store people’s severed heads with plans of future resurrection.

If you really want to play God, how about doing something that God does everyday?
I’ll get you started:

1) Watch someone take a dump.
2) Let someone you know get drunk and get behind the wheel.
3) Witness a horrifically violent crime, but don’t call the cops.

For the record: Would one of you who has found this website in the past week by googling the search phrase "baby bake 3000" please explain to me why you were looking for said topic?