Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From the “But it’s ok when they say it…” File

Just two days after condemning him as an ignorant, Nazi apologist, the JDL (now following the ADL’s lead) gives Will Smith a pass –

JDL on Dec. 24: Smith's comments are ignorant, detestable and offensive. They spit on the memory of every person murdered by the Nazis. His disgusting words stick a knife in the backs of every veteran who fought so valiantly to save the world from those aspirations of Adolf Hitler.
JDL on Dec. 26: While we do not believe Will Smith is a Jew-hater by any stretch of the imagination, we stand by our original assessment that his original comments were offensive. …the Jewish Defense League supports the Hollywood writers and hopes the strike is settled soon so that Smith, a very talented actor, can continue doing what he does so well.

ADL on Dec. 26: A Jewish group said Wednesday that it accepts Will Smith's explanation that he never praised Adolf Hitler in remarks the star says were misinterpreted. Foxman said words "can be twisted by those with hate and bigotry in their hearts."

You mean your fellow Jews, right? In case you didn’t notice, the hateful, bigoted twisting was done by a group of kikes who apparently didn’t get the ADL memo:

No need for contributions.
No need for yarmulke-crowned atonements.
No need for indefinite boycotts.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I was wondering who the next Don Imus would be...

Will Smith + Hitler = LINK

Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Smith Patrols the Warsaw Ghetto, circa 1942
(Blondi was on loan from Uncle Adolf)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Million Dollars for Racism

Dear Mr. Metzger:

What follows is a response to your request for feedback on what one million dollars could do for the struggle.

I don’t believe in the power of propaganda to progress the struggle. Billions are spent brainwashing the masses, keeping them docile. Propaganda is a pitched battle – and the side with the most money wins. Let the masses be moved by the whims of fortune. Let them cling to the propaganda that most soothes them given their current state of affairs (peace when fat and happy, violence when slim and wanting).

The insurgency is made up of people who, for whatever reason, were immune to the effects of propaganda. Such people seek the alternative; they don’t wait around and have an epiphany after reading a newsletter they found on the street. Such people seek out the information and skills they need to resist. You are the kind of teacher and mentor such people seek.

That being said, there is always the problem of how to propagate our vision of the future.

Here’s my idea:

We need to get more of our people into positions of influence, wealth and power. If I had one million dollars to spend toward that objective:
I would form an academy for the education of young white people. This would be an informal organization operating under the guise of a social club for home-schooled children. While some of the basic education needs would be met by parent-guided home schooling, the more in-depth instruction would be from college educated professionals (who are already within the movement). The goal would be to create insurgents equipped with the skills to infiltrate institutes of higher learning, obtain advanced degrees, and eventually compete for high paying power professions. No one needs to know their affiliation or the beliefs we will instill in them.

I know some objections will be:
1) Home schooling doesn’t prepare kids for the real world. (Fuck the real world, it’s a shithole and everyone knows it! Do you think Jews send their kids to yeshivas to prepare them to be good Americans? No! They do it to create the next generation of world-dominating Jews. Your local high school doesn’t want to create an educated master race of Aryans, it wants to create dumbed-down mixed-race sheeple. Wake up!)
2) Our insurgents are infiltrating these positions without such a program. (And don’t you think it would be easier if our insurgents had been trained from childhood with the knowledge they would need to compete for these positions? We don’t need to wait for individuals to emerge from the movement into positions of influence, wealth and power. We can actively create such people.)
3) It won’t work. (It has never been tried, so how does anyone know? The naysayers can keep doing the same thing over and over if they want. Let them raise their kids the best they can inside the belly of the beast and maybe things will turn out all right. Go ahead you freaks - teach your kids that stockpiling ammunition and drinking your own piss in some unibomber shack in the backwoods is the only way to survive the racial apocalypse.)

I’ll try something different. An academy for insurgency – that’s my idea Mr. Metzger.