Monday, November 26, 2007

If the Teddy Bear Won’t Go to the Picnic

A 54-year-old English woman who went to Sudan to become a school teacher is under arrest for blasphemy. What blasphemy did she commit? She permitted her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

So here is the proof I sought: the West has learned nothing from the fate of the Bulgarian nurses in Libya who were falsely imprisoned, then tortured and raped after they were accused of participating in a Mossad plot to deliberately infect Libyan children with HIV.

I had sympathy for the nurses, as they needed to go abroad for work. But don’t tell me that this stupid English cunt couldn’t find a job as a school teacher in Britain, or any English speaking country for that matter. No – she is one of those misguided do-gooders who wants to “experience” another culture, thereby enforcing her own sense of self-righteousness at being such an enlightened, tolerant soul. Simultaneously, she can bestow upon the upper class Sudanese children the skills they will need to infiltrate the West in the future.

Now that I have dispensed with the “victim”, I shall address the “victimizer”. Do as you wish in your own country. At the same time, be aware that your actions only solidify in my (admittedly warped) mind the pressing need of the West to exterminate all Muslims. And since you and I agree that you should be allowed to do in your land (while it is still your land) what you wish (while you are still able to make wishes), I shall also do what I want to while in my land.

With that in mind...
Meet Mohammed, the most blessed piece of shit ever blasted out from the most blessed, well-reamed, reeking ass of the most blessed prophet and founder of the Islamic faith!

Here is the story of Mohammed, the most blessed turd of Allah. One day, the well-reamed prophet Mohammed, chosen prophet of the desert god-of-being-butt-fucked-by- syphilitic-camels-and-loving-it Allah, was being ass-fucked by his boyfriend Abu Bakr. Mohammed was dressed as a nine-year-old girl, and insisted Abu Bakr call him Fatima, Whore to all Christians. Much to Mohammed’s embarrassment, a huge, slimy piece of cum-covered shit slid from his ass during his thrice-daily-reaming. Seeing the prophet defile his phallus, Abu Bakr declared: “Oh prophet Mohammed, may your filthy soul be damned to all eternity into this filthy piece of shit with which you have bespoiled my tiny prick!”
And Allah heard this curse and acted upon it, for Allah is the desert god-of-being-butt-fucked-by-syphilitic-camels-and-loving-it. Thus when Mohammed died, his soul descended into the slimy turd, which of course Mohammed had kept wrapped in his prayer rug. And that is the story of how Mohammed, the most blessed turd of Allah, came to be the sacred black stone that sits at a corner of the Kaaba to this day. And all Muslims must make a pilgrimage once in their lives to go worship the damned soul of Mohammed, which is trapped in a slimy turd, walled up in the most sacred shrine of Islam. And that is why a chrome-plated toilet seat has been constructed to frame the black stone, also known as Mohammed, the most blessed turd of Allah.