Monday, October 15, 2007

Mud Heroes

I just watched 9 minutes and 36 seconds of the first episode of the NBC sci-fi show Heroes.
What a load of Social Marxist garbage.

Let’s review the first three scenes:

1) A working-class Italian guy who plays a nurse (a nurse with enough time on his hands to sit around and read the stock pages to a comatose old negro man), is rebuffed after he expresses a romantic interest in his patient’s upper class mulatto daughter.

2) An East Indian lectures his class that humans are not the pinnacle of evolution compared to a cockroach – which can live without a head and survive a nuclear strike. Therefore, he argues, if something was created in the image of God, it would be a cockroach. Later, the East Indian discovers that his dead father’s apartment has been broken into by a white man.

3) The first white woman we encounter poses half-naked in front of an internet camera. Her first communication is to demand $39 from the person watching her via the camera. Her second communication is at the breakfast table with her half-black son, the computer genius, who chides her for not being able to pay the gas bill.

I’m done, thanks for playing. In less than 10-minutes I have been completely, systematically repelled by the leftist agenda of this supposed entertainment.

LEFTIST: What agenda!?!? This is story-telling, not an assault on your political sensibilities! There is nothing political about this wonderfully creative television show!

AA: Very well, let’s try to swap a few details in the original story and see how you like it. I suggest that by way of some minor changes, and by comparison of our changes to the original product, we can see the leftist social agenda at work. Here is the same plot with the changes bolded, to show how few changes need to be made to expose the social Marxism of the original story.

1) A working-class mulatto gal who plays a nurse (a nurse with enough time on her hands to sit around and read the stock pages to a comatose old white man) is rebuffed after she expresses a romantic interest in her patient’s upper class white son.

2) A German lectures his class that humans are not the pinnacle of evolution compared to an ubermensch – one who is not bound by guilt and outdated morality. Therefore, he argues, if something was created in the image of God, it would be an ubermensch. Later, the German discovers that his dead father’s apartment has been broken into by an East Indian man.

3) The first full-blooded black woman we encounter poses half-naked in front of an internet camera. Her first communication is to demand 39$ from the person watching her via the camera. Her second communication is at the breakfast table with her half-white son, the computer genius, who chides her for not being able to pay the gas bill.


AA: Agenda confirmed.

You know, I’d really like to see a show called Villains – about super-powered White supremacists destined to destroy the world.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

From the Hard Drive of Kevin Alfred Strom

***CDN Exclusive: From the Hard Drive of Kevin Alfred Strom***

Say what you will about him, I don't think he was a very skilled pornographer.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Once Again Whitey, It's All Your Fault

The gist of this article (I found the link on Birdman Bryant's webpage) is that the reason American Negroes as a whole experience poorer health than other ethnic groups is that they are victims of racist discrimination, which creates a lifelong stress reaction that damages them physically. Correcting for all other social factors including poverty, diet, and higher incidence of violent death, there is still a gap in life expectancy that equates to American Negroes dying earlier than any other ethnic group.

You can read the article here. Did you see the photo? Notice that his kids look oddly mixed, they are certainly not as dark as their father. I am curious where and what the mother is.

Now, let us begin deconstructing this … theory.
AA: Let us start by arguing that there is a genetic difference between blacks and other races, and that this accounts for their premature demise.

Social Marxist Researcher: There is no such thing as race! There is no distinguishable genetic difference between so-called races! There is more variation within a so-called race than between so-called races!

AA: Then how can you tell who is a Negro for your purposes? How can you say African Americans are dying younger? How can you say Whites are living longer? If you cannot scientifically isolate and describe your sample population, how can you trust your data? It seems very probable that you have biased your own data from the outset.
AA: If discrimination is the dominating variable that accounts for a shorter lifespan, does that mean that Asians, Hispanics, and Jews who live longer than blacks are not experiencing discrimination?

Social Marxist Researcher: No! They simply didn’t face the 400-year story of racist abuse and horror that African Americans have suffered!

AA: So what’s the deal with all these 80 and 90 year-old Holocaust survivors? I suppose they didn’t have to suffer racist abuse and horror. Are you denying the Holocaust?

Social Marxist Researcher: That’s not what I said! You…

AA: I’m sorry … we must move on.
AA: If racism is the mysterious factor that causes African Americans to die earlier, than less racism (not simply no racism) should equate to longer lives, right?

Social Marxist Researcher: You might think that, but no! You see, the real issue you are failing to grasp is that discrimination is a matter of perception. The threat of slavery may be gone, schools may be integrated, mixed race couples may proliferate, but as long as the African American feels discriminated against, he or she will still suffer stress and therefore die younger.

AA: Then it really isn’t about extant racism, it’s about perceived racism! The belief that one is discriminated against is just as powerful as actually being discriminated against. Therefore, no level of behavioral change on the part of White people (or any other ethnic group) can ever eliminate the feeling among American Negroes that they are victims of discrimination. You can assure someone with OCD time and again that the stove is turned off, but s/he will still go back to check it. You can assure an anorexic time and again that s/he is dangerously thin, but s/he will still claim to be fat. You can assure a paranoid schizophrenic that satellites cannot read his or her thoughts, but s/he will still don the tinfoil hat. So even if your stress hypothesis is true, it is impossible to counter, since we are dealing with a matter of subjective perception, not objective reality.
AA: You said that stress creates an ongoing immune response. This immune response can be excitory when acute and suppressive when chronic. Are you aware that American Negroes actually have lower white blood cell counts than whites?

Social Marxist Researcher: Exactly! Negroes, er… Blacks, I mean African Americans have lower WBC counts because they are under chronic stress!

AA: But wouldn’t it be, by your reasoning, just as probable then that Whites are more likely to experience repeated episodes of acute stress, and that this raises their WBC counts as a population? Or are you simply saying that whatever the levels of WBC’s are in Whites is “normal” and anything less is … inferior?

Now I wonder, what is it that could be creating in White people repeated episodes of acute stress that would prompt a fight or flight response?

Monday, October 01, 2007

King for a Day, Princess by Dawn

University City High School has chosen this year’s homecoming queen, a young man by the name of Aaron Zaggy.

I’ll give you a moment to review that sentence. Click the picture to read his story.

This kid has got quite a Lil' Caligula vibe about him, don'cha think?
The politically moderate in this country will soon be clicking their collective tongues and rolling their collective eyes at this story. The reactionaries will suggest some obligatory violent remedy. And, I suspect, the leftists will be upset that the boy isn’t actually a faggot challenging unfair gender roles, but is instead an Andrew Meyer-esque goofball looking for attention by pulling a silly stunt.

But what is there to be upset about anymore? This is the direction we’ve been going for a longtime. What do Americans today think the future is going to look like, when they willingly destroy more of their own institutions with each successive generation? Look at the following cartoon:
Now I am sure that this is supposed to be a slap in the face of bigots, but I see an important truth that could be revealed by a third frame. Under the caption 2040, look for a mulatto leatherman holding a sign with an anti-symbol crossing out the words “Pedophile Marriage” or “Animal-Human Marriage”. All you have to do is crack the door, and the hordes of multicult decadence will push it the rest of the way open. 40-years ago the argument that interracial marriage would open the door for gay marriage would have been unthinkable – but here we are. Those who decry gay marriage but unconditionally support interracial marriage remain painted into a corner by their own hypocrisy.

“Why is gay marriage wrong?” you ask.
“Because it is immoral and destroys our traditions.” they respond.
“But at one time, interracial marriage was considered immoral and an assault on traditions.” you respond.
“But people who said that were bigoted retards!” they insist.
“And 40-years from now, you will be considered the bigoted retards by your own descendents, who will look back with bewilderment at a time when same-sex marriage wasn’t commonplace.” you prognosticate.

Appeasers just don’t understand that if you move the line once, even willingly and with the best intentions, be prepared for it to be moved again – this time under duress – or to simply have it erased by whatever new class of victims rises to condemn your narrow-minded repression of their human rights. Imagine the reaction nowadays if the homecoming king and queen formed a mix-raced duo. Exactly- there would be widespread public approval, even rapturous delight at how times had changed for the better. And given time, there will be public approval and joy when same sex duos proliferate as homecoming royalty. And be warned, if you don’t let the social Marxists have this cornball institution, they will smash it so that no one can have it anymore – and homecoming will be presided over by court-appointed, gender-neutral, anti-monarchist delegates of the student’s one-world social congress.

This stunt may be just another joke at the expense of antiquated traditions, not a challenge to the American way of life, but ask yourself: Would it have been possible 20-years ago? What about 40-years ago? What about 60-years ago? I am sure that there are still places in this country where the school administration would have said that homecoming queen is a designation available only to female students, similar to the role of captain of the girl’s volleyball team – and I’m sure that such a common sense approach would have prevailed in previous decades, too. But that sentiment will become the exception soon, and will eventually disappear.

And for the mass of soccer moms who will spout the weakest argument of all, “Think of how disappointed and cheated the girls must feel…”, you whining bitches have been raising hell for years to violate any all-male institution in existence! Enjoy the blowback, it’s all yours now.
Go ahead and Google the words: homecoming king and queen. Click "images". The following collage was made from just the first six pages of image results. As common as mixed race couples are now as homecoming royalty, so will same sex couples be in a few decades. This is what you wanted America, enjoy.