Wednesday, August 15, 2007

*** More on Hal's Amero Coins = WTF? ***

This afternoon Hal Turner posted this:

Looks like a Photoshop job to me, done with the emboss tool.
-------------- Hal Turner responds: A lot of people have made similar comments. I guess it's easier to believe the images are fakes rather than accept the ugly reality we're being sold out by our own government. I have told my contact in the Mint to get me the coins themselves. He initially balked because this is supposed to be "hush hush" but now that the SHTF with my expose', I'm told the feds are in a shit fit. They are trying to make certain none of the coins get out, but my contact in the Mint will "take" some and get them to me. I expect to have the real coins in my hands within the next week. When I get them, I will take photos of them in my hand and even make a brief video of them, actually in my hand, being held, flipped, rotated and whatever else can be done to prove they're real. This way everyone can see they are, in fact, real coins. Then all the naysayers can apologize and be quiet. HT

Are you insane? Michael Rivero already revealed these coins were fake at 10 am this morning! I didn't even focus on the fact the coins looked like computer animation because I never for an instant thought they were pictures of actual metal objects. I never considered that Hal thought these were pictures of real coins. That only adds a new dimension of crazy to this story. Let me be the first to say: to all the dupes who believe Hal and to Hal himself: when you see that these are fakes and don't hold them in your hands - you all can apologize and be quiet.

I haven't listened to his show since 7chan people took it down. Some eight months later and just 10 minutes into the show and he's begging for money again. He will probably shut the show off early tonight to teach his listeners a lesson. That will also show those 25 contributors what he really thinks of them.

This just in, Hal's currency confusion continues: Hal announces an emergency infusion of cash has been received from a mysterious, top-hat-wearing benefactor!

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