Friday, August 31, 2007

RE: The Amero. Gullible Much?

The current trend in the blogosphere and related internet radio is toward apocalyptic millennialism that comes in three flavors:

1) Economic meltdown is imminent. The stock market will collapse, inflation will soar, and a massive disruption in goods and services will follow. The portent of this doom is the “lose one third of its value hedge”.
2) A false flag, 9/11 style attack is imminent. This will be the precursor to martial law and the loss of all remaining civil liberties. The portent of this doom is the recent “Portland Oregon False Flag” rumor.
3) An attack on Iran is imminent. Z.O.G. demands expansion of the war on Islam, for the sake of aggrandizing Israel. The portent of this doom is the factitious “Kennebunkport Warning”.

I will NOT provide links to this rubbish. If you are observing the alternative media at all, you will be familiar with these stories. I declare we, those awakened from the herd of sheeple, are officially between Scylla and Charybdis when it comes to news media. The mainstream media is so negligent in its reporting and devoted to fluff pieces and egoistic talking head editorialism, that it has become unwatchable. The alternative media has devolved in the few short years of its existence from covering the news the mainstream media was ignoring, to fabricating stories that promote the world views of those creating and disseminating the fabrications.

Now for my 2007 predictions:
1) There will be no economic meltdown.
2) There will be no 9/11-style false flag.
3) There will be no attack on Iran.

Our overlords work hard at maintaining the status quo. They are not the Machiavellian geniuses they are made out to be by the conspiracy gurus. However, our masters are smart, and they are highly motivated, ruthless, selfish people who have the good life and want to keep it. They are not engineering a stock market collapse – they are trying to float the economy along the best they can figure how. They are not engineering a false flag – they get more credibility by saying they prevent terror rather than by orchestrating it. They are not engineering an attack on Iran. Iraq was a soft target weakened by years of embargoes and diplomatic isolation – Iran has not been so weakened and would be impossible to occupy.

“You are so na├»ve!” declares the tinfoil hat brigade, “Just you wait! If not this year, than next year...If not next year, then in 2012 when the Mayan calendar expires and planet X causes the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field to reverse, driving reptiloids from Lake Superior to shape shift into flying sasquatches that enslave the human race!”

Yeah, yeah – I’ve heard it before. I’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting. The decline of Western Civilization is a glacial process. Even supposedly titanic events like 9/11 fail to bring about ultimate catastrophe. The belief that following disaster there will be paradise is millennialism, regardless of the context. Rather than waiting for the collapse of the first society to begin building the second society, create a second society now.

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