Thursday, June 28, 2007

What If They Gave a Klan Rally and Only Antis Showed Up?

This linked article is old and from the perspective of the enemy, but learning from history and enemy intelligence always makes fine sense.

The gist is that a group of anti-Klan protestors broke into fighting amongst themselves. White-looking Jews were exasperated by militant Black Israelites who condemned all white-skinned people as evil. The more the White-looking Jews claimed they were fighting for equality and didn’t deserve to be lumped together with bad Whites, the angrier the Blacks got. One Jewess kept insisting all White people were racist, including herself – and that she was trying to change that, so why didn’t they [the Blacks] support her?, she asked.

It is so delightful to see the works of guilt-ridden, social-Marxist do-gooders backfire like this. The Jews ended up tearfully screaming at the niggers, “Six million Jews died!”, a mantra as reassuring to dejected Jewish social-Marxists as the Lord’s Prayer is to Christian martyrs being cooked and eaten by the very savages they so desperately want to save.

The final two paragraphs of the article deserve special attention:

Just when bewildered observers were concluding that the skirmishes signaled a setback for the fragile black-Jewish political alliance, a daring Klan sympathizer yelled "Fire!" in the crowded street theater. A multiracial mob—some of whom had been arguing bitterly—jumped on the woman and began to kick and punch her. Some spat on her.

"She said she was the KKK. She hated Puerto Ricans and the 'black animals,"' recalled Yigal Yavin, the Israeli who'd squared off with the Hebrew Israelites. Another witness said he heard the woman shout, "Heil Hitler!" and curse at Jews. For a moment, people noticed, blacks and Jews were allies again, countering the KKK hate rhetoric with a righteous beatdown. Who said blacks and Jews can't work together?

This is precisely the problem for White racists today. Bone-headed publicity stunts like Klan rallies give our many enemies a focal point for assembly. Swastika and jackboot adorned Hollywood Nazi wannabes become a scapegoat for the failure of egalitarianism. Our natural enemies are natural enemies of one another as well – they simply see White racists as a more pressing threat they willingly join forces to fight. We must be invisible, or at least inaccessible, and give or enemies nothing tangible to fight except for one another.

The following is a perfect case-in-point supporting my argument - what freakin' retard gave the social-Marxists such a coup? This photo was taken during a prayer at a Klan rally in Greensboro Kentucky in 2002. Because of White numbskullery, this moment of silent protest will join the pantheon of civil rights achievements, and it is all so stupid and preventable as to be laughable. LOOK AT IT WHITE MORONS. LEARN FROM IT.

Here is a quote from an article about the ape creature's counter-protest:

Laquetta Shepard stood with her feet planted on the ground Saturday. Tears streamed down her face, but she refused to move, speak or leave. At her feet, five members of the Ku Klux Klan kneeled in a prayer for white supremacy. Shepard, a senior from Louisville, crossed the line between love and hate at Saturday's Klan rally and stood with Klan supporters. In less than five minutes, the robed klansmen scattered, and Shepard stood alone. "I had my eyes open, and I started screaming, 'They're leaving, they're leaving,'" Shepard said.

They're leaving allright.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit Puts the Smackdown on Married Life –

That’s the last time she’ll mention his shrunken testicles!

Over the weekend, Chris Benoit, a Pro-Wrestler, reportedly murdered his wife and 7-year-old son, then hung himself from a workout machine cable.

Of course, there are many lingering questions regarding this horrifying event. And as is our modus operandi, we at CDN have the insights the major networks are too cumbersome and archaic to bring to you.

Reader Question 1: Isn’t it ironic he hung himself with a wire from an exercise machine?
Obviously it is orgasmically ironic, assuming it is true. But what is more likely is that without “Woman” spotting him, Benoit became tangled in his own Soloflex, which happens to be the leading cause of death among professional athletes, ahead of #2: AIDS acquired from anonymous locker room sodomy with Magic Johnson, and #3: Being fragged by your fellow soldiers in Afghanistan.

Reader Question 2: What was Chris Benoit doing in that house all weekend with his dead wife and son?
Obviously, he was waiting with his back turned for the surprise twist when his wife and son returned to life and worked together to smash a folding chair over his head.

Reader Question 3: Why did Chris Benoit leave a bible by each body?
Obviously, he was trying to frame Jesus for the crime.

You can read more about Benoit, the “devoted dad” and “family guy” in this 20-questions-style article, where he revealed the people he most admired were MLK and Rosa Parks, and how his idea of a perfect Sunday was relaxing at home with his kids. Last weekend must have included one hell of a relaxing Sunday at the Benoit house.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be typical that if a guy had said he admired Hitler then killed his family the headlines would scream: Man who murdered wife, son said he admired Adolf Hitler! But I have yet to see a headline that said: Pro-Wrestler who murdered wife, son said he admired MLK and Rosa Parks! The connections are equally ludicrous...

Six Flags Unveils Superman’s Fantastic Foot Guillotine Ride

On Thursday the 21st of June, a thirteen year old girl had her feet sliced off by an errant machine cable while riding the Superman Tower of Power ride at Six Flags in Kentucky.

I think we all know who is responsible for this:

I bet this sick freak is having sex with those detached feet right now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Middle School Students in Texas Applaud Detective’s Pronouncement:
America is the #1 consumer of illegal drugs in the world.



It is shocking how widespread the ignorance and lack of free will must be among these children. It is a predictable trend though, isn’t it? By the time they reach the age when Nickelodeon passes them off to MTV for continuing thought control, they will not be even slightly restrained in their admiration of drug use or alcohol use. Wild, jungle whooping in the camera from Spring Break will be their equivalent to crossed wrists for Big Brother.

I love many forms of comedy, but there are two notable exceptions:
1) Drug use humor: Think, “Dave’s not here man.” Audiences actually cheer for this schlock.
2) Alcohol use humor: Simply add “…and a beer.” to the end of any lame joke and watch the herd moo.

I suppose there is some sort of anti-establishment mentality, some inspired sense of freedom that the mASSES get from drug and alcohol abuse or more simply for cheering it on, but what a joke that truly is. Those same brain-dead users will be cheering during their deployment to Iraq!

If you argue that the kids didn’t know what they were cheering for, you validate how stupid they are and what a failure public education is.
If you argue that the kids confused one another and a wave-effect applause occurred, you validate that the kids are a bunch brainwashed conformists.
If you argue that the kids were applauding as an act of defiance, you validate that they view drug use as an acceptable means of criticizing the establishment, rather than, oh I don’t know … vocally criticizing the establishment!
If you argue that the applause was the result of decades of integration, open borders, egalitarian social engineering, and the lowering of standards to be all inclusive (a quartet that may be affectionately labeled “The Browning of America”), then you are quite right.

And before I get responses criticizing the detective’s designation of America as the number one illegal drug consumer, let me say this: I have no idea where he got that figure from, and I am aware of America’s draconian War on Drugs. I don’t care about the figure. What I care about is American children applauding it.

On a side note, according to the same CNN article, pushers in Texas are distributing a 2$-per-hit version of heroin that has earned the street name “cheese”. Below is a picture of a dealer and his cheese-eating, street-walking ho.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

They're Suturing Angels Now...

Imagine a loved one is awaiting a critical organ transplant. He or she has been opened up and is on the operating table when the news reaches the doctors: The plane carrying the donor organs has crashed. What would your response be? I know mine would be: God must really want this fucker dead!

The funny thing is, this recently happened to a patient in Michigan who needed a lung transplant. Six people on that plane were killed, as well as the organs being lost. Now the topper: the people killed included four surgeons who were escorting the lungs! All hail my dark and terrible God of Irony! He is so much greater than that humorless Jehovah – though I have to admit freeing the Israelites from captivity in Egypt, only to make them wander in the desert for forty years, was a hoot! You see, if my God had been in the Garden of Eden He would also have put the Tree of Knowledge there just like Jehovah did, but, He would also have made Adam and Eve incredibly obese, old and wrinkled, or otherwise malformed – so that when they ate from the tree and knew they were naked, they would really regret that their eyes had been opened.

I think the lesson here is: If you want to play God and prolong the lives of people who should be dead, prepare to be Jesus and die for the salvation you offer.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris! Paris! Paris Hilton! … Stupid Whore.

I really don’t care about Paris Hilton. I don’t feel any sympathy for her going to jail, nor schadenfreude for the same. I have no interest in debating whether or not her sentence was fair, or whether her early release from jail was an indicator of a double-standard in justice. Nor do I think that her subsequent return to jail was an indicator that a double-standard does not exist.

It's not exactly The Hilton, but make yourself comfortable.

Here is what I am interested in, relating to the sheriff who released Paris Hilton early:

Baca dismissed the criticism, saying the decision was made based on medical advice.
"It isn't wise to keep a person in jail with her problem over an extended period of time and let the problem get worse," Baca told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

Simply fascinating! I had no idea that there was ANY medical excuse that could get a person sent home from jail early. Is that what those monopoly cards with the little man flying out of a bird cage were talking about?

Just imagine this conversation: “Sheriff, I know I was driving drunk and that I was sentenced to jail for it, but I’ve got this doctor’s note saying I’m an alcoholic – can I go home now?”

So, people can be released from jail solely for medical reasons…Come to think of it, I seem to remember hearing that one of the reasons Al Capone was released early from prison was because of his failing health. Then why wasn’t David Lane released? I suppose people like David Lane are more of a danger than Al Capone ever was. Actually, it’s kind of neat to think that the government was that scared of David Lane.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Today's Lesson: Cupcake Slogans Prevent Child Rape

Yesterday, on break, I was reading a Smithsonian magazine left among a pile of outdated periodicals in the lunchroom. None of the articles were very exciting, but an insurance advertisement caught my attention. In the center of the page stood a heavyset woman with Tammy-Faye level makeup and a hideously gauche dress that hung off her like a circus tent. The caption read something like: Educator Fat-Ugly-Whoreington teaches her exceptional children of the dangers of sexual abuse by having them bake cupcakes.

How could that not catch my attention? It was incomprehensible. It raised so many more questions than it answered. But the first question I asked myself may not have been what one would expect: “Those children don’t look all that exceptional to me - in fact that one looks downright retarded – what makes these kids so exceptional?”

Then it dawned on me – have they taken to calling retards “exceptional” now?

Further analysis of the advertisement gave me only a partial view of the rest of the story. In order not to scare these “exceptional” children, Fatty Whoreington has them bake cupcakes with “No!” written on them in frosting. It was not explained how cupcakes with “No!” written on them equate to child sex abuse prevention.

I wondered if the lesson in this class went something like: “Now kids, the reason we baked these cupcakes is because if somebody tries to put his dick up your butt, you’ll know that the right thing to do is to bake him a cupcake with ‘No!’ written on it.”

Truly, the bigger issue in all this was the use of the word exceptional in describing children who had to be taught how to avoid sexual abuse via cupcake communiqu├ęs. So when I got home I did a quick search on to see how the definition of exceptional was currently being abused:

ex•cep•tion•al [ik-sep-shuh-nl]
1. forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary: The warm weather was exceptional for January.
2. unusually excellent; superior: an exceptional violinist.
3. Education. (of a child)
a. being intellectually gifted.
b. being physically or esp. mentally handicapped to an extent that special schooling is required.

WTF? Exceptional means being intellectually gifted and at the same time it means being mentally handicapped!

On a pedantic level, one could say the label of exceptional is correct for both, in that both the gifted and retards are the exception. But, if we want to split hairs, why don’t we call them greater than +/- 2 standard deviations from the mean while we’re at it?

Imagine you’re at a football game – I am going to use an analogy that will appeal to those who comprise the 95% of the bell curve that is unexceptional – and you see two players on the field. One catches the ball every time, and the other drops the ball every time. The coach walks over to a father in the stands and says: “Your son is an exceptional athlete!” To whom is the coach referring? Well, in topsy-turvy world, where all words could mean one thing and its opposite at the same time, he could mean anything.

It is shocking that we permit such abuse of common sense in the name of diversity, sensitivity, political correctness, and self-esteem. Not to mention that we pay someone to bake cupcakes for retards as a teaching method. This is why American education is failing and will never recover.

Don’t call those kids retards, call them mentally handicapped. Don’t call them mentally handicapped, call them mentally challenged. Don’t call them mentally challenged, call them developmentally impaired. Don’t call them developmentally impaired, call them special education students. Don’t call them special education students, call them special needs students. Don’t called them special needs students, call them exceptional students!

Just like the word "gay" has been forever tainted, as "queer" was before it, "exceptional" will eventually only retain its negative social connotation. I believe this has happened to the word "special" as well. Don’t tell me that when you hear someone say, “That guy is special.” you don’t immediately think: “Oh, he must be a retard.”

Let us make a vow that the line is drawn here. You can’t keep running forever. You see, you can change the name of something a million times, but if the quality stinks, the name will eventually be associated with that lousiness. The negative connotation comes from the experience, not the word. The word becomes tainted by what it refers to. If we start calling being beaten-up by transsexuals “The San Francisco Treat”, eventually Rice a Roni will be negatively impacted!

The same logic applies to why people ran from Nigger to Negro to Colored to Black to African American. No matter how often it changed, the appellation eventually became tainted by the filth of what it referred to. And the reason it changed was because some idiot got the bright idea that the word was the problem, not that what it designated was polluting the word.

I know. It never strays far from race with me. I better end this before I start Jew-bashing.

Wait! Before I end this rant, I have an idea for white racists: Let’s bake devil’s food cupcakes with the word “No!” written on it in white icing. Yum, Delicious.