Thursday, December 21, 2006

ANOTHER Letter to Mr. Tom Metzger - If He Won't Read It, Would You Be So Kind As to Do So?

On TT's show last night, Mr. Metzger expressed his view that the Bulgarian nurse trial in Libya was a matter of Western nations interfering with the sovereignty of Libya. I disagree.

This is a story of injustice that should interest us on a human level. If the nurses were Jews, we would have Steven Spielburg making a movie about their ordeal. If they were evangelical Americans, we would have the President making a national address about them. If they were college age girls of any Western nationality, the international press would plaster their sweet young faces on every television screen in the world. Since they are middle-aged Bulgarian nurses - they have me. I am incredibly sorry that fate works this way. That's something my Dark and Terrible God of Irony can appreciate, and perhaps my God would see fit to save these women, in spite of the vicissitudes of fate. I feel that we White Power folks should claim this issue as our own, since it exposes the weakness of the West and the falseness of tolerance and cultural diversity.

To that end, here is my latest letter to Tom Metzger; and yes, I am expecting him to block my e-mails soon [note that some personal details that could hint to my identity have been removed]:

Dear Mr. Metzger,

What you have ridiculed as a hygiene problem and poor excuse for the number of HIV cases in the Libyan children’s hospital was in fact an excellent, scientifically supported defense.

You are assuming that hygiene meant simply washing, bathing, or grooming. What was a much greater concern in the case of the Bulgarian nurses was absent or ineffective sterilization techniques of transfusion equipment. In America, all our equipment is disposable and is delicately handled specifically because we fear that inadequate sterilization of reusable equipment could spread disease. Furthermore, America and other industrialized nations have access to both rapid screening techniques for HIV in donor blood, and to confirmatory tests for HIV infection. In America we have a system of deferment that excludes any donors who are in high risk categories for spreading infections such as HIV, hepatitis, contagious neurological conditions (Mad Cow disease), malaria, and many more. These controls were almost entirely absent at the children’s hospital where these nurses worked.

The Libyan prosecution claims that the nurses were in the employ of Israel. They claim that the infections were part of a strategy to infect Muslims with a mutant strain of HIV. Note that the number of Libyan Children infected was not 100, but over 400. The French physician who codiscovered the virus that causes AIDS published his molecular analysis of the HIV strain in question and asserted that the HIV strain was not mutated and was of a variety of the virus common in Africa before the nurses arrived (1). None of the hospital’s Muslim staff were arrested or even detained. It is much more reasonable for us to believe that Libyan officials, embarrassed by the event, decided to blame infidel foreigners for the mass infections than for us to believe in a Mossad conspiracy in which six female nurses decided to deliberately infect 400+ children with HIV (2).

The real story here is one of extortion: Gaddafi has offered to release the nurses if Bulgarian pays over 4 Billion Dollars in compensation: 10 Million Dollars for each child! (3).The nurses have been in prison in Libya since 1999; this is not a recent event, not all of the sudden as you said!

For the record: [Omitted educational background]. I have followed this case carefully because it has such terrible implications for the liability of medical personnel in cases of transfusion-related infections. I am also a supporter of capital punishment, and I am a White Racist.

I am not criticizing you on a personal level, but I believe that in this case, you are mistaken. As you have said, White people should offer their knowledge and talent to our cause, and that is what I feel I am doing. The reason these nurses were in Libya is very simple: they are overeducated and they cannot get jobs in their field in Bulgaria and are forced to work abroad. Bulgaria has experienced an outflow of their technical professionals since the end of communism in that country. If you think that this is a matter beyond our tribal interest than why not instead of supporting the national sovereignty of Libyan reactionary non-Whites, you use the injustice of the nurses’ sentence as a means of reaching out to the White Bulgarian community in this country? Why not be as vocal for White people everywhere as Jesse Jackson is for Black people everywhere? Except in your case, you could actually be sincere and do some good.

Adrean Arlott, Compulsory Diversity News Blog


1: The Journal Nature

The convictions also run counter to the scientific evidence. Luc Montagnier, whose group at the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered HIV, and Vittorio Colizzi, an AIDS researcher at Rome's Tor Vergata University, were asked by the Libyan government to examine the scientific evidence. Their report, submitted in April, should have removed any suggestion that the accused were guilty.
Montagnier and Colizzi's genetic analysis of viruses from the infected children indicated that many of them were infected long before the Bulgarian nurses set foot in Libya in March 1998; some of the infections probably dated as far back as 1994. The children also showed a high incidence of co-infection with hepatitis B and C, suggesting that the underlying problem was an infection from a common source, spread by poor hospital hygiene. This is a tragedy, but such problems aren't unique to Libya.

The Washington Post:

The defendants all asserted innocence and said in testimony that earlier statements in which they confessed to deliberately infecting 426 children with the virus that causes AIDS were extracted by torture.

The International Herald Tribune:

Libyan officials have suggested that the Bulgarians pay $10 million in compensation for each of the 420 children allegedly infected with AIDS, according to Bulgarian and EU diplomats.

In hopes of brokering a deal, the European Union has sent diplomats and medical teams to Libya to study and consult on the country's HIV/AIDS problem. It has flown dozens of children from Libya to Europe for medical treatment and held training sessions for doctors in Libya.

Bulgaria recently agreed to send Libya 20 of the 50 pieces of medical equipment it had requested, and even offered to restructure the $27 million in Libyan debt it holds.

But Libya has countered that Bulgaria should also negotiate a payment of "blood money" to the families of the infected children, saying that the families might then express forgiveness toward the nurses and ask for dismissal of the court case, a procedure permitted under Islamic law.

The Libyan figure of $10 million for each child draws parallels to the $10 million Libya agreed to pay each of the families of the 270 people killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 by its agents over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988. For Bulgaria, it would amount to 25 percent of its gross domestic product. The Bulgarian government has rejected the idea. It rejects the concept of "blood money," Kalfin said. "Second, there's no way to compare this to Lockerbie."

Update, 4:00 p.m., 21 Dec 2006: Mr. Metzger responded well and thoughtfully stated his position on the matter. I am in awe of him.


  1. All else aside, that photo retouch is a marvelous piece of propaganda work. ;-)

    "EXPOSED! Colonel Gaddafi secretly caught cross-dressing at Bohemian Grove in 2006."


  2. It is funny, but it is not my work, I assure you. I got it from this site:

  3. First, I think you have a long way to go before TT even thinks of blocking your email.

    TT likes to debate and address opinions opposed to his own, unlike the ARAs and liberals, because it offers the opportunity to clarify his position and examine the issue.

    You make many cogent arguments for the nurses case. Having studied and practiced Islam for a few years (in the past) I can assure you that there is a certain level of well founded paranoia and neuroses surrounding the Arabs' perpetual suspicion of all things jewish or zionist. However, 'Blood Money' is the equivalent of a Christmas Bonus on top of the regular 'compensation' they demand. As I understood the Koran, true 'blood money' is just that, the actual BLOOD of the offending party's family/relatives. Not hard currency.

    Nonetheless, what this appears to be is nothing more than an overt attempt at child exploitation; causing the EU to wring their hands and fritter away time and lives via committees who study and evaluate the human 'crises' and publicity ramifications.

    Classic international political jump-rope... skip around and don't let your feet touch the ground for too long, lest you get tangled up. Libya and EU swing each end of the rope, while the nurses jump for self-preservation.


  4. Libya and EU swing each end of the rope, while the nurses jump for self-preservation.

    Very true, very astute