Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mind Games

Psychologists working for what amounts to a video game company have determined that there is a mental compulsion to play video games. Going beyond just having fun, the surveyors announced: "It's our contention that the psychological 'pull' of games is largely due to their capacity to engender feelings of autonomy, competence, and relatedness" - Richard M. Ryan, University of Rochester.

I can agree that autonomy and competence are definitely part of the reason I play computer and console games, but relatedness too? It would seem to be an either / or situation: EITHER autonomy OR relatedness, not both, you pseudoscientific dipshit.

One of the reasons I like MMO games is that they are HUGE and usually offer a lot of content. One of the reasons I hate MMO games is that to access the larger portion of that content, one must group with others.

Yes, in keeping with my policy of being hated for my social choices no matter where I go, I am one of the most despised creatures on virtual Earth: a soloer. If I play an online game, I do it alone and see how far I can get without help – then I cancel the game.

People say, “What is the point of an MMO if not to socialize?”
I respond: If you want to socialize you can go to a bar, a club, a meeting, a church, and on, and on, and on! You MMO freaks want to socialize in a fantasy world where you can hide your identity, and where there are no repercussions for your asinine behavior. I hate other people in real life and choose to sit at my computer to avoid human contact, so why would I try and initiate contact in a virtual world where humans feel even more entitled to treat one another badly? I get what challenge I can from the MMO on my own, then move on. I’m not asking for MMO players to accommodate me, I am asking MMO players to leave me the hell alone.

Now I may add to that tirade: I play games for the feeling of autonomy, not relatedness.
Thank you pseudoscience, you’ve done it again!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Waiting *On Line* in Hell

In an effort to enforce the “Three Famous People Dying at a Time” Rule, Iraq is reportedly ready to hang Saddam Hussein. Imagine: James Brown, Gerald Ford, and Saddam Hussein, all standing sequentially in line waiting to enter Hell by the VIP entrance. That will be one of the most awkward and embarrassingly silent moments since Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Burgess Meredith waited sequentially in the same line in September 1997. Of course back then Diana kept looking over her shoulder saying “Where’s Dodi?” – not realizing that her Arab boyfriend’s Daddy already owned a posh suite in Hell staffed by 72 virgin, transgender Succubae, where Dodi was already beginning his eternity of tranny delights (the reward all Arab men yearn for, which explains Dodi’s attraction to Diana “ol’ Wayne Gretzky face” Spencer).

What a Democracy Iraq has! No trial by jury. No lengthy appeals. Hanging considered an acceptable method of execution. Impressive, isn’t it?

Let us hope that American democracy will function so efficiently when George II is tried for his war crimes.

Waiting *Online* in Hell

In regards to the public flogging Hal Turner is getting right now – I feel sorry for him. As much as he is guilty of childish demagoguery, it will probably stir sympathy in any just person to see one kid on the playground (no matter how much one may personally dislike or disagree with said kid) being repeatedly kicked to the ground by a mean-spirited mob of miscreants. Telling him you are not interfering with his right to free speech while bringing down his website is the equivalent of sitting on his chest, dangling spit in his eyes, forcing him to slap himself in the face with his own hand while shouting: “Quit hitting yourself!!!” It’s all very juvenile, and smacks of the nerdy, bullied kids becoming cyber-bullies in turn to compensate for their own frustrating memories of impotent torment – kicking further down the chain of rejects and outcasts as it were. Standing on the sidelines, smirking and saying “He deserves it” is just as indicative of the kicking further down the chain syndrome, the abused abusing the even more abused by proxy.

I suppose Hal’s best hope now is that the economy actually does collapse as he keeps predicting it will. It would at least draw attention from his predicament – for a few minutes anyway.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Have You Buried a Ford, Lately?

Ugly American:
Daddy, who’s Gerald Ford?
Why, he invented the automobile back in the 1960’s, and became President after America’s victory in Vietnam, when we defeated Hitler.

Witty American:
Daddy, who’s that?
Why, that’s Former President Gerald Ford. It’s his fault that Chevy Chase, one of the unfunniest and least talented men in America, had a career during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Typical American:
I don’t want to be here! I don’t have to listen to you! You’re not my real dad!
Your mother and I thought it would be a good idea if I spent some time with you. If you behave yourself, you can play Halo 2 until bed time when we get home. Now stop pouting in front of this picture of Terry Bradshaw and let’s get to the dinosaur exhibits. You like dinosaurs, right?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Melancholia, Epilogue: Descent

[A lone speaker in an empty theatre…]


French is a language and an ethnicity.
English is a language and an ethnicity.
Dutch is a language and an ethnicity.

Each of these is a people, each has a homeland, and each is descended from common stock.

Just because a foreigner came to live in that homeland, would not make the foreigner a native. The foreigner does not speak the language, and even if he learns it, the land he occupies is not his homeland; his ancestors did not originate in that land. He remains a foreigner until the day he returns home.

American is not a language, nor is it an ethnicity. The United States of America began as colony of Britain. The colonists took the land from the natives. The colonists were British men mostly. The colonists rebelled and set up their own government. Their claim to the land was based on the forceful dispossession of native people. The descendants of the colonists spent another century expanding their new country at the expense of the natives. Americans today are the descendants of those colonists, and of the immigrants who took up residence in the conquered land. The natives live on reservations, patches of land set aside to atone for the victory of the colonists. America is called a melting pot, a land of immigrants. That melting pot was cooked over flames of warfare, flames by which the natives were exterminated and their remnant contained. The American Dream was made possible at the expense of the natives. We know this. Most of us feel guilty, but excuse the truth. We prefer to think, “That is then, and this is now – never again.”

I embrace the truth and I feel no guilt. And I know more – it is happening again.

It is happening in the ancient homelands of the English, the French, and the Dutch, to name a few. Foreigners have arrived. They were given sustenance. They were tolerated. They multiplied. They became a problem.

Now they are hungry. Now they are angry. Now they blame the natives for their troubles. Now they want the natives’ land to become their land. Now they are going to take it.

A White boy reads a book about the Indians. It tells him that the Indians shared their food with the colonists. It tells him the Indians traded Manhattan for a handful of trinkets. It tells him that the White man murdered the Indians and took their land. The White boy feels guilty. He says: The White men were invaders. They should have stayed in their own land. The Indians should have killed the White men while the White men were still weak – before the White man came in numbers large enough to destroy the Indians. He says: America is great now because everyone is equal – we learned from the mistakes of the past. We don’t treat people that way anymore. America is a land of opportunity, equal opportunity! We let everyone come here now. All are welcome.

And I say to him: “But you don’t give the land back, do you?”

A White man was once a White boy. He read about what happened to the Indians. He reads now that Muslims from foreign lands are settling in the ancient homelands of his ancestors. He reads that the Muslims are angry because the natives have not let the Muslims have what the natives have. He says: Europeans should take a lesson from Americans – treat everyone as equals. Europeans should share what they have! They should tolerate foreign cultures. They should welcome the immigrants, lest the immigrants become angry and violent and take what they want from the natives. And I say: “Tolerating foreigners didn’t work well for the natives the American colonists slaughtered, so why should it work for the European natives who are losing their homelands?”

The White man says, “That was then, this is now!” The White man is a myopic jackass.

He has learned nothing from his own history.

If a group of White Europeans settled in Algeria, remained isolated because the Algerians didn’t want to share their land with foreigners, and then resorted to violence against their hosts, the White man would say: “The Algerians have a right to their own homeland!” Tell the White people to go back where they came from. And I say: “Why can’t the French, or the English, or the Dutch say that?”

The White Man replies: “Because that would be racist!” I have misjudged him. The White man is insane.

We are living in the largest insane asylum in history. At some point, madness became pandemic, all pervasive. What was once sanity is now insanity, and what was once madness is now reason. To disagree is to be defective. To have sense is to be wicked. To take a stand is deadly.

Who did this? Who is to blame?

If you look for the answer, you too will lose your mind.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Melancholia, Part Three: Authority

As a child, I always wanted to be a patrol. I wanted responsibility. I wanted to foster order. I volunteered for every vacant assignment. Over the course of two years in elementary school, I was a hall patrol, a bus patrol, a bus stop patrol, and a kindergarten patrol. My assignments overlapped. I was conscientious. I read the handbook. I followed the rules. I got a certificate at the end of the sixth grade to commend me for my actions. I got more grief as a patrol than I deserved. I don’t think there are child school patrols anymore, at least around here.

As a kindergarten patrol in the fifth grade, I was responsible for making sure my group of kindergarteners got on the right buses. One of my charges rode my bus and got off the bus with me. I was also bus patrol on that bus. My charge was a lively and intelligent Negro girl who was very kind. She asked lots of questions as if I was an authority on any subject, and I answered the best I could. She was respectful and polite. At the end of the school year, she knew I was going on to another school. She drew me a picture – it was a picture of my mother and me. The girl mentioned “…except I don’t know what your mother looks like.” It was a good picture. I kept it for many years, before it disappeared. I profoundly regret losing it.

As a bus stop patrol in the sixth grade, I was assigned to an out of the way stop that I had to walk through the woods to reach. There was a stop closer to me, but it already had two patrols. I went where I was needed. There were only four kids at that stop, five including me. There was a third grade boy and his first grade sister, as well as a girl who was a year younger than me, and another boy who was best friends with the third grader. The brother and sister were swarthy, Mediterranean types – White technically, but with a Semitic admixture no doubt. The boy would bring a basketball to the bus stop every morning and start playing with his friend. They had a habit of letting the ball roll into the street. After a few times of chasing the ball down for them and warning them I would take the ball away if they didn’t stop, they became “abusive toward the badge.”

I was informed quite clearly that I was a loser of no importance who would be better off dead. Be that as it may, I told him I was in charge. “Yeah, who said so?” he pouted. “The school did.” I retorted. I waited for the ball to roll into the street again. It did. I retrieved it and held on to it until the bus came. I was then informed that I would have my ass severely beaten when his father found out I took his basketball. I made my report to Ms. ______. The ball was returned to the student with a warning not to bring it to the bus stop.

For several weeks after, it was a constant effort on my part to keep this boy from playing in the street, from running into people’s yards, from attacking his sister (who never appreciated my interventions on her behalf), from leaving his books on the sidewalk as he went to get on the bus. I encountered new forms of profanity I had never imagined. Then, one day, he wasn’t there, nor his sister, nor his best friend. He had convinced his parents to drop his sister and himself at the next stop because I was harassing them. The school was not involved. The parents never spoke to me. I was actually relieved. The next week, the remaining girl at the stop told me she was being teased for being at the stop alone with me. The children said we were boyfriend and girlfriend. She ended up walking through the woods to go to the stop the other kids went to, in order to quash this rumor. I was alone at the stop by October of that school year. I remained alone there until May. Every day I walked through the woods. Every day I waited alone for the bus. I said nothing. No teacher ever knew. I was ashamed.

In May it was warm enough to wear short pants. The woods were filled with bugs. My legs got chewed up. I finally decided to abandon my post and go to the nearer bus stop. I did not wear my patrol belt or my badge. The two patrols at that stop had given up theirs long before, they were plain-clothes-patrols I suppose. There were parents at that stop; the kids were under adult supervision. As I approached, I was greeted with hostility. I was told by my former charge/headache: “We don’t want you here, this isn’t your stop!” I assured him I had not come to patrol the stop. I watched in silence as parents failed to notice children playing in the streets, and failed to stop children from fighting one another or from using foul and abusive language.

It wasn’t my problem anymore.

A few weeks later I got my certificate for being a patrol. As a patrol, I had experienced the spectrum from respect to complete disdain – from “Black” to “White”.

I ask myself: Why do you believe in the White race? What have they done for you? You have experienced both good and bad from both Whites and Non-Whites. You have seen how corrupt and disgusting this White civilization is, is it worth saving?

My answer is this: White is not about what is here now. It is a dream of what was. It is a promise of what will be. To be White is to be perfect, perfection is an ideal. We don’t abandon an ideal simply because we may never attain it.
Melancholia, Part Two: Morality

From the age of 4 until the age of 6, I attended an impoverished, Negro-owned-and-operated daycare. The children there were primarily an aggregate of Whites and Blacks. There was an obligatory crippled kid. There was an obligatory East Indian kid. There was an obligatory mulatto. At one time or another I was a friend to each. At age 6, I attended the Kindergarten across the street for half a day, then spent the second half of the day at the nursery school. I was mischievous, but highly moral. I got hit in the head a lot by accident. I got hit in the head a lot by accident. I got hit in the head a lot by accident. What was I saying?

We celebrated Christmas then. We sang Christmas carols. Every year, we had a Christmas play. The first year, I was a wise man. The second year, I was Joseph. The third year, I was a sheep. I never got to choose my roles. There was a good reason for my demotion between the second and third year. The first year and the third year, we used a plastic baby Jesus. The second year, my year as Joseph, we used a real baby as Jesus. I looked into the manger the evening of the play - it wriggled and squirmed. It was a Black baby Jesus. Even then, at 5 years old, I questioned – “A black baby Jesus?”

This is not a story of racism, but of blasphemy. A Black angel delivered the Black baby Jesus to the manger. Child Mary sat stage left of the manger; she was White. Child Joseph sat stage right; I was and am White. The Angel was a daycare worker. She read from the Bible after she put the Black baby Jesus in the manger. I began furiously picking my nose.

I was unaware that the gasps in the audience were for my benefit. I was busy considering where to deposit the rewards of my effort. I was the sort of child not above picking my nose, but well above the habit of eating what came out of it, as other uncouth children did. I couldn’t get up in the middle of the play, that was a given. And not being among the uncouth, I would also never consider wiping on my clothing the offending object. So I did what any child Joseph of some breeding would do, I wiped my booger on the manger of the baby Jesus. Only after the play did I discover that was a bad idea.

There is a certain leniency which a child is subject to when his or her misbehavior occurs in front of a crowd. What would earn a slap at home earns but a reprimand in public. This fact spared me that night, but resulted in my demotion the following year. I don’t believe I had anything to do with whether or not a real baby was cast as the infant Jesus. Instead, that was determined by the availability of infants among the daycare providers.

I wonder if they still talk about the Christmas play that little White boy ruined.

One time at that daycare, an obese Negress with a lazy eye and a habit of rambling incoherently while she did her chores, beat me savagely with a toy plastic hammer. The minute my mother picked me up from daycare, I told her what had happened. My mother went temporarily insane and shrieked a stream of threats and vulgarities at the Negress, who cringed and shrunk before the castigation muttering “No, I didn’t do that! No, I didn’t!” Still, the next day I was returned to the same school. The Negress looked at me with her good eye – “So I hit you, huh?”, “Yep, you did” I replied. We never spoke of it again. It never happened again.

A couple of people I have told this story to have asked me if that is why I hate Negroes. I tell them, “Not at all. I didn’t associate her violence with the fact she was a Negress, but with the fact she was a mental defective who should never have been trusted around children. That experience is why I hate mental defectives.”
Melancholia, Part One: Conscience

Melancholia: A Three Part Narrative to be posted December 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2006.
Long ago, I used to post on pro-White forums as “Melancholy”. I was very much hated. I dropped the name and went silent for many years. However, I am still Melancholy.

To reach the academic building I spent my entire Fall semester in on campus, I was compelled to use a shortcut through another university building that has been set aside for all sorts of functional miscellany. As one emerges from this miscellany onto the path that leads to my academic building, one is often forced into encounters with various and sundry unpleasantries - the sort of unpleasantries that sour my humors and bring me online to vent my spleen.

On one particular occasion, I was forced to scurry past the deafening cacophony of a mixed race, steel drum Caribbean band. Why they were there was unknown. Who granted them permission to set up stadium speakers 10 feet away from a public sidewalk was also unknown. Their eyes followed me as I rushed past. I got the feeling they enjoyed making people deaf.

On another occasion, early one morn outside the building of miscellany, I was confronted by the poster image of two 20-something young ladies laying half nude amidst white sheets, kissing one another. This lesbian-chic poster was part of a display set up by a White, 40-something poster merchant in a tie-dyed T-shirt. At other times, other merchants had taken up this same spot to sell Marxist books, Native jewelry, and African clothing – everything a budding young communist race-traitor would be interested in. The poster was set in such a way that it was directly in front of anyone exiting the building of miscellany. I passed by the poster without expression or comment; I did not make any gesture that might confirm I saw it. However, my conscience prompted me, “Pre-school children pass this way daily to attend all sorts of community functions held on campus in the building of miscellany. Say something or do something!” Reason asserted: “No one here knows your aberrant political ideology. No one here suspects you of holding any beliefs at all. An anonymous letter or two will suffice.” And as always for me, reason outweighed conscience - for, though some say they are the same, I disagree.

Passing back the same way to exit school late that afternoon, I had forgotten entirely the poster in question. One of the university support staff, a middle-aged Negro, possibly security, possibly maintenance, wearing university colors as they are mandated to do, came walking from the direction of the building of miscellany, the building I was approaching. He had a strange look on his face, and I had trouble determining if it was the usual confusion over my disturbing appearance, or if it was something else. I nodded to him, smiled somewhat, and said, “How are you?” I am polite.

He stopped. He was carrying a hoagie in his left hand. He raised the hoagie and gestured with it toward the building of miscellany. He exclaimed, “That man has a poster there of two girls kissing on each other!” I nodded again. “I saw it.”, I replied. I clicked my tongue disapprovingly. He shook his head as if to say, unbelievable. We walked past one another. I approached the building of miscellany. I scanned the collection of posters, to confirm the lesbian chic poster was still facing the building – it was. The same 40-something White man in the tie-dyed shirt sat reading a novel. It must have been a slow day for business.

I mused.

The middle-aged Negro had a job. He had purchased a late lunch, and probably had a few more hours in his day. He had been shocked enough by the poster to mention it to a stranger passing by. He apparently had a conscience.

The middle-aged White hippy was selling posters for a living. He whiled away his hours reading. He was selling lesbian pornography on a college campus outside a building frequented by young children from the community. He apparently had no conscience.

It sure is tough being a racist.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

ANOTHER Letter to Mr. Tom Metzger - If He Won't Read It, Would You Be So Kind As to Do So?

On TT's show last night, Mr. Metzger expressed his view that the Bulgarian nurse trial in Libya was a matter of Western nations interfering with the sovereignty of Libya. I disagree.

This is a story of injustice that should interest us on a human level. If the nurses were Jews, we would have Steven Spielburg making a movie about their ordeal. If they were evangelical Americans, we would have the President making a national address about them. If they were college age girls of any Western nationality, the international press would plaster their sweet young faces on every television screen in the world. Since they are middle-aged Bulgarian nurses - they have me. I am incredibly sorry that fate works this way. That's something my Dark and Terrible God of Irony can appreciate, and perhaps my God would see fit to save these women, in spite of the vicissitudes of fate. I feel that we White Power folks should claim this issue as our own, since it exposes the weakness of the West and the falseness of tolerance and cultural diversity.

To that end, here is my latest letter to Tom Metzger; and yes, I am expecting him to block my e-mails soon [note that some personal details that could hint to my identity have been removed]:

Dear Mr. Metzger,

What you have ridiculed as a hygiene problem and poor excuse for the number of HIV cases in the Libyan children’s hospital was in fact an excellent, scientifically supported defense.

You are assuming that hygiene meant simply washing, bathing, or grooming. What was a much greater concern in the case of the Bulgarian nurses was absent or ineffective sterilization techniques of transfusion equipment. In America, all our equipment is disposable and is delicately handled specifically because we fear that inadequate sterilization of reusable equipment could spread disease. Furthermore, America and other industrialized nations have access to both rapid screening techniques for HIV in donor blood, and to confirmatory tests for HIV infection. In America we have a system of deferment that excludes any donors who are in high risk categories for spreading infections such as HIV, hepatitis, contagious neurological conditions (Mad Cow disease), malaria, and many more. These controls were almost entirely absent at the children’s hospital where these nurses worked.

The Libyan prosecution claims that the nurses were in the employ of Israel. They claim that the infections were part of a strategy to infect Muslims with a mutant strain of HIV. Note that the number of Libyan Children infected was not 100, but over 400. The French physician who codiscovered the virus that causes AIDS published his molecular analysis of the HIV strain in question and asserted that the HIV strain was not mutated and was of a variety of the virus common in Africa before the nurses arrived (1). None of the hospital’s Muslim staff were arrested or even detained. It is much more reasonable for us to believe that Libyan officials, embarrassed by the event, decided to blame infidel foreigners for the mass infections than for us to believe in a Mossad conspiracy in which six female nurses decided to deliberately infect 400+ children with HIV (2).

The real story here is one of extortion: Gaddafi has offered to release the nurses if Bulgarian pays over 4 Billion Dollars in compensation: 10 Million Dollars for each child! (3).The nurses have been in prison in Libya since 1999; this is not a recent event, not all of the sudden as you said!

For the record: [Omitted educational background]. I have followed this case carefully because it has such terrible implications for the liability of medical personnel in cases of transfusion-related infections. I am also a supporter of capital punishment, and I am a White Racist.

I am not criticizing you on a personal level, but I believe that in this case, you are mistaken. As you have said, White people should offer their knowledge and talent to our cause, and that is what I feel I am doing. The reason these nurses were in Libya is very simple: they are overeducated and they cannot get jobs in their field in Bulgaria and are forced to work abroad. Bulgaria has experienced an outflow of their technical professionals since the end of communism in that country. If you think that this is a matter beyond our tribal interest than why not instead of supporting the national sovereignty of Libyan reactionary non-Whites, you use the injustice of the nurses’ sentence as a means of reaching out to the White Bulgarian community in this country? Why not be as vocal for White people everywhere as Jesse Jackson is for Black people everywhere? Except in your case, you could actually be sincere and do some good.

Adrean Arlott, Compulsory Diversity News Blog


1: The Journal Nature

The convictions also run counter to the scientific evidence. Luc Montagnier, whose group at the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered HIV, and Vittorio Colizzi, an AIDS researcher at Rome's Tor Vergata University, were asked by the Libyan government to examine the scientific evidence. Their report, submitted in April, should have removed any suggestion that the accused were guilty.
Montagnier and Colizzi's genetic analysis of viruses from the infected children indicated that many of them were infected long before the Bulgarian nurses set foot in Libya in March 1998; some of the infections probably dated as far back as 1994. The children also showed a high incidence of co-infection with hepatitis B and C, suggesting that the underlying problem was an infection from a common source, spread by poor hospital hygiene. This is a tragedy, but such problems aren't unique to Libya.

The Washington Post:

The defendants all asserted innocence and said in testimony that earlier statements in which they confessed to deliberately infecting 426 children with the virus that causes AIDS were extracted by torture.

The International Herald Tribune:

Libyan officials have suggested that the Bulgarians pay $10 million in compensation for each of the 420 children allegedly infected with AIDS, according to Bulgarian and EU diplomats.

In hopes of brokering a deal, the European Union has sent diplomats and medical teams to Libya to study and consult on the country's HIV/AIDS problem. It has flown dozens of children from Libya to Europe for medical treatment and held training sessions for doctors in Libya.

Bulgaria recently agreed to send Libya 20 of the 50 pieces of medical equipment it had requested, and even offered to restructure the $27 million in Libyan debt it holds.

But Libya has countered that Bulgaria should also negotiate a payment of "blood money" to the families of the infected children, saying that the families might then express forgiveness toward the nurses and ask for dismissal of the court case, a procedure permitted under Islamic law.

The Libyan figure of $10 million for each child draws parallels to the $10 million Libya agreed to pay each of the families of the 270 people killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 by its agents over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988. For Bulgaria, it would amount to 25 percent of its gross domestic product. The Bulgarian government has rejected the idea. It rejects the concept of "blood money," Kalfin said. "Second, there's no way to compare this to Lockerbie."

Update, 4:00 p.m., 21 Dec 2006: Mr. Metzger responded well and thoughtfully stated his position on the matter. I am in awe of him.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some News Stories of Interest (To me at least.)

ECONOMIC MELTDOWN Predicted by Hal Turner Comes True!!!
In Thailand...for one day, then market bounces back...does that still count? Thai stock brokers throw away their bamboo briefcases, shed their woven grass three piece suits, and leap off their tins shacks - plunging four feet into their family excrement pile / larder / sacred burial ground.
Thailand's Wall Street

Libya to Execute Bulgarian Nurses, Third Time a Charm?
Remember how tame Gaddafi had become after Saddam was toppled? If he is such a compliant dog of the West, why are these falsely accused Western nurses still to be executed? It's called BLACKMAIL.

Joe Barbera is dead. I grew up with cartoons, and I love them (generally), but I HATE Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Even as a child, I was always disgusted when the only thing on was The Flintstones or The Jetsons or one of the other generic stock cartoons. For poor quality, repetitious, unfunny cartoons - Hanna Barbera could not be beaten, even though I wanted desperately to beat them.

The Rat-Basket of Africa, as mentioned on the Hal Turner Show tonight. A quote:
Zimbabwe's ambassador to United States, Machivenyika Mapuranga, told CNN on Tuesday that reports of people eating rats unfairly represented the situation, adding that at times while he grew up his family ate rodents.
"The eating of the field mice -- Zimbabweans do that. It is a delicacy," he said. "It is misleading to portray the eating of field mice as an act of desperation. It is not."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Candy Cane Maker Faces Lawsuit

Levon “Ev-on” Bron, a 41-year-old African American from Annapolis, Maryland, says he has faced discrimination from the white man before, but his current predicament has left him “dev’mastated”.

Mr. Bron works for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene “Reach Out and Touch Faith” Program as a daytime caregiver for mentally and physically challenged youths, aged 4-7. In a deposition submitted last Friday, Levon Bron claims he was subjected to cruel and demeaning treatment by a racist customer service representative of Bay Candies Limited, of Baltimore.

Joel Silverwiener, Levon Bron’s attorney, told the press Monday that Mr. Bron had purchased a box of candy canes to distribute to the mentally challenged children in Bron’s ward. When the first child to receive a candy cane complained that the candy he received was flavorless, Bron sampled the wares and discovered that every candy cane in the box was also without flavor. Levon called the number for Bay Candies Limited listed on their product, and described his situation. Here is a partial transcript of that call, provided by the manufacturer:

Customer Service Representative: And you say that the candy is flavorless?
Levon Bron: Yea, it is. And I got one little retarded boy here who can’t…he can’t taste nothing at all. He just keep sucking that thing, been like sucking on it for an hour and can’t get nothing.
CSR: He’s been sucking it for an hour?
Levon: Yes.
CSR: And he can’t taste it?
Levon: Yes.
CSR: Hasn’t it dissolved?
Levon: What?
CSR: Hasn’t the candy cane melted away?
Levon: Let me check.
[Phone is left idle for several minutes.]
Levon: Hello?
CSR: Hello, sir? Has the candy melted?
Levon: No, it ain’t. Oh…hold on.
[Phone becomes idle again for several more minutes]
Levon: He done took the wrapper off it and can taste it now.
CSR: Oh! You left the wrapper on it?
Levon: Yea, that’s why he can’t taste it.
CSR: Oh, yeah, you have to take the wrapper off before you eat it.
Levon: I couldn’t taste it either.
CSR: Because the wrapper was on it…
Levon: Yea.
CSR: Well, …, I hope I have answered any questions you had…
Levon: Hold on!
CSR: Yes, sir?
Levon: This one don’t have any flavor, though.
CSR: I’m sorry? …Sir?
Levon: I got another one out the box and it don’t have no flavor either.
CSR: Sir, is the wrapper still on it?
Levon: You wrap each one?
CSR: Yes sir, all the candy canes are wrapped.
Levon: You mean I got to unwrap every one of these candy canes?
CSR: Yes sir, they are wrapped to prevent people tampering with the product…So you have to unwrap each candy cane before you consume it… before you eat it.
Levon: I got to unwrap all these m****r f****n’ candy canes?
CSR: Sir, please don’t use that language.
Levon: Shit no, I ain’t unwrapping all these candy canes.
CSR: Sir, please don’t…
Levon: Why didn’t you put that shit on the damn box? Got…to…unwrap. Put it right on the box.
CSR: Sir, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to end this call.
[…dial tone]

Levon Bron’s attorney is on record as saying that it was very foolish of Bay Candy Limited to release the call transcript, “It only supports our case…”, said Silverwiener, “…it is clear that her [the customer service representative] condescending attitude is the result of an entrenched bias against African Americans.

Silverwiener dismisses claims that condescension does not equate to racism, and that condescension does not relate well in print. “Believe what you want...” he said, “…basically she said that a retarded white 5-year-old, bound to a wheelchair, unable to hold a cup, was smarter than a black person with a master’s degree from Howard University. She fails to acknowledge the inherent racism in the candy industry that thinks everyone should be in on the white man’s packaging protocols.”

- Sweet Dreams for a White [Power] Christmas this Year,
from Compulsory Diversity News

You want what!?! A Barbie doll? What the fuck you asking me fo? I'm black santa, I ain't got shit. Now get the fuck off my lap, stupid.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

No, for real this time...5...4...3...2...

In the early afternoon on Sunday, Hal Turner posted this on his website:
Countdown. . . .

Gold and Silver Commodities Markets Open in Asia at 2:30 Eastern US Time today
We will begin to see reaction to the China Dollar Sell-off

You too can monitor the live market at the link below. . . .SCROLL to the THIRD chart showing The World Spot Price - Asia/Europe/NY markets!

This was the capstone of his economic meltdown hysteria. What a freakin’ surprise – by 4:30 EST that post had disappeared. No meltdown today.

I would like to point out what I see as an emerging trend of White Nationalist Millennialism:
When the world collapses, we will come into our own! We’ll be on top of the heap!

How we are supposed to do that when we can’t get our act together right here and right now is beyond me.

A so-called “leader” in the White Nationalist movement can’t just make these claims and then erase the evidence when they don’t come true. Besides being counter-productive, it is slimy and dishonest. I’ve had enough of Hal Turner.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

CDN: Now With 20% More Whores!!!

Terrible Tommy commented on the Suffolk Ripper on his show tonight. He is wagering that the culprit is a non-white. As much as it sickens me to admit it, I had considered that possibility as well. Why would it sicken me? So far, I admire the Suffolk Ripper tremendously for his efforts to clean up the streets of Britain. If the Suffolk Ripper turned out to be one of the untermenschen, I would chalk the whole murder spree up to “they are doing the jobs we don’t want to do.”
What, White men can’t even be proper serial killers anymore?

It should be noted that I also admire Tom Metzger. I see him as the global voice for White people today. Still, I did not agree tonight with his assessment of prostitution. So, I wrote him another letter. I don’t think he’ll like it, and he may even shoot it full of holes if he reads it on his show, but I decided to share it with you excellent few. Even if he disagrees, I still feel my view is a valid counterargument.
What a charming American pasttime!
Dear Mr. Metzger,

I agree with you on many things, but I believe your logic regarding prostitution is flawed.

On last night’s radio show, you spoke of the Ipswich prostitute slayings. You seem to assert:
1) Legalized prostitution is acceptable to you, but not mixed race prostitution
2) In a civilized country prostitutes have houses, get checked by doctors, and prostitution is a respected business, thus the ladies can become quite wealthy
3) More brutal punishment is called for if the Ipswich murderer turns out to be a nonwhite – it is not a good idea to be brutalizing white women, whether they are prostitutes or not

Here are my objections to your reasoning:

Insomuch as these women were prostitutes, it is reasonable to assume they went willingly with their client, who then was able to murder those prostitutes in seclusion. If the man they went with was non-White, then the women are race traitors, so who cares what happens to them? They got what they deserved, just as much as if they went on a date with a non-white and got raped or murdered.

In a “civilized” country where prostitutes have houses, free medical care, and where the free enterprise system works, there will invariably be laws forbidding discrimination and refusal of services on the basis of race. Therefore, white prostitutes who enjoy the protection of the law would also be forbidden to exclude non-white customers from their bordellos simply on the basis of race, thus the race mixing you want to avoid will occur anyway.

I know you care about the capitalist exploitation of the working man, but what about of the capitalist exploitation of working women? By simply thinking of the woman as goods to be purchased, we would realize that there is a freshness date on the product they have to offer. Younger, sexually attractive, physically fit prostitutes would be in demand. Anyone who could stay in the business long enough to become successful and rich would not do so by offering her services, but by exploiting the product of the younger women and offering their services.

Finally, we must admit that there are professions that should, by their very nature, be below the dignity of human beings. Just as no father should be proud or even content to announce his son is a drug pusher, so should no father be proud or even content to announce his daughter is a prostitute. And when we determine these professions are unacceptable for our children, they should by extension be unacceptable for our tribe.

Thanks for reading my e-mail.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Suffolk Ripper

Two more British prostitutes have been found dead in Ipswich, England. That’s a total of five the police know of. Once again I am saddened, shocked, and sickened – at the public sympathy for these revolting whores:

A reward of £250,000 has been offered by a national newspaper to catch the killer of the Ipswich prostitutes.

50,000 per whore!?!

"I'm not sure what starker message there can be at the moment: Certainly three of their peer group have been murdered, now potentially another two," Chief Supt. Stewart Gull of Suffolk police said. [Same LINK as above]

Their peer group? They are whores for Christ’s sake, not school children!

"It's all we can think about," said Malcolm Moses, a taxi driver who used to drive prostitutes in the 1970s from the town's red light district to sailors in the port. "It doesn't matter to us if they're prostitutes. It's still somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody's mother."

OH MOSES SMELL THE ROSES! This is exactly the problem with the White race, its failure to distinguish any longer between those who have worth and those who do not. And that it takes a quote from someone named Moses to expose the warped Judeo-Christian sentiment behind compassion for these dead whores is once again owing to the genius of my Dark and Terrible God of Irony.

But they are somebody’s daughter, wife, sister, mother – BIG FRICKIN DEAL MOSES, how ever did they manage that???? It takes some real QUALITY to slide out of a gaping hole or let somebody blow a wad into it.


This is why when the population of a Third World nation exceeds its capacity to feed itself, Marxist and Christian Whites feed the starving and thereby make more starvation!

This is why when the education system fails to educate everyone, they lower their standards so that everyone can get a passing grade.

This is why when drug addicts walk into free clinics begging for treatment, they give the addicts free needles and a bottle of methadone.

This is why when sexually transmitted diseases rage out of control in nations where sexual slavery, child prostitution, and prison rape are epidemic, they pass out medications to prolong the lives of HIV carriers!

Starving Africans, mental defectives, heroin addicts, AIDS carriers, and YES – crack head British prostitutes -have no worth! They are worth-less! They are less than (which is too say a drain upon) worth. They take from society and give nothing back. They spread crime and disease, and breed the next generation of worthless humans.

Them: But we owe it to the poor, the downtrodden, these VICTIMS, to give them help!
Me: Are there no poor houses, rehab clinics, refugee camps they can go to?
Them: Many would rather die than go to those places!
Me: Then perhaps they should do it, AND DECREASE THE SURPLUS POPULATION!

Bring it on Ghosts of Christmas, you are going to be wishing there was no life after death when I am through with you fuckers!

Dear Suffolk Ripper: Please cool it awhile so you don’t get caught, then feel free to resume your murdering of prostitutes when the heat dies down. You are performing a public service, and should be commended and allowed to roam free, as long as you stick to cleansing the streets of whores. Actually, while you’re at it, feel free to eliminate any pimps, drug dealers, and drug users you come across.

Merry Christmas, Suffolk Ripper!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You Get a Lump of Moldy Matzo up Your Tokhes This Year, Rabbi Bogomilsky

Last week, a Rabbi from Washington State threatened to sue Seattle-Tacoma International Airport unless they displayed a giant menorah along with their traditional Christmas trees. The airport responded by removing the Christmas trees, rather than opening itself to litigation from Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky and any other moron with a lawyer and a persecution complex.

The removal of the trees sparked angry letters and phone calls to the rabbi. Airport workers protested the decision by putting up little Christmas trees on their ticket counters. Pundits declared the 2006 War on Christmas had officially begun. Yes, this is Christmas in the 21st century.

Today, the large Christmas trees went back up, as Rabbi Bogomilsky withdrew the threat of litigation. There will be no menorah this year, but the airport is considering new holiday displays for next year.

One thing lost in all the hubbub is the Rabbi Bogomilsky not only wanted a giant menorah to be installed at the expense of the airport, he wanted a ceremony to be conducted by a Rabbi (gee, I wonder which rabbi he had in mind) to light the menorah for Chanukah (and do you think that a Rabbi would do this for free?). While we are at it, why don’t we also install a minaret at the airport and have an imam call the faithful to prayer everyday for the month of Ramadan?

One thing not lost in all the hubbub is that Rabbi Bogomilsky, in typical kike-fashion, feels he is still the victim. Listen to the rabbi’s lawyer, (I am quoting from the preceding link):
"We are not part of the war on Christmas," said [Bogomilsky’s lawyer]. "All we asked for was inclusion and now we're getting hate mail and angry messages."

So what is a threat of litigation over some Christmas trees if not hate mail and an angry message? You wanted inclusion, and you wanted someone else to pay for it, and if you didn’t get your way then you wanted people to suffer for it - Typical, so typical, so incredibly typical, so mind-bendingly, unceasingly typical of the JEW.

What the airport did was not play the game, and it worked! But be sure that next year the multicultural pastiche at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will be too much to endure.

And how does the story end? Quoting the lawyer,
"They've darkened the hall instead of turning the lights up," said his lawyer, Harvey Grad. "There is a concern here that the Jewish community will be portrayed as the Grinch."

Do you mean that the Jewish community will be seen as being to blame for this whole debacle?
It sure as hell will, and rightly so. And let us hope that this time the Whos in Whoville (tired of your sch-goy-guls and sch-meh-klals and sch-eke-lo-dink-ers) lynch you kike-Grinches.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ching Chong!

Porcine megadyke Rosie O’Donnell has pulled a Michael Richards. Discussing a drunken Danny DeVito’s appearance on The View last week, O’Donnell remarked:

“The fact is that it’s news all over the world. You know, you can imagine in China it’s like, ‘Ching chong, ching chong, Danny DeVito, ching chong chong chong chong, drunk, The View, ching chong’”.

May we add that now in Africa it’s like:
Oooga Booga, Rosie O’Donnell, oooga booga HUGE dyke, oooga booga hoof in mouth, oooga booga another Michael Richards oooga booga.

Ah, what is that flapping I hear? What are these feathers flying everywhere? Oh, of course…the chickens of multicultural sensitivity are coming home to roost in the proverbial Liberal coop.

Why is it that no one ever sees the slippery slope? Why is it that when they are sliding down it, they will not admit it exists? Just last year I made this argument to an older gentleman, who is in his seventies. I suggested to him that the War on Christmas and the Gay Marriage Issue (and the trend of political correctness in general) he so despised were only the latest manifestation of minority rights overtaking majority rights, which was the result of the slippery slope created by the Civil Rights movement. I told him directly that the loss of his cultural traditions today was the natural outcome of the majority of his generation surrendering its privileges back in their heyday. He disagreed.

I asked him, do you support desegregation? Yes, he did.
I asked him, do you believe women should get equal wages as men? Yes, he did.
I asked him, do you believe gays should be protected from discrimination, as blacks and women are? Yes, he agreed with that too.
I asked him, if your daughter was to marry a decent man, who just happened to be an African American, would you approve? Yes, he affirmed he would.

So I put it to him: In the past fifty years you have supported forced integration, women leaving the home and entering the workforce, civil rights for homosexuals, AND race mixing, all the while being a Catholic Republican, and NOW you want to stop making changes? Not being able to sing Silent Night at the local elementary school is where you draw the line?

It’s fine for divorce to become an everyday occurrence, for blacks and whites to marry, for gays to be joined in civil unions, but NOW you don’t want homosexual weddings to destroy the sanctity of marriage? Even though they can parade down the street in drag while performing simulated buggery, all in front of your grandchildren (and you believe they have a right to do this), BUT you don’t want to let them get married. You have sold the land, the house, the car, the white picket fence and the backyard swing set, and NOW you’re quibbling over whether the move in date is Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon! Can’t you see how preposterous that is?!?

He told me I needed to calm down. He said I was exaggerating. I asked him if I had not made a good point. He told me he did not agree. I asked why. He said he didn’t want to get into it. He got up and walked out of the room.

Ching, chong. Ching, chong. Ching, chong.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Prominent celebrity-gorilla fugitive Wesley Snipes has finally handed himself over to authorities, months after charges of income tax invasion were filed against him in the United States.

Let us take a glimpse into the psyche of this Negro, quoting from the article linked above:
"It appears I'm to be the scapegoat, because there's more public interest in celebrities gone bad than rich people being taken advantage of.”

If you are not aghast at the sheer stupidity of the preceding quote, do yourself a favor and reread it, then continue.

Yes, how could the vile, insensitive unwashed masses not appreciate the plight of rich people being taken advantage of? How low and debased we must be not to sympathize with the afflictions of multimillionaire tax cheats such as Wesley Snipes.

Let us pray fervently that Snipes becomes the next MC Hammer-esque welfare case.
Wesley Snipes, 2008

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fire at Drug Rehab Ward of Hospital 17 in Moscow Kills 45 Female Patients


That’s one way to deal with drug addicts.

Seriously though…the smoke inhalation probably gave them the best high of their lives right before they suffocated to death.

No, no, I will be serious now…looks like their dreams of beating their addictions have gone up in smoke.

STOP IT! Be serious! This is a terrible TRAGEDY, just like the media whores say it is! I wonder how many of those dead drug addicts were HIV+ street walking whores?

UGGGHHHH, why can’t I stop saying these evil things…it’s as if my sense of compassion was locked in a burning hospital ward……STOP IT!!!

Svetlana! Out of rehab so soon?

Regarding the West Virginia Biracial Student Story from Yesterday

I certainly did not provide you loyal few with a link just to the front page of the Daily Mail of Charleston, WV. Yesterday, there was a story attached to the link. Whether it was a hoax, or an error, or, as The Chairman suggests that the story has been covered-up, I do not know. The story seemed vague, but credible to me. This is a Google News search that supports my position:

Mother says teacher ‘exploited' childDaily Mail - Charleston, WV - Dec 7, 2006AP. MORGANTOWN -- The West Virginia Human Rights Commission is investigating charges that an elementary school teacher used a biracial kindergarten student as a ...

I got this story in the Google News engine by typing the words “West Virginia” and “Teacher”. I will look into this story further and report my findings, whatever they may be.

UPDATE: Here is another link to the story at a different website. If this link is eliminated, I will post a copy of the entire article on my blog. LINK

Further UDDATE: I just got off the phone with a very friendly and helpful member of the Charleston Press. The story above was in the process of being moved from the main index into the archives of the website. A search for "Rhonda Bennett" in the archives will bring up the story now, though earlier today it did not.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Now that's Comedy!

I found this posted over at Stormfront and thought I would share it with you.

A preschool teacher in West Virginia brought a biracial child to the front of the class to serve as an example of cultural diversity, then happened to mention the five-year-old was adopted.

Only the baboon-baby had not been told it was adopted, so the news came as quite a shock.
Once again, thank you my Dark and Terrible God of Irony! That in teaching sensitivity the moron in charge of the class failed to respect the feelings of the "child" she used as a teaching aide is toooooooooooooooo delicious. Yum, yum, yum!

In other good news, the Asian father (James Kim) who led his race traitor White wife and their two halfbreeds down a winding snowy death march has himself been found dead. This comes the day after his wife and kids were found alive. If the Asian had stayed with his family (first rule of getting lost: stay put) he would have survived.

Rice Paper Photograph of James Kim in Asian Heaven

At first, I had hoped they were all dead. But I see the way my Dark and Terrible God of Irony works. HE taught us that Asians are not only terrible drivers, but that they have no sense of direction either! HE also made sure the Asian would not pass on his family name (two girls, no son- what a horror for an Asian), that the girls would not be raised with a sense of their Asian heritage, and that the mother would be saddled with two halfbreed monstrosities and no partner to help her raise them. Of course, some white dupe out there is probably willing to marry the race traitor wife and raise the mongrels as his own - but don't let that bring you down. Savor the moment.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Curses, Foiled Again!

So the race traitor wife and 2 kids of that Mongol have been found alive, though the Mongol is still missing. Sigh.

It turns out that they attempted to take some back roads that are generally impassible in winter and got stuck in the snow. The father went for help, but has not been seen since. The mother nursed the two halfbreed creatures she refers to as “her children” and burned the tires from their vehicle to stay warm.

Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?

Monday, December 04, 2006

She Yahweh’s Baby’s Momma

Purported to be the first feature film ever to premiere at the Vatican, The Nativity Story covers an oh-so-under-celebrated event in Christian theology, the moment Jesus slid out of his mother’s immaculate baby shoot while Joseph sat by watching his “virgin” wife give birth. Now accepting this lovely story as absolute and unfaltering truth supported by thousands of years of Catholic doctrine, I would like to submit exhibit A:

Tell me, is this your idea of the mother of God?

I suppose it is the Vatican’s idea of the mother of God. That, thing…is halfbreed Keisha Castle-Hughes, whose mother is Maori and whose father is a White race traitor. Besides playing the mother of God in The Nativity Story, she has also played the Queen of Naboo in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Worst Plot Ever Conceived in Cinema History, and she will soon be appearing in the film Hey, Hey, It’s Esther Blueburger – which one can only imagine is some sort of Hebrew pornographic double-entendre brought to motion pictures.

Again I ask: Is this your idea of Mary, Mother of God? This mongrel?
Oh, but Mary was a Jewess, of mixed blood, she may even have been black!
Fine, fine.
Now a little more fun: Would it change your mind if I was to tell you that this, thing…who turned sixteen this year…didn’t need any padding to play the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ?
Why is that you ask? She didn’t need padding because she, a sixteen-year-old girl, was pregnant during the filming! Not that teen pregnancy is of unheard of (Mary was younger than that according to some accounts), but does it not smack of bad taste to have a knocked up halfbreed playing the Virgin Mother? I sincerely doubt that the father of this mongrel’s baby was Lord God Almighty. And does it not also smack of bad taste to have her film premiere at the Vatican? Hmmmm?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Once Again, Failing to Believe Stereotypes Means Death for a White Woman

A California couple has gone missing while on holiday in the Pacific Northwest. The husband and wife, as well as their two young children, were supposed to arrive late on November 25th at a lodge in Oregon, but never checked in. It is theorized that somewhere along the winding mountain roads near their destination, they must have met some mishap, though foul play is not suspected. The Police Report is HERE. Below is a picture of the couple, and their children:

Ah! By the wisdom of Confucius, I have divined the answer to the mystery!
Thank you my Dark and Terrible God of Irony!

Pardon me, but didn’t this White woman get the memo that Asians are terrible drivers?

Here is my suggestion for the investigators: Take another Asian and have him/her drive the exact same path the ill-fated couple took. Where that test Asian inexplicably makes an abrupt left turn with his/her right turn signal on, cuts across three lanes of traffic on a straight road and crashes through a guard rail plummeting 500 feet into a river valley below, is where you will find the missing family.

By the way, doesn’t that race traitor chick look an awful lot like Patsy Ramsey? Creepy.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It’s not as if he asked them to pick cotton!

The mayor and police chief of Tempe Arizona are apologizing after video was aired of a Tempe police officer telling two negroes they could get out of a ticket for littering by performing a rap “about the dangers of littering.” It doesn’t seem that the negroes had any problem performing like latter day Stepin Fetchits fo dee nice pohlice bossman. But local uppity coons with the NAACP and National Action Network were truly upset:

"It's important for police offers to realize that black people do not speak hip hop," Maupin [NAN] said. "We're not all rappers and thugs and gangbangers. We speak the English language and we're entitled to the same amount of respect."

Interesting, so people who don’t speak the English language do not deserve respect? I am glad to hear that. Once again, the real story is obscured by hysteria over racism. The real story is that two negroes were stopped by the police and weren’t even raped up the ass with plungers.

What is this country coming to?

Don’t like what I am saying, Abner? Well, take this story and shove it.

It’s not as if they mixed his spaghetti with a banana!

In Los Angeles, the fire chief has taken early retirement to make way for another poor sap to try and fix a culture of frathouse pranks and generalized lowbrow behavior that has sparked YET ANOTHER racist crisis in Los Angeles.

2 white and 1 Latino fire fighters decided to have a little moronic fun with a cohort named Tennie Pierce, a 51-one-year-old fire fighting negro. Tennie? What kind of retarded name is Tennie? Anyhoo… Tennie had been calling himself “Big Dog” during a volleyball game, which got the mischevious trio plotting. They conspired to feed Tennie spaghetti mixed with dog food, a prank that when executed, humiliated and enraged the “Big Dog.”

Tennie felt that the prank was racist. Why is it racist? I have no idea, and neither does anyone who has written the 20+ articles I perused about this incident. I am an enthusiastic student of history, and I have yet to hear of negroes being fed dog food as a form of racist abuse. How dog food is connected to being Black is a mystery. Unless the negro is so sensitive about his subspecies animal appearance that being fed animal food triggered his innate racism-reflex, thus forcing him to vomit up his dog food and spaghetti all over the city of Los Angeles. Just how much victimized vomit was that? Oh… about 2.7 million dollars worth.

Tennie "Big Dog" Piece can't tell it's not bacon.

More twists and turns in the case…after the city council approved the 2.7 million dollar settlement, video surfaced of Tennie “[…] himself engaged in crude firehouse hazing, smearing mustard and dumping water on colleagues. The mayor vetoed the settlement, and a council majority refused to override it despite an emotional plea by Pierce, backed by black community leaders. Pierce's lawsuit is now headed to trial.” LINK is above.

Now, take a look at the asinine behavior Pierce engaged in during his stint as a firefighter.