Friday, November 10, 2006

What's In The Box? Pain.

I listened to the Turner Network Thursday night, and I was a bit disappointed. I just want to respond to a couple of points made by Mona Montgomery and Paul Gellar tonight. These are points of disagreement mind you, not personal attacks.

I know that Mona Montgomery is intensely opposed to things like capital punishment and torture, but to consider them non-White or especially Jewish is something I could not disagree with more.

I believe torture is an art form justifiable unto itself like any art form. White men excel in their ingenuity and application of torture, as White men do with every art form. Pointing at a mountain of naked Arabs with a cigarette dangling from your lips is a fraternity prank, not art. I cannot abide the degradation of the great Western tradition of torture as a Jewish / Middle Eastern practice. If Abu Ghraib was the result of Israelis coaching our military, then the Mossad is highly overrated, which is something I do not believe. Regardless, sand monkeys may use torture to keep their people in line or for pleasure, but they will never achieve the art of torture as exemplified in 1984, which should be our (White Supremacists) inspiration for the great and glorious revolution Derrick MacThomas hopes for.

Excellent show as always, Mr. MacThomas!

As for the Paul Gellar show: Mr. Gellar seemed fixated on blaming his brother’s lack of courting ability as an explanation for race mixing. I am not saying that was not a possibility, but why not take the opportunity to delve deeper into the issue of miscegenation as a whole, since Mr. Gellar seemed to already have made up his mind that he was not going to attend the event this Japanese woman apparently threatened to bring to ruin.

I initially felt Mr. Gellar should receive kudos for not being a hypocrite. There seems to be a tendency to let white men off the hook for race mixing while white women are bashed for it. That’s just a biological impulse probably – protecting the breeding stock. But to call white guys on it and make an attempt to address it might have made for a good show.

Here are topics the Gellar show could have covered:

Is there something wrong with White men that they don’t go for White women? I suggest some White men are being made to feel inadequate by the “Huge Black Penis Mythos” combined with the liberation of their women and the emergence of a second class status they have never experienced. It’s only natural for White men who feel that way to go for Asian women, women that are stereotyped as less liberated than White women.

Is there something wrong with White women that they don’t go for White men? I suggest that many mainstream ideologies focused on proving racial equality wish to challenge White male superiority by promoting miscegenation. White women are considered more liberated, empowered, sexually experienced, and tolerant when they race mix. Yet, there is more a problem with White couples not having White children then mixed couples having mixed children. The vast majority of Whites are still not race mixing, but they are also not having enough White children.

Is there something wrong with Asian women that they go for White men? Are Asian men suffering from the “Tiny Asian Penis Mythos” combined with a cultural preference for male children that leaves Asian females discarded to the winds, even adopted into Western families because Asian families don’t want girls?

Instead the discussion becomes: Asian women give better blow jobs. White men want to “get their end wet”, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

It was all rather disappointing. Do any others wish to vent?

This picture links to a website that matches White Men from Britain and the U.S. with Japanese women. I shall end this post with something inflammatory, but which I think holds true. Putting aside the phenomenon of buying brides from overseas which is objecitonable on so many levels, and focusing on just White men with Asian women who actually want to date one another: Asian women are smarter than White women, and smart White men look for an intellectual equal in a partner.


  1. Oh man! Where should I begin? Where do I end? This 'essay topic' is causing me more anxiety than my college 'upper-level writing proficiency' exam, mandatory for any degree. (I passed, but was graded 'C'.. by a liberal who was clearly opposed to the views I supported.)

    The Box Part I: Show Commentary

    For someone who is "opposed to torture and capital punishment" Mona sure doesn't seem to mind inflicting a heavy dose via her show.

    Her only real hoax is that she hardly ever discusses the holohoax! The first 5 weeks, I turned it off after 5 minutes because (like Geller) she drifted into the dating exploits and dilemas within her family, brother, etc. Hey MONA, WHO F*CKING CARES?!

    Here's an idea honey: make the Marquis de Sade the focus of your discussion and THEN you'll have some interested listeners. 8-)

    Derrick MacThomas: in a world turned upside down, the Aussie nationalists 'down under' are now right-side up. YOU are the main reason I listen on Thorsdays. Always a great show!

    Paul Geller, for the first time in many weeks, caused me to 'enjoy the sounds of silence'. HINT: don't take Mona's first six shows as a cue for topics to emulate, she's WAY off.

    Moreover, it seemed Paul was also following the tactic of one Bill White; so here's a clue: white males are bashed, belittled, derided marginalized, degraded, and attacked enough in the mainstream media, education system, and corporate America.. we don't need extra 'piling on' for effect or impact. Paul, learn a lesson from Billy and realize it will backfire.

    END Part I: Show Commentary

    The Box Part II: White men / Asian women

  2. I do hope there is a Box Part II forthcoming!

    Glad to know it was not just me last night.