Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Anthropologists Could Learn from Dolls this Christmas

Today, I saw an advertisement for the “Fur Real Cuddle Chimp”, a chimp baby that comes with its own banana shaped bottle. Watching White, human girls cuddle a chimp and stuff a banana bottle in its mouth was too rich.

Now think. Would it have been expected thirty years ago that a young White girl would prefer to receive a baby chimp as a Christmas gift instead of a baby doll? That she would cradle the chimp in her arms and feed it, rather than think of it as the filthy animal it represents. What has happened? Watch this grasping, creepy, chimp-thing in action here.

It is too easy to say that this is a reflection of coming of age of environmentalism and animal rights sentiment in America.

I prefer to see it as a rejection of the value of White, infant humans and a preference for non-White things, even animals…for anything to take the place of a White baby. After all, if you asked White mothers, would you rather your girl planned to be a stay-at-home mommy or a wildlife biologist when she grows up, what do you think the majority would say? Isn’t the answer obvious? Abort your baby and spend your life raising chimps little White girl!

I believe that toys give us clues about the generation we are raising, or not raising.
For example, meet the latest new doll released in Japan.

Aww, what little kid wouldn’t like one of those dead-eyed bastards? Well too f’in bad, they are being marketed to retirees. Why you ask? To kill two Mothras with one stone:
1) Toy makers in Japan are losing money because there are not enough children being born to buy their products.
2) The elderly in Japan are increasingly redundant, as they are either childless and therefore will never have grandchildren, or they have children who are choosing not to have children of their own. Either way, there are no grandchildren to cuddle, so give the Japanese fake babies to comfort the elderly, the way chimpanzee babies have been given wire mesh mothers to comfort them.

Now does my original theory sound so ludicrous? In both cases, substitutions are being made, this fact cannot go ignored. It need not be a conspiracy, just a reflection of how bad things have become, and a prediction of how much worse things are going to get.

Announcing new and improved FurReal Chimp with feces-throwing action! "Oh, chimpy (giggle)! You've been throwing your feces again, I can smell it!"


  1. I think this 'doll' goes MUCH deeper as far as indoctrination is concerned. I'm surprised the blacks aren't screaming 'racism' yet. WTF?

    What I see is the insidious inculcation of young socialized white girls to:
    a) embrace diversity & race mixing
    b) place animals equal with humans
    c) adopt poor black African children, a la Madonna... say, 5-15 years down the road (or less); perhaps after the current African generation has reproduced like rabbits and then subsequently died of AIDS, leaving millions of 'poor parentless' black babies.

    I notice the banana has a 'white nipple'.

    Alas, maybe I'm just being a bigoted white nationalist Nordic-Aryan reactionary. Nah..

    "Pinch Me Elmo" I'm having a nightmare!

  2. It's one thing if it was a puppy or a kitten, but a chimp? Are the toy makers trying to appeal to Michael Jackson fans? Have your own Bubbles the Chimp?

    I got a kick out of your post Chairman. I must lament that I don't have more visitors like you.

    Come on in fellows! There are a few of you still left around, and I love to hear from you.

    You must admit it is true: My visitors are the most intelligent people on the planet today.

  3. I just -had- to read the article linked from the Japanese 'Dead-eyed bastard' doll, for I needed to confirm a suspicion...

    Forgive me, but Kanataro Tomiyama (president of Tomy) looks like a f*ckin' Japanese-JEW mongrel! Just look at that kike-size crook nose! On a Jap?

    This clarifies their toy marketing, IMO.

    The destruction of homogeneous races and nationalities, that's their long-term goal.


    Upon viewing the YouTube video of the chimp doll, I noticed the banner above the video showed a black family discussing 'emergency preparedness'... they've sure got that right!