Saturday, November 18, 2006

The War on Christmas, Racist Style

I nearly pissed my pants I was laughing so hard at this post on Citizens Agaist Hate (a.k.a. Citizens Against Common Sense): CHRISTMAS PORN? THE RACIST MINDSET

The post involves a racist critique of this picture...

...and Nicole Nichols fear of people who would think the above picture had something to do with race and sex. God help me, her hysterical whimpering over anonymous comments on a racist news forum are too funny.

Check out this dollop of crazy: Somehow, however, mixed in with that pity is a total sense of revulsion. That there are those who are so vile, so disgustingly heteroclitic, so depraved, and so loathsome as to besmirch the very essence of children and childhood innocence is more than just a little disconcerting to me.

"It's more than just a little disconcerting." So it's somewhat disconcerting then? Is this like how you want to ameliorate racism? Sarcasm sure is hard to use appropriately, isn't it?

Don't think I didn't notice her choice of the word heteroclitic instead of the more commonplace "deviant." Bravo, Nicole! You bought that thesaurus just like I suggested. Unfortunately, your use of the word heteroclitic in your essay is the equivalent of using the word niggardly in the following sentence:

"It is very niggardly of you not to give to black charities because you think black people don't give to white charities."

As for being upset about what she, an anti-racist, reads on a racist forum: Hey Nicole, people say crazy things on the internet all the time; haven't you noticed it's a field day out here? Thanks for the laugh though. With Hate, Adrean Arlott.

As for the picture, even if the brown boy was a white boy, I would have to say that his generously proportioned carrot is woefully ironically placed. A bit lower and it really would raise some eyebrows. Whether it was intentional or not, it is still funny. And that robot horse doesn't seem to be too happy about its predicament. Had it been adults doing the same thing, in the same position, with a real horse, I would again believe the carrot to be comically inspired.

And here's a real reason to get further up in arms: What makes the people on VNN or for that matter, Nicole, think that the horse is necessarily a female? Or that the black kid is a boy for that matter (since often negro women/girls look very butch anyway)? What if it is a boy horse? What if the picture is suggesting a three way between a black girl with a strap-on carrot, an effeminate male robotic horse, and a white girl in her Jon-Benet-Ramsey-as-a-Slutty-Cowgirl outfit? What if that carrot vibrates? What if that horse has realistic genitals as part of its FurReal bonus package? (Bonus package: see how words can be suggestive of other meanings, Nicole, or was that last line too heteroclitic for you?).

Oh dear sweet little Jesus baby, I have to end this post before I hurt myself with my demonic giggling.

Another example: How could anyone think that the following picture is inappropriate or overly-sexualized? Only a heteroclitic racist would think that, right Nicole?


  1. Bravo! You're grasping the full extent of the insidious Liberal/Jew media exploitation of children and the Christmas they love to hate.

    In your own words, that photo is "just too rich" with inuendo.. at least for those who understand propaganda. For the rest of the masses, it goes right over their heads, yet all the subliminal suggestions will take root.

    Nicole's vitriolic reaction merely confirms that she understands the liberals' ultimate agenda.
    It gets even worse. I'll stick with the winter theme and point you to a news article on a 'true' story being promoted to children about Gay Penguins who adopt an egg and raise it!

    Hey, it's Xmas! Let the perversion, depravity, violence, robbery, and mass exploitation begin! "Tis the season without reason."

  2. After reading Nicole Nichols' entire diatribe, I must say that I heartily agree with many of the observations made by my fellow racists. This photo is SO contrived that it would be laughable were it not so alarming and wrong. Horses prefer apples, but that might have been too suggestive of 'original sin'.. besides, a carrot best served their sublime purpose.

    Several years ago I noticed the Target Store ad-flyers and newspaper inserts were often subliminally suggestive; seeing that others now recognize it restores my faith that I am NOT 'losing it' or going 'overboard' with my assessment of the sick minds infesting our society. It just confirms how ubiquitous this stuff has become... and follows exactly what A.Hitler observed in the poisoning of German society almost everywhere he cared to look.

    What Nicole fails to realize is that's it's not the racists who spot this stuff who are ill, it's the people who PRODUCE it and MARKET it (hundreds of photos were taken until they got the desired result), and the pedophiles who sit around searching for 'material'. It's no mistake the photo was stuck on the back page of the ad-insert; it will be seen by a lot more people as they scan or skip the store flyers.

    Either Nicole is woefully ignorant of all the tactics and techniques of her Judeo-Liberal enablers, or she is covertly complicit in these matters. Either way, she is the enemy of both racial purity and of true child innocence.