Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ohioan Negress Charged with Murder, Alleged to Have Microwaved Her Baby to Death

I saw this story on Hal’s site and added another point to my reasons to exterminate all Negroes tally, but otherwise I felt the story was just another “savage negro beast” propaganda piece. These are admittedly beneficial in cultivating budding racists, but we elite racists simply sigh and move on to the next article. For me the real story, as with all horror stories involving crime in the United States, is the inevitable waste of time and tax payer money pursuing charges, getting a conviction, and then housing, securing, and sustaining the murderer. I prefer the method of: one bullet to the back of the head, price of bullet billed to the next of kin. What if we were mistaken? We'll do better next time!

Then it occurred to me. The real story here is neither Nigger crime, nor the failings of the American legal system, but the New and Improved Baby Bake 3000 Reflective Microwave Heating Tray. It cooks your Niglet in less time than it takes to toast a poptart! Simply strip the Niglet, insert it horizontally into the patented Baby Bake 3000, set the microwave for 29 seconds and press start. It’s just that easy.

How’s that niglet taste, Ping Pong Ding Dong Ray Dawn Chong?

I know, I know, that joke was in bad taste.

Oh dear God I am bored out of my skull with the news lately. Hey, did you hear that TT is now only doing one show a night on the Turner Radio Network? Theories?


  1. More non-news for the masses.. "oh, the horror! Oh, that poor child! Oh, that poor mother must have needed help and couldn't get it due to lack of universal healthcare..."

    WEll, I have two words: pyschotropic drugs

    It happened over a year ago. The media could at least provide some useful stats: How many were cooked on 'high', how many on 'medium', and how many used 'defrost' mode? How many were unable to even program it to start and opted to use a conventional oven instead?

    C'mon, let's get to the real meat of this national tragedy! Where's the statistics?!

    How soon before some MOM says: "We need to mandate an emergency shut-off release inside microwave ovens to prevent this from happening to our children in the future."
    [insert visual of frantic hand-wringing here]

    I mean, nobody even pointed out that skin is high in cholesteral, just like KFC extra crispy.

  2. "...let's get to the real meat of this national tragedy!"


    We don't need a release handle in microwaves, we need one for idiots. Something we can trigger to end their miserable lives when they become too great a burden on society.

  3. Just announced during the national newsbreak on local talk-radio:

    "Tomorrow is national methamphetamine awareness day."

    WTF?! Who's writing these news releases?

    I guess they meant to say 'aleartness day'.



  4. Geraldo and Stossel have really dropped the ball of 'media opportunism' here.. they could have done a two or three part series on all the ways that mental mothers on psych drugs (anti-anxiety, anti-depression, bi-polar, etc) have terminated their offspring: microwaves, trash compactors, washers, dryers, etc, and the latest craze.. dumpster slam-dunking.

    They could cover regional techniques such as the tried-and-true method in Phoenix/Tucson in the summer: go shopping, leave the baby in the car with the windows up, and in a matter of minutes at 162 degrees it's all over with; an 'accident'. Happens several times every summer out here.. Nevada and Florida also.

    Likewise, the HYPOthermic method is used during the winter in many northern states with equal effect. Freeze dried!

  5. You ARE dark.
    Keep up the good work LOL