Sunday, November 05, 2006

Neil Patrick Harris Announces he is Gay, World Asks: “Who the Hell is Neil Patrick Harris?”

What a week for faggotry.

So it turn’s out the child actor who played Doogie Howser, a character from a early 1990's telvision program of the same name, which featured the exploits of a teenaged practicing doctor, is actually a flaming queer, and proud of it according to this article.

Who says that Hollywood has a corrupting influence on youth?

I wonder if Doogie is dating Jonathon from Who’s The Boss?.
I wonder if Doogie thinks this revelation may help compensate for his unfortunate lack of talent and starring roles.
I wonder if my readers would have preferred my alternate title for this post: Doogie Bath-Howser.
I wonder why Starship Troopers sucked so much ass. Oh, of course, question answered.
I wonder why people should express pride in their aberrant sexual behaviors, and choose to be defined by same behaviors.
I wonder how no one could have guessed that this, was queer and proud of it:

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