Friday, November 17, 2006

More Racism and Misogyny from Adrean Arlott

In all the excited jibber jabber over O.J. the Murderer’s upcoming “I Didn’t Do It, But Here’s How I Did It” book deal, let us not forget that the leather-faced, race mixing skank Nicole Brown Simpson got exactly what she deserved. She is an object lesion that miscegenation is a disaster.

The acquittal of her husband was a reminder that the American judicial system offers one form of justice for the commoners and another for the elite. It further demonstrated the power of the “race card” and laid bare the absurdity of trusting in the duly constituted law of our nation.
Was it worth it, Nicole?

Talk about being led up the garden path.
The truth is funny: The Chewbacca Defense

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