Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tonight's Wisdom, Straight From Logan's *unt

"The reason that some jews shape shift and some don’t is because they have been taken over by fallen angels from the fourth dimension."

"John and I don’t approve of all these child molesters in the House and Senate."

Edit: 9:20 p.m. and they are still twisting in the wind.
Two Quotes, Add Your Own

“I’ve never owned a gun, never even held one. I’ve never owned a BB gun, but I fired one. I shot BB’s into an empty box of Frosted Flakes that was nailed to a wooden post. It broke my spirit. I wondered why I was being violent to something that had only given me pleasure; I loved Frosted Flakes as a kid, and still enjoy them to this day.”

“Oh, thank Heaven for September the 11th. I thought I might run the risk of getting through this life without witnessing an event of historical importance I could regale my never-to-be-conceived grandchildren with.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ohioan Negress Charged with Murder, Alleged to Have Microwaved Her Baby to Death

I saw this story on Hal’s site and added another point to my reasons to exterminate all Negroes tally, but otherwise I felt the story was just another “savage negro beast” propaganda piece. These are admittedly beneficial in cultivating budding racists, but we elite racists simply sigh and move on to the next article. For me the real story, as with all horror stories involving crime in the United States, is the inevitable waste of time and tax payer money pursuing charges, getting a conviction, and then housing, securing, and sustaining the murderer. I prefer the method of: one bullet to the back of the head, price of bullet billed to the next of kin. What if we were mistaken? We'll do better next time!

Then it occurred to me. The real story here is neither Nigger crime, nor the failings of the American legal system, but the New and Improved Baby Bake 3000 Reflective Microwave Heating Tray. It cooks your Niglet in less time than it takes to toast a poptart! Simply strip the Niglet, insert it horizontally into the patented Baby Bake 3000, set the microwave for 29 seconds and press start. It’s just that easy.

How’s that niglet taste, Ping Pong Ding Dong Ray Dawn Chong?

I know, I know, that joke was in bad taste.

Oh dear God I am bored out of my skull with the news lately. Hey, did you hear that TT is now only doing one show a night on the Turner Radio Network? Theories?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Told You Not to Watch so Much TV and to Start Reading More!

I know I have a morbid sense of humor, but this is just funny to me. A woman, missing for 11 days was found dead in the home she shared with her mother and sister. The victim had climbed up on a bureau in order to adjust a television plug and ended up falling behind a bookshelf. Pinned almost upside down, the woman suffocated to death in her own bedroom. The family had repeatedly searched for her, but only noticed a bad smell in the bedroom. Eventually the victim was discovered – she reportedly weighed less than a hundred pounds and was 5’3”, which would explain her inability to escape her predicament. Once again, another life cut short because of a person's failure to be morbidly-Americanly-obese.

If there is a God, he has a really twisted sense of humor. I choose to believe that the universe is a cosmic joke, and that events are often scripted for the maximum impact of dark comedy. Especially when this story was juxtaposed on with a story about how Americans worry about the wrong things (Instead of worrying about E. coli tainted spinach, they show worry about fatty junk foods. Instead of worrying about bird flu, they should worry about the common flu.) Oh wow, the media trying to tell us what we should be afraid of, what a shock.

To me, it seems that the universe is sending us a message by this bookshelf versus nothing to fear but fear itself juxtaposition:
“It doesn’t matter what you worry about, I am going to get you.”

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Real American Hero

Why does this keep happening? Why do American soldiers keep murdering their loved ones?

(The latest) 23 November 2006: Lance Cpl. Robert Quiroz was charged with murdering his 3-month-old son by beating the infant to death. Quiroz’s wife died soon after giving birth to the child, causing Quiroz to be called back from deployment in Kuwait. LINK

31 October 2006: Spc. Naeem Williams was indicted for murdering his 5-year-old daughter. After beating her for soiling herself, the little girl apparently fell and did not get up. The soldier and his wife are charged with murder for failing to get medical attention for the battered child. LINK

20 October 2006: Fort Hood soldier Tye Van Swearingen strangled his wife after they argued, then buried her body on top of a recently occupied grave in a local cemetery. He was but a month away from deployment to Iraq. LINK

17 October 2006: Former military police officer Zachary Bowen strangled his girlfriend, dismembered her, sprinkled her limbs with seasonings and baked her in the oven in a turkey pan. Subsequently, he leapt to his death. LINK

26 July 2006: Sgt. William McKinley Edwards, recently returned from 4-months service in Iraq, murdered his soldier-wife, Sgt. Erin Elizabeth Edwards, and then killed himself. LINK

June 19 2006 – July 20, 2006: Fort Bragg Killings, Quoting from the linked article: “The series of killings began June 19, when a Special Forces soldier home two days from Afghanistan [1] shot his wife execution-style and then killed himself. A few days later, [2] an Army cook stabbed his wife and set her body on fire. On July 20, [3] police discovered the bodies of an elite Delta Force soldier and his wife in their Stedman, N.C., home. That same day, [4] police arrested Special Forces officer Bill Wright after he led investigators to where he had buried his wife, Jennifer.” LINK

And that’s just the stories I have encountered in the past six months; God knows how many more there are.

I know there are those who will argue that soldiers are just people and people commit horrific crimes, or that the soldiers were under stress. My point is that the fawning admiration of all soldiers as an aggregate mob deserving of love is ludicrous. Just as you egalitarian humans don’t want to blame an entire race for the actions of a few, why commend the mass of the military when we know there are rotten apples in the barrel?

Personally, I believe there is a disproportionately high number of defectives in the U.S. military. I also believe that the desire to raise American soldiers up on a pedestal is ill-advised in the extreme. Ask yourself, would you be comfortable entrusting your child’s safety to a random member of the military, just returned from a tour of duty? If not, then why do you trust them to protect Iraqi children?

The following is, according to the New York Times, the passport of the Iraqi girl raped and murdered by Steven Green and four other American soldiers. The soldiers also murdered her family and set her body on fire to cover their crimes. I blame you Mr. and Mrs. America.
Remember to support the troops!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Your Tag, Jew!

This morning I got my first visitor from Israel - Tel Aviv to be precise. The Jew was looking for: “Michael” “Richards” “Nigger”. Let’s take bets on how long I can go now before my blog is mysteriously deleted from

Say it! Say Muhammad’s Your Daddy!

The Director for Religious Affairs in Turkey, Ali Bardakoglu, has asked the Pope to publicly state that Islam is not a source of violence. Of course to do this the Pope would have to deny reality, like all Muslims do. Islam is predicated on violence, required violence for its spread, and encourages violence to this day.

I am such an evil Nazi! I will have both the anti-racists AND the racists decrying me for this one. So be it. Already I can hear the shrill, womanly protests: What about the Crusades!?! What about the Crusades!!??!! OH GOD, WHAT ABOUT THE CRUSADES!!!???!!!

I suppose those who invoke the Crusades at this point share the view of the aforementioned Ali Bardakoglu, expressed in the following passage from the Reuters article on the subject:
"If they ask me if Christianity has been the cause of violence, I would say no, that is not so ... We believe all prophets sent by God, from Moses to Jesus and Mohammad, are messengers of compassion," he told Reuters in an interview. Violence committed in the name of religion was the fault of fallible and misguided human beings, he said.

Ah, the fallacious argument: religion is good, peaceful, and pure, what people do with it is bad – not unlike a handgun! Very well, let’s accept your argument, and focus only on the actions of the aforementioned prophets.


Never killed anyone and never encouraged others to kill in his name. He never fought a battle, never took a prisoner, and never even took a woman.

Ordered the Israelites to murder captives, including women and male children, but keep the virgin females for their own purposes.

Numbers 31:7-18 (New International Version)
7 They fought against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses, and killed every man. 8 Among their victims were Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur and Reba—the five kings of Midian. They also killed Balaam son of Beor with the sword. 9 The Israelites captured the Midianite women and children and took all the Midianite herds, flocks and goods as plunder. 10 They burned all the towns where the Midianites had settled, as well as all their camps. 11 They took all the plunder and spoils, including the people and animals, 12 and brought the captives, spoils and plunder to Moses and Eleazar the priest and the Israelite assembly at their camp on the plains of Moab, by the Jordan across from Jericho.
13 Moses, Eleazar the priest and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp. 14 Moses was angry with the officers of the army—the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds—who returned from the battle.
15 "Have you allowed all the women to live?" he asked them. 16 "They were the ones who followed Balaam's advice and were the means of turning the Israelites away from the LORD in what happened at Peor, so that a plague struck the LORD's people. 17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.


The history of Islam begins with Muslims at war with the city of Mecca. Muhammad was not just a prophet; he was a warrior whose fortunes depended entirely on the outcome of a military struggle. Not that we should discount the importance of diplomacy and courtship to Muhammad’s rise to power, including his multiple marriages to the daughters of his followers and any slave girl who caught his fancy (Aisha was eight when they were engaged, eleven when they were married; "Marry such women as seem becoming to you, two, three, or four. But if you fear that you may not be just, then marry only one, or your slaves" [Qur'an, 4:3]).

Now let’s read of how the prophet dealt with the first Christian princedom he encountered:
Ibn al Walid's Campaign against Dumah
With the withdrawal of the Byzantines and the binding of the frontier provinces with treaties and covenants of peace, Muhammad had no reason to march any further. The only one he feared was Ukaydir ibn 'Abd al Malik al Kind!, the Christian prince of Dumah. This prince was suspected of preparing to launch a treacherous attack as soon as the Byzantine forces could return. Taking no chances, Muhammad sent Khalid ibn al Walid with five hundred cavalrymen to deal with this threat and commanded the army to return to Madinah. Khalid hurried to Dumah and, discovering that its king was out on a hunting trip with his brother Hassan, attacked it without finding any appreciable resistance outside the city; its gates, however, remained tightly closed. Khalid seized Ukaydir and his brother Hassan as they returned home. He killed Hassan and threatened to kill Ukaydir unless the gates of the city were opened. Ukaydir and his city yielded. After seizing two thousand camels, eight hundred goats, four hundred loads of grain, and four hundred coats of arms, Khalid carried them, together with his captive, Prince Ukaydir, to Madinah. Muhammad offered Islam to Ukaydir, and the latter converted. He was then reinstated on his throne and became the Prophet's ally.
Ah, so that’s where Bush’s preemptive doctrine comes from. You know, the Muslims should not be so upset that Bush preemptively invaded Iraq, seeing as their prophet backs the idea.

Of course, under Muhammad’s successors Islam would spread by the sword as far as Spain in the west and South Asia to the east. These were not conversions, they were conquests.

Now when you shout, “What about the Crusades!?!” I shall point out to you that Christ did not fight anyone, but Moses did, and Muhammad did. We are not talking about followers now, we are talking about prophets. So the argument made by the Turk Ali Bardakoglu, namely the faiths and their prophets are peaceful but the followers are not is a load of rubbish. Muhammad spread his faith through Arabia by bathing the land in the blood of nonbelievers, just as a similarly bloody Moses won the land of Palestine for his cult, while Christ shed his blood so that humankind would believe in Him.

And now the truth: The Crusades were a response to a culmination of centuries of Muslim aggression. The Western Europeans that went to fight in the Holy Land starting in 1096 had gotten their first experience with Muslims during the Islamic invasions of Spain in 711 and France in 721. Had not Charles Martel defeated the Muslims at Tours in 732, it is likely that Christianity would have been extinguished in Western Europe. The efforts of the Crusades stalled for centuries the Turks in their quest to destroy Eastern Christendom.

As much as both you racists and anti-racists love Muslims, the truth is on my side. Allah is a
god/dog of violence, and Muhammad is his warrior-prophet/pedophile.
If the Pope states otherwise, if the Pope states that Islam is a religion of peace, he is a liar.

In such a case, the Pope would sell his own soul and the future of Catholic Europe.

We shall be watching.

Aww, Muhammad loves you too kids. Especially you little girl, you temptress - showing off your supple, 8-year-old ankles like the whore of a jackal you are. Only marriage to the Prophet will cleanse your filthy soul. As for you black kid - we might as well cut your hands of now because Allah knows all Niggers are thieves. And you White boy, get your imperialist knees off of Iran before we make you a eunuch guard in the Sultan's harem.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

President Pardons Turkey, Says it is Not Amnesty
Turkeys Flood into America in Record Numbers: Just Looking for a Better Life

God, I hate everything. How many decades have I had to hear this exact same damn idiotic story: President Pardons Turkey on Thanksgiving. Doesn’t any President have the guts to say, “This is stupid and a waste of my time, I’m not doing it. Is there any newscaster in America who will tell his/her producer, “Stuff it! I’m not covering this nonsense.”

I know, lighten up. It is not that I have some moral objection to doing something so asinine while our nation is in a war. I object to the repetition of the thing. It’s the same fucking joke every year! Please, for God’s sake do something else. It is the total denial of reality that we have all seen this before that really gets me. The reporters, the politicians, the public, act like every year is the first time the pardon has ever happened! It’s like a fucking Alzheimer’s convention in D.C. every fourth Thursday in November.

I just cannot be that phony and disingenuous to pretend I actually care about this Presidential tradition, or that stinking Macy’s parade, or the endless games of Nigger Ball that will entrance the testosterone-laden during National We-Killed-the-Native-Americans Day.

I do like the food though. So eat up, keep the television off, catch up on racialist reading, and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nothing Jew under the Sun

Just in case Baker and his ilk entertained any notions of reaching out to Syria for assistance in Iraq, we have news today of the mysterious assassination of yet another anti-Syrian, Lebanese minister.

How convenient.

On a side note: I have received a report that the blog is formatting strangely for some browsers and cutting off text. If anyone is experiencing this, please post a description of the problem in the comments section. Thanks.

Monday, November 20, 2006

He is the Assman After All.

Yet another actor has been caught lashing out with racial invectives. Michael Richards, better known as Kramer from Seinfeld, has taken a page from the Mel Gibson playbook. However, this time there was no alcohol involved and no police, but the whole thing was caught on camera!

After having been heckled by a couple of African Americans in his audience while doing a bit at the Laugh Factory, Richards retorted in the following manner (note that anything in bold in the following transcript was not reported by the press):

Shut up! Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass! (laughter from audience).
You can talk! You can talk! You can talk! You’re brave now mother!
Throw his ass out! He’s a nigger! He’s a nigger! He’s a nigger! (Oh my gaawwd! – woman in the audience, near the camera).
A nigger! Look, there’s a nigger! Oooh! Oooh!
Alright you see this shocks you? It shocks you? You see what’s buried beneath you stupid mother fuckers?

Man Called a Nigger:
That was uncalled for!

What was uncalled for? It’s uncalled for you to interrupt my ass you cheap motherfucker! (laughter from audience). You guys have been talking, and talking, and talking! (laughter from audience). I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.
What’s the matter, is this too much for you to handle?
[…] They’re going to arrest me for calling a black man a nigger? (laughter from the audience).
Wait a minute, where’s he going?

Man Called a Nigger:
That was uncalled for you fucking cracker-ass motherfucker.

Cracker-ass? You calling me a cracker-ass, nigger?

Man Called a Nigger:
Fucking white boy!

Are you threatening me?

Man Called a Nigger:
We’ll see what’s up.

Oh, it’s a big threat. That’s how you get back at the man.

Man Called a Nigger:
That was real uncalled for.

Wait a minute, he’s not going is he?

Man Called a Nigger:
It’s not funny! That’s why you’re a reject, never had no shows, never had no movies, Seinfeld, that’s it! (Audience begins to get up and move out).

Oh, I guess you got me there. You’re absolutely right. I’m just a wash-up. Gotta stand on stage.

Man Called a Nigger:
That’s unfucking uncalled for! That’s ain’t necessary.

Well, you interrupted me, pal. That’s what happens when you interrupt the white man, don’t you know?

Man Called a Nigger:
Uncalled for! That was uncalled for!

You see? There’s still those words, those words, those words. (Richards drops the microphone and leaves the stage.)

Final Tally:
Number of times the word “Nigger” was used: 7
Number of times the phrase “Uncalled for” was used: 6
Richards wins.

I admit, this was a horrifying expression of racism that shocked me to the core. To imagine in this day and age that such sentiments still exist, lurking beneath the surface as Richards put it, sickens me. It has shaken me, and I will need time to fully recover from it.

Yes, Richard’s use of racist taunts was so amateurish, so ineffective, and so inadequate, it is obvious he is not a skilled racist, and I am shocked and horrified that he did not do a better job. That someone, professing to be a white man, would not do a better job inciting racial hatred is a true shame in this day and age. But a nice try nonetheless Mr. Richards! In racist preschool you would get an A+. Unfortunately, your tirade means you need to be held back for a another school year at George Lincoln Rockwell Elementary. I admire your enthusiasm, but your technique needs work.

Of course, Richards has gone on television as soon as possible and apologized for his behavior. Proving once again that having money and no need for a real job still doesn’t mean one can afford a backbone.

Richards was just saying EXACTLY what any sane, reasonable person is thinking when loud, obnoxious, ghetto niggers won’t shut the fuck up in a public place.

It’s strange; I always thought Richards was a Jew. A cursory search of the web did not clear the matter up. Not that Jews aren’t as racist as everyone else, but they never have the guts to stand up to niggers. This site says Richards is a Mason. I wonder how long it will take them to take the page down, now that Richards is being skinned alive for saying nigger.

Still, questions remained unanswered: How long before the lawsuits begin? How long before his former friends condemn him? How long before he claims to have a substance abuse problem or mental disorder that accounts for his behavior? How long before he makes a donation to the NAACP? How long before another celebrity dares to speak his mind?

The following picture is from a well-known moment in television history. Moody, no talent, over-hyped dead Jew Andy Kaufman went on air and refused to perform during a sketch while hosting the show Fridays. Michael Richards got up from the table, picked up the cue cards and slapped them down on the table in front of Kaufman, then Richards returned to his seat. Kaufman retaliated with a glass of water to Richards' face. A fight ensued, but fizzled, just like the show ultimately did. For the record, I have never found Kaufman remotely funny, and I am usually a sucker for comedy.

Head into the comments section to read The Chairman's take on the fallout at the Laugh Factory as a result of Michael Richards' gorilla encounter.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finishing Up with the Racist Christmas Story from Yesterday

The Chairman has once again stepped up to the plate and offered his insights into Nicole Nichols' estrone-fueled hysteria (estrone = a joke for biology majors). I want to focus on one comment of his in particular:

What Nicole fails to realize is that's it's not the racists who spot this stuff who are ill, it's the people who PRODUCE it and MARKET it (hundreds of photos were taken until they got the desired result), and the pedophiles who sit around searching for 'material'. It's no mistake the photo was stuck on the back page of the ad-insert; it will be seen by a lot more people as they scan or skip the store flyers. – From The Chairman’s posts in yesterday’s comments section; check it out.

I agree. Nicole has fallen victim to one of the classic blunders! The first is, never get involved in a land war in Asia. But only slightly less well known is this: anti-racists are racists whose hateful obsession is with racists!

Additionally, those who convert from racism to anti-racism retain their hate, but simply redirect it at the movement they feel wronged them. This is precisely what has happened to Floyd Cockring and Johnny Lee Fairy. Sweeping indictments are just as equally a folly of racists as anti-racists.

Look at this passage from the aforementioned Nicole Nichols rant:
Those of us who have studied the racist extremist know full well that had the picture been of two white children, this discussion would never have come about. The psychosis of paranoia that runs rampant within these groups of individuals has evidenced itself in many different ways. But this has to be the most abhorrent manifestation of this malady that has come our way in a very long time. I cannot help but wonder what else these people do with their time.

Now, ignoring the sloppy prose... (Please Nicole, take some notes: “The racist extremist” There is but one specie, Mrs. Darwin?; “psychosis of paranoia” paranoia IS a psychosis Nicole, what you have said is the equivalent of ‘the cancer of leukemia’; “groups of individuals” groups ARE composed of individuals Nicole)...according to Nicole, we KNOW that if the picture had featured two white children, the paranoid, pedophile, racists wouldn’t have noticed it and the discussion would not have come about.

When white racists ONLY point out the crimes of non-Whites to propagandize, they are accused of myopia. The anti-racists will say: don’t blame a whole group of people for the misdeeds of a few. That is fair play. But turn it around and point out that the posts Nicole Nichols so objected to represent the sentiments of a few racists, and one wonders if Nicole could wrap her addled brain around such a paradox.

Nichole, shrieking and tearing her hair out, exclaims: NO! NO! All racists think like that, it’s their rampant psychosis of paranoia! I KNOW that’s how they all think.

Press photo of Nichole Richols, Citizens Against Common Sense

Meanwhile, in Asia...

...King George the II and Vladimir Putin meet Hu Jintao, a Korean mental patient whose name translates to: that crazy faggot who dresses in his dead mother’s lingerie. Ah, for the days when Western men had dignity, for example, when British Ambassador Lord W.P. Amherst refused to kowtow before the Emperor of China in 1817.

Behind them, the Koreans snicker...I can't believe we got them to wear those curtains!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The War on Christmas, Racist Style

I nearly pissed my pants I was laughing so hard at this post on Citizens Agaist Hate (a.k.a. Citizens Against Common Sense): CHRISTMAS PORN? THE RACIST MINDSET

The post involves a racist critique of this picture...

...and Nicole Nichols fear of people who would think the above picture had something to do with race and sex. God help me, her hysterical whimpering over anonymous comments on a racist news forum are too funny.

Check out this dollop of crazy: Somehow, however, mixed in with that pity is a total sense of revulsion. That there are those who are so vile, so disgustingly heteroclitic, so depraved, and so loathsome as to besmirch the very essence of children and childhood innocence is more than just a little disconcerting to me.

"It's more than just a little disconcerting." So it's somewhat disconcerting then? Is this like how you want to ameliorate racism? Sarcasm sure is hard to use appropriately, isn't it?

Don't think I didn't notice her choice of the word heteroclitic instead of the more commonplace "deviant." Bravo, Nicole! You bought that thesaurus just like I suggested. Unfortunately, your use of the word heteroclitic in your essay is the equivalent of using the word niggardly in the following sentence:

"It is very niggardly of you not to give to black charities because you think black people don't give to white charities."

As for being upset about what she, an anti-racist, reads on a racist forum: Hey Nicole, people say crazy things on the internet all the time; haven't you noticed it's a field day out here? Thanks for the laugh though. With Hate, Adrean Arlott.

As for the picture, even if the brown boy was a white boy, I would have to say that his generously proportioned carrot is woefully ironically placed. A bit lower and it really would raise some eyebrows. Whether it was intentional or not, it is still funny. And that robot horse doesn't seem to be too happy about its predicament. Had it been adults doing the same thing, in the same position, with a real horse, I would again believe the carrot to be comically inspired.

And here's a real reason to get further up in arms: What makes the people on VNN or for that matter, Nicole, think that the horse is necessarily a female? Or that the black kid is a boy for that matter (since often negro women/girls look very butch anyway)? What if it is a boy horse? What if the picture is suggesting a three way between a black girl with a strap-on carrot, an effeminate male robotic horse, and a white girl in her Jon-Benet-Ramsey-as-a-Slutty-Cowgirl outfit? What if that carrot vibrates? What if that horse has realistic genitals as part of its FurReal bonus package? (Bonus package: see how words can be suggestive of other meanings, Nicole, or was that last line too heteroclitic for you?).

Oh dear sweet little Jesus baby, I have to end this post before I hurt myself with my demonic giggling.

Another example: How could anyone think that the following picture is inappropriate or overly-sexualized? Only a heteroclitic racist would think that, right Nicole?

Friday, November 17, 2006

More Racism and Misogyny from Adrean Arlott

In all the excited jibber jabber over O.J. the Murderer’s upcoming “I Didn’t Do It, But Here’s How I Did It” book deal, let us not forget that the leather-faced, race mixing skank Nicole Brown Simpson got exactly what she deserved. She is an object lesion that miscegenation is a disaster.

The acquittal of her husband was a reminder that the American judicial system offers one form of justice for the commoners and another for the elite. It further demonstrated the power of the “race card” and laid bare the absurdity of trusting in the duly constituted law of our nation.
Was it worth it, Nicole?

Talk about being led up the garden path.
The truth is funny: The Chewbacca Defense

Thursday, November 16, 2006

For Your Listening Pleasure

I got all geared up to listen to the Turner Radio Network tonight, only to discover that Mona Montgomery has cancelled her show. Apparently, she wishes to “lower her profile.”

Speaking as someone who once had a show on the Turner Radio Network, allow me to say:
Ms. Montgomery, you can’t get much lower profile than the Turner Radio Network. The average audience of an average show on an average night on the Turner Radio Network is probably about 125 people. Pastor Wickstrom gets twice that, as did Dave Pringle before he bailed, but they book-end(ed) Hal’s show.

After the initial hubbub of listeners (angry that I was {erroneously} billed by Hal as a {gay} black man on a network for straight white people) my listeners dropped from 150 the first night to about 75 for the second show (“We hate that nigger faggot’s voice!”). Towards the end, I could pull in 70-100. My point: being on the Turner Radio Network is hardly high profile.

Something occurs to me. Last week I posted a gentle critique of MM, and now she is gone. A couple weeks after I wrote a criticism of Dave Pringle’s show in September, he cancelled too. Not that these people have any idea who I am, or that I control the fate of shows on the Turner Radio Network the way Aquaman controls fish, but, I think I should probably keep my mouth shut about other broadcasters on the Turner Radio Network.


I have created a little test for you (all two of you)! Let’s see how well you know your Turner Radio Network. Please remember, this is all in good fun.

The Turner Radio Network Matching Game
To Play: Match the descriptions in right column with the shows in left column, and use each answer only once (even though you may think one description applies to more than one show). Post your answers in the comments section and I will tell you your score.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As the Mud Flows

I listened to TT tonight. During the second half of his show, he played an interview with some High School sociology students. A nitwit asked what a White person is, and it inspired me to write this sketch.

A racist and an anti are sitting on a park bench on a sunny Sunday afternoon, watching the human race flow by in all its miraculous shades of brown.

Racist: That nigger has got his radio up too loud! I hate that Yo,Yo-man, ghetto trash.
Anti: He is not a nigger you ignorant bigot; we prefer to call blacks African Americans. African Americans built this country, and their music is the cornerstone of our American culture.

The Mud Flows…

Racist: That Indian needs to get a hair cut.
Anti: He is a not an Indian, he is a Native American, and we should respect the spiritual foundations of his culture, including his long hair. His is the legacy of a proud people, vanquished, but unbowed.

The Mud Flows…

Racist: That kike just bent down to pick something up, somebody must have dropped a penny.
Anti: What a horrifying stereotype. And, don’t say kike! Jewish people have suffered more than any people on Earth; don’t add to their misery and the constant fear they must live in because of anti-Semites like you.

The Mud Flows…

Racist: Oh great, more spics. Isn’t there a roofing job somewhere they could be stealing from American working people?
Anti: You’re disgraceful, you know that? Latino Americans come to our Nation seeking a better life, just like your ancestors did. And when they arrive, they encounter hostile people demanding that the Latinos lose their heritage and blend in, rather than encountering people who would respect Latino culture and language.

The Mud Flows…

Racist: Watch out! There’s a rag-head by the bandstand, he is probably planning to blow it up for Allah.
Anti: Could you be anymore racist? Islam is a religion of love and peace, and Arabs have contributed much beauty to our world. Do you know how the Arab Muslims suffered at the hands of the Crusader armies?

The Mud Flows…

Racist: Finally! A White couple...and of course they are over forty and are the only couple here without kids, what a shame.
Anti: There is no such thing as race! What is a White person, anyway?

The Mud Flows...
You will want to check out the comments section from yesterday.
The Chairman weighs in on the end of the Republic.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Republicans Just Don’t Get It.

Quoting from the Associated Press:

“Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, a prominent Hispanic who previously served in President Bush's Cabinet, will assume the high-profile post of Republican National Committee general chairman, GOP officials said Monday.”

“By tapping Martinez to be the party's public persona, the White House turned to a lawmaker who has been a staunch supporter of the president - including on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform that includes a guest-worker program - and one of the more politically savvy Republican senators.”

“In last week's elections, exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and the networks showed 69 percent of Hispanics voted for Democrats compared with 30 percent for Republicans, a decline for the GOP compared with 2004 when Bush got about 40 percent of the Hispanic vote.”

Did the Republicans fail to notice the horrific defeat they were handed last Tuesday?

Rather than trying to return to core Republican/Conservative principles like smaller government, strict immigration controls, fiscal conservatism, and opposition to foreign adventurism, principles that may have been appealing after six years of the Bush New World Order, the Republicans choose to continue to swim against the current of public sentiment.

Somewhere, head firmly up his own backside, a Republican strategist has figured that his party’s defeat was a failure to appeal strongly enough to spic voters.

I suppose this is the ultimate long term strategy. Predicting a complete loss of the working and middle classes as Corporate America exports all industry overseas, coupled with an inexorable browning of the population which will turn America into a Third World nation, the Republicans have finally just given up on white people and are looking for a new base.

The delusion that either party will stand up for the American people should finally be dispelled in any who still suffer from said delusion.

Vote Republican

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remember: All Muslims are Liars!

An Iraqi-borne, American solider has been missing for weeks following a visit outside the green zone to see his Iraqi wife and her family. Now the U.S. is offering $50,000 for “information that leads to the recovery of Specialist Altaie”.

I do not believe this sand monkey was abducted.
All Muslims are liars. Muslims have a cultural imperative to lie; it is an inescapable part of their nature. Their faith is founded on lies, promulgated by lies, and requires them to lie to themselves just to remain faithful.
There is something suspicious about this whole mess.
He is either a collaborator or has returned to his native condition, or both.

Uhhh...Hello, I am Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie, No! Gen. Ahmed Altaie, I am being held captive at a desert fortress hundreds, No! thousands of miles away from the ocean. I like football, and hotdogs, and stonings, No! not stonings, I am a man of peace, not a religious fanatic Muslim, praise Allah, may his name forever be on the lips of the righteous and seldom heard with a discouraging word where the skies are not cloudy all day. Allah, Admiral Ackbar!

“Classical Liberal” Jewess Ilana Mercer is absolutely correct:

And there's the rub: Not that our cultural relativists would admit to it, but the concept of truth in Arab culture is extremely elastic. Al-Ghazzali, "the famous 11th-century Muslim theologian, claimed that the lie is not wrong in itself. If the lie is the way to achieve good results, then it is permissible. It is necessary to lie when the truth might lead to unpleasant or undesired results," writes Dr. David Bukay. More recently, Arab sociologist Sania Hamady (Katz, 2002) has documented the low value attached to truth in Arab culture. Feelings, flights of fancy and fabrications are integral to Arab discourse. Lies are also potent political weapons, having successfully achieved the delegitimization of Israel, for instance. Clearly, Muslim leaders have learned that Westerners demand nothing more than a denunciation of terrorism. So they denounce – and get on with the business of Jihad (which is, like Shari'a, an essential tenet of true Islam).
Since two-facedness is both a way of life and a political strategy, there's nothing extraordinary about the countless Muslim leaders who pose as moderates, forswear terrorism, and then do what the Quran commands: "instill terror in the hearts of unbelievers" (8:12).

If only she would dissect the cultural psyche of her own darling Hebrews with such alacrity and pellucidity.

Friday, November 10, 2006

What's In The Box? Pain.

I listened to the Turner Network Thursday night, and I was a bit disappointed. I just want to respond to a couple of points made by Mona Montgomery and Paul Gellar tonight. These are points of disagreement mind you, not personal attacks.

I know that Mona Montgomery is intensely opposed to things like capital punishment and torture, but to consider them non-White or especially Jewish is something I could not disagree with more.

I believe torture is an art form justifiable unto itself like any art form. White men excel in their ingenuity and application of torture, as White men do with every art form. Pointing at a mountain of naked Arabs with a cigarette dangling from your lips is a fraternity prank, not art. I cannot abide the degradation of the great Western tradition of torture as a Jewish / Middle Eastern practice. If Abu Ghraib was the result of Israelis coaching our military, then the Mossad is highly overrated, which is something I do not believe. Regardless, sand monkeys may use torture to keep their people in line or for pleasure, but they will never achieve the art of torture as exemplified in 1984, which should be our (White Supremacists) inspiration for the great and glorious revolution Derrick MacThomas hopes for.

Excellent show as always, Mr. MacThomas!

As for the Paul Gellar show: Mr. Gellar seemed fixated on blaming his brother’s lack of courting ability as an explanation for race mixing. I am not saying that was not a possibility, but why not take the opportunity to delve deeper into the issue of miscegenation as a whole, since Mr. Gellar seemed to already have made up his mind that he was not going to attend the event this Japanese woman apparently threatened to bring to ruin.

I initially felt Mr. Gellar should receive kudos for not being a hypocrite. There seems to be a tendency to let white men off the hook for race mixing while white women are bashed for it. That’s just a biological impulse probably – protecting the breeding stock. But to call white guys on it and make an attempt to address it might have made for a good show.

Here are topics the Gellar show could have covered:

Is there something wrong with White men that they don’t go for White women? I suggest some White men are being made to feel inadequate by the “Huge Black Penis Mythos” combined with the liberation of their women and the emergence of a second class status they have never experienced. It’s only natural for White men who feel that way to go for Asian women, women that are stereotyped as less liberated than White women.

Is there something wrong with White women that they don’t go for White men? I suggest that many mainstream ideologies focused on proving racial equality wish to challenge White male superiority by promoting miscegenation. White women are considered more liberated, empowered, sexually experienced, and tolerant when they race mix. Yet, there is more a problem with White couples not having White children then mixed couples having mixed children. The vast majority of Whites are still not race mixing, but they are also not having enough White children.

Is there something wrong with Asian women that they go for White men? Are Asian men suffering from the “Tiny Asian Penis Mythos” combined with a cultural preference for male children that leaves Asian females discarded to the winds, even adopted into Western families because Asian families don’t want girls?

Instead the discussion becomes: Asian women give better blow jobs. White men want to “get their end wet”, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

It was all rather disappointing. Do any others wish to vent?

This picture links to a website that matches White Men from Britain and the U.S. with Japanese women. I shall end this post with something inflammatory, but which I think holds true. Putting aside the phenomenon of buying brides from overseas which is objecitonable on so many levels, and focusing on just White men with Asian women who actually want to date one another: Asian women are smarter than White women, and smart White men look for an intellectual equal in a partner.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Anthropologists Could Learn from Dolls this Christmas

Today, I saw an advertisement for the “Fur Real Cuddle Chimp”, a chimp baby that comes with its own banana shaped bottle. Watching White, human girls cuddle a chimp and stuff a banana bottle in its mouth was too rich.

Now think. Would it have been expected thirty years ago that a young White girl would prefer to receive a baby chimp as a Christmas gift instead of a baby doll? That she would cradle the chimp in her arms and feed it, rather than think of it as the filthy animal it represents. What has happened? Watch this grasping, creepy, chimp-thing in action here.

It is too easy to say that this is a reflection of coming of age of environmentalism and animal rights sentiment in America.

I prefer to see it as a rejection of the value of White, infant humans and a preference for non-White things, even animals…for anything to take the place of a White baby. After all, if you asked White mothers, would you rather your girl planned to be a stay-at-home mommy or a wildlife biologist when she grows up, what do you think the majority would say? Isn’t the answer obvious? Abort your baby and spend your life raising chimps little White girl!

I believe that toys give us clues about the generation we are raising, or not raising.
For example, meet the latest new doll released in Japan.

Aww, what little kid wouldn’t like one of those dead-eyed bastards? Well too f’in bad, they are being marketed to retirees. Why you ask? To kill two Mothras with one stone:
1) Toy makers in Japan are losing money because there are not enough children being born to buy their products.
2) The elderly in Japan are increasingly redundant, as they are either childless and therefore will never have grandchildren, or they have children who are choosing not to have children of their own. Either way, there are no grandchildren to cuddle, so give the Japanese fake babies to comfort the elderly, the way chimpanzee babies have been given wire mesh mothers to comfort them.

Now does my original theory sound so ludicrous? In both cases, substitutions are being made, this fact cannot go ignored. It need not be a conspiracy, just a reflection of how bad things have become, and a prediction of how much worse things are going to get.

Announcing new and improved FurReal Chimp with feces-throwing action! "Oh, chimpy (giggle)! You've been throwing your feces again, I can smell it!"

Change? Hardly.

Oh Dear!
What happened to Darths Cheney and Bush?
Why didn’t the black helicopters launch into the air and rattle forth to round up dissenters?
Did all the electronic voting machines suddenly become tamper-proof?
Where is the imminent war with Iran that was supposed to launch in March, no- July, no- September, no- right before November?
And, where have all the conspiracy cowboys gone?

In coming weeks, we will see a requisite paradigm shift in the conspiracy movement. I suspect it will be of the stripe: Something terrible is about to happen! THEY know this and THEY are stepping away from the table so THEY won’t be blamed! As if such a bluffed loss of control must predicate a singular disaster. Nay, the disaster is continuous and uncontrollable, and has been so all along. The disaster is in the SYSTEM.

In the rapture over the Republican defeat, forget ye not what the Republicrats are taking over, and that they too are powerless to stop our demise. Thus:
Our “chief ally in the region” will continue to be Israel.
Our working poor will remain without health care.
Our addiction to oil will not abate.
Our hemorrhaging borders will not be staunched.
Our troops will be stuck in Iraq for the foreseeable future.
Our national debt will continue to wax, not wane.
Our economic future will be mortgaged to China.
Our ancestral lands will continue to succumb to Muslims, while our current home succumbs to Mud.

And so it goes.

In two years, when the Presidency is contested once again and the lame duck waddles from office, we will be no better off than we are now.

When a ship is sinking, only morons vie for the captaincy.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today, We Vote

I hate democracy and its unwashed masses. I hate the two party system and the sheeple’s blind obeisance to it. I hate the argument: “I have to vote democratic, to keep the republicans out!”, and I hate its conjoined twin: “I have to vote republican, to keep the democrats out!” It’s the same flipping coin my friends, and our national political currency is so devalued we are required not to bite our nickels, for fear of learning that they are wooden.

This brings me back to something insightful The Chairman posted following the Fox v. Limbaugh debacle of last week. Most of you know I place very little value on life in general. Of course I value human life more than other forms of life, but my definition of human is extremely narrow. Given legal sanction, I would personally mutilate, experiment upon, and exterminate what others call human, but I call untermenschen. Furthermore, I would do the same to our own people if I felt it would contribute to the ultimate victory of our race. Others have ethical objections, I do not. Ethics are for utopians, compacts govern men.

Now, the point of the previous paragraph can be made known. While the national debt climbs, our national resources dwindle, our education system continues its gradual decline, housing bubbles quiver, our kids die in Iraq, our cities fester with illegals, adequate healthcare becomes unattainable for the bottom half of society, old diseases experience resurgence, infrastructure groans under increased burden, and the policies of our nation are determined by religious fanatics who want to destroy a second group of religious fanatics to promote the interest of a third group of religious fanatics, the SYSTEM has got everyone worked up into a frenzy over what would happen if people like me were given government funding to experiment on frozen embryos.

The absurdity is so catastrophically large as to seem impossible to miss. Sometimes the largest truths are too obvious, they overwhelm the mindscape and leave us pondering pitiable scraps that contrast with the larger background. The SYSTEM has got the SHEEPLE fretting over embryonic stem cell research federal funding. Is there anything so laughable? It melds so many human fears together into a hodgepodge, you would think someone would notice we are not dealing with a new miracle alloy, but a fragile, unstable aggregate, ready to crumble.

Meanwhile, the Sheeple vote on the basis of which candidate will (most likely FAIL TO) enact the policy on embryonic stem cell research the Sheeple most support. The democrats expect broader Federal funding, the republicans want it quashed. Americans believe that if they vote Green, Libertarian, Populist, and so on, anything but a party ticket, the other team (democrats or republicans) will win. Ya gotta support your team! And if there is one thing Americans can understand, it’s an issue couched in sports lingo.

And of course:
Even if federal funding is withdrawn, the research may continue.
Even if the research continues, there are no laws to stop it.
Even if laws are made to stop it from being performed privately, governments (including our own) may fund it secretely, without oversight and without sharing any benefits to be gained.
Millions of abortions still occur worldwide.
Millions of unwanted babies go unadopted.
Millions of diseased people go uncured.
Politicos still get re-elected or manage to keep their parties viable, while the bigger issues go ignored…

And once the election is over, the brainwashing will return to a steady drip, from its pre-election level of forced infusion. People like me will still be depicted as rubbing our hands together maniacally and glaring coldly at the camera, laughing and rasping while clicking our heels and saluting a dead Fuhrer, waiting for the day we get another chance to practice our diabolic art.

Am I the abortion doctor, experimenting with stem cells and killing Christian babies?
Am I the genetic engineer, breeding the master race to wipe out the untermenschen?
The answer depends on your party affiliation.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Neil Patrick Harris Announces he is Gay, World Asks: “Who the Hell is Neil Patrick Harris?”

What a week for faggotry.

So it turn’s out the child actor who played Doogie Howser, a character from a early 1990's telvision program of the same name, which featured the exploits of a teenaged practicing doctor, is actually a flaming queer, and proud of it according to this article.

Who says that Hollywood has a corrupting influence on youth?

I wonder if Doogie is dating Jonathon from Who’s The Boss?.
I wonder if Doogie thinks this revelation may help compensate for his unfortunate lack of talent and starring roles.
I wonder if my readers would have preferred my alternate title for this post: Doogie Bath-Howser.
I wonder why Starship Troopers sucked so much ass. Oh, of course, question answered.
I wonder why people should express pride in their aberrant sexual behaviors, and choose to be defined by same behaviors.
I wonder how no one could have guessed that this, was queer and proud of it:

Friday, November 03, 2006

What is it with Queer Conservatives?

Have you all (by which I mean you three, oops, down to two now) been following the story of Ted Haggard? Or as he should be known Ted IBMBITIA Haggard: Ted “I bought meth but I threw it away” Haggard.

A short review: Haggard has gained a lot of attention lately because of a documentary exposing Jesus Camp, a purpose driven (I couldn't resist) brainwashing academy meant to produce the next generation of Christian Fundamentalist Elitist Zionist Zombies. Don’t get me wrong…all education is brainwashing, all communication is propaganda, and I don’t fault them for that. But Haggard, with his creepy clenched-teeth, Gumby lips, set-too-close staring faggot eyes, and leering grin is a filthy, lying hypocrite.

Why, you say? Because a fellow faggot has outed Haggard, forcing the reverend to resign from his pastor’s position and putting the “man of God” in a most awkward position (similar to being bent over a hotel bed and reamed up the ass by a gay escort who is injecting crystal meth into Haggard's scrotum).

Yes, Haggard is accused of having monthly man sex encounters with a male prostitute / massage therapist / walking methamphetamine referrals-expert, over the past three years.

Haggard is a man who proselytizes his faith with a generous dose of anti-faggot rhetoric, and who is linked by the media to faith-based conference calls with commander and queer George W. Bush.

Here is more information:
An article about the latest Queer Conservative Scandal
A thoroughly ironic snippet from the movie documentary about Jesus Camp
An interview with Gumby Lips Haggard, conducted by equally demented evolutionist proponent Richard Dawkins

Now, I reassert my question: What is it with Queer Conservatives? Someone please give me an insight on this, I am at a loss for answers.

Ted Haggard demonstrates his finely honed technique.

In the name of the Lord God I command you to come out! Devil, come out of him! Release, and feel the sin flow right from you. I am a receptacle of the Lord. Give me all you got Jesus, I'm ready to receive you! Thy rod and thy staff comfort me. He maketh me to lie down. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, so the itsy-bitsy messiah went up the spout again.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Today I sent Mr. Tom Metzger (TT) an e-mail that I'd like to share with you, my reader(s).

Dear, Mr. Metzger:

If you don’t mind, I wanted to comment on two things:

1) On a show earlier this week, you mentioned the love of token niggers, negrophilia I think you called it. I could not agree more that there is something demented and widespread in the White psyche that makes many of our people go crazy for subhumans in their midst. But, I have also noticed that this behavior applies to white people’s love for midgets and retards and other freaks. White people fall over themselves trying to make midgets and retards feel welcome and accepted and part of the group. Just as there are token niggers every white person in the crowd smiles at and fawns over, the same is true for a token midget and a token retard.
My theory is that it makes white people (Christian white folks especially) feel good to have an unfortunate/minority that they can mollycoddle: See, I’m not a bigot, I’ve got a nigger friend, a jew friend, a muslim friend, a retard friend, a dothead friend, and a midget friend! However, get two or more of the same kind of minority in a white establishment, and an uneasy feeling will settle on the crowd. What is this, some sort of Midget bar?
The exceptional thing about niggers is not that whites love their token nigger (just as they do their midget, retard etc.), or that there is always some white chick with self-esteem low enough to fuck it, it is that white kids are aping the behaviors of blacks! When white kids start to act like simian-Americans, I become really worried for them. I know they think it is cool, but what good can come from imitating the lowest of the low in our society? Now, when white kids start breaking their own legs to be short like midgets, then I’d totally give up on our people.

2) Please don’t take down your lone wolf with swastikas in its eyes. The swastika in my mind still stands for white power. Its true that our enemies could do no better in discrediting the swastika than allowing some of the NS people around today to wear it, but I have grown quite fond of our crooked cross nonetheless. Come the revolution, wearing a swastika on their arms and dressing up like Hitler isn’t going to keep us from lining them up against the wall and shooting them if they are a disgrace to our race.

Keep giving them Hell TT,
Adrean Arlott

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


First, I want to direct your attention to the comments section of my previous post, where The Chairman offers insights that I am sure many of you will find agreeable. Take a look.

Second, I want to extend a belated Happy Halloween to you all. I did absolutely nothing to celebrate or even acknowledge this occasion.

Third, I found this story interesting; it combines many things horrifying unto themselves: Islam, African immigration to the United States, multicultural madness, and genital mutilation of a child. From

Dad gets 10 years in first female circumcision trial in U.S.