Friday, October 27, 2006

Three Posts in One

Continuing the Trend: 6th Straight Day of Celebrity Ape Alerts

On Friday, 27 October 2006: Snoopy the Rapping Mutt Ruff Ruff Bow Bow Hippity Hopper Doggy Dog, was arrested at Bob Hope Airport in California for possession of a firearm and marijuana.

Here, Snoopy the Rapping Dogg, costumed to resemble the world's gayest Robin-Hood-as-a-Pimp, shares a tender moment with Jason Alexander (birth name Jason Greenspan), who is forever costumed as the world's dumpiest jew.

The Kids Are Alright


The recalcitrance of adolescence is a biochemical safety mechanism designed to sever the emotional attachment of parent to child, child to parent.

This is different from the more widespread theory that such behavior is the result of the separation/alienation of youth or the failure of society to find proper ritualistic forms of adolescent-to-adult transformation.

By the new theory, maturity rituals blunt the edge of the separation and make it easier, but are not the cure for the recalcitrance, which is not a dysfunction in the first place. Thus, prolonged contact with one’s parents after adolescence is a dysfunction.


Another Little Way to Mess with People

Walk over to someone at an outdoor restaurant or other public venue and ask, “Pardon me, do you see that man over there? [point to some random fellow].”

When the person responds affirmatively, reply: “Good, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining things again. Thank you.”

Don’t like that one? Think of your own creative replies and post them if you like.

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