Thursday, October 05, 2006

Society Has A Responsibility to Destroy the Progeny of Charles Carl Roberts IV

I called Paul Gellar's show tonight, and advocated for the death of Charles Carl Roberts IV's children. Mr. Gellar was very polite, even while opposing my sentiments. He didn't even call me crazy (directly anyway), wasn't that nice of him? For those who don't understand my position, it is thus: Why allow the progeny of a murderous child molester to go forth and multiply, when the murderous child molester has destroyed the progeny of law abiding people? An eye for an eye, and a child for a child. Otherwise, the world will be overrun with the descendants of violent, child-molesting rapists and murderers...Which is what is happening right now!

On Monday of this week, I wrote:
The murderer’s wife, Marie Roberts, says that the man who did the shooting was not the man she knew as “loving” and “an exceptional father” to her children. Give it time you retard, you’ll remember the warning signs sooner or later, such as when the press digs them up and throws them in your gaping, mongoloid face. This was based on the story HERE.

Today, there is an update, and as I predicted:
On Tuesday, police revealed that Roberts had told his wife he molested young relatives 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting children again.

Now we see: she is complicit and should pay for her husband's crimes because she failed to get him help. I know, some will say: "What could she have done?" Imbeciles! She has a civic responsibility to get mental healthcare for her husband. If he had been put under psychiatric evaluation for a few days, this event could have been avoided. If it had been your children shot, perhaps you would understand her responsibility.

Many conspiracy enthusiasts claim this event was a Mind Control / Black Op / Whatever meant to get tougher gun control laws in place. It seems to me these people claim that every time something like this happens. Let us assume a Black Op was perpetrated. Does that mean that his wife had to sit by after being told this disturbing thing by her husband and not act upon the information? There is still a breakdown of society here, when a wife just goes about her business after being told, let me repeat the quote: "he molested young relatives 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting children again." After all, they had three children together!

And that doesn't change the fact how nambie-pambie the White people of this country are, that they hold the passivity of the Amish up as some sort of model for correct behavior in the face of violation and murder (read some of the comments on the Hal Turner Show website regarding the shooting story). Hello White people: this is exactly why the Christian sickness leads you to passively permit illegal immigration, black crime, government malfeasance, and on and on and on - compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, prayer, acceptance, there is no end to your self-defeating, self-annihilating madness.

And of course, don't let me ruin your Amish-love-in by reminding you of the high incidence of incestuous child molestation reported among the Amish. This is of course similar to how I ruined the Steve-Irwin-love-in by reminding everyone of him dangling his baby like a pork chop in front of a crocodile while reassuring us that he was too well trained to be in any danger (good thing the crocodile didn't have a stingray barb handy).

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