Thursday, October 19, 2006

Keep Telling Me How Rare Stingray Attacks Are

It has happened again, but this time the guy survived. Yet again a man was stabbed in the heart with a stingray barb! Apparently the stingray had leapt from the water into the man’s boat, and when the 81-year-old went to put the stingray back in the water, it stabbed him in the heart.

What, is this the same fucking stingray?
Is it some sort of serial murderer stingray?
Was the old man trying to emulate Steve Irwin and die in the same manner?
Are the stingrays trying to tell us something?

They say in the article that the barb was kept in, so the man didn’t bleed to death. It has been speculated that this was the difference that allowed the old man to live, while the mythic Crocodile Hunter went to the great Outback Steakhouse in the sky. One wonders how the old man’s heart was able to pump with a stingray barb in it.

Imagine if someone bred these vicious stingrays en masse and released them into waters all over the world. Hmm....

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