Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey! Teachers! Redux.

Today, I would like to respond to a comment by The Chairman, regarding my blog entry yesterday. Here is a portion of that post, the rest of which is available in the comments section of yesterday’s entry:

From The Chairman:

I assume you use the phrase 'young ladies' loosely (pun intended)... 'socialist female fodder' might be a better characterization.

As I've observed (and this was obvious among the females even back in the 1980's) over the years; what is really happening is the subtle desensitization of the masses by 'normalizing' behavior which would be considered highly distasteful, vulgar, rude, or obscene by our parents and grandparents... this is a classic example of how communist/Marxist dialectic destroys our moral barriers and inhibitions.

One merely needs to turn on the TV for a few minutes to witness the glut of sordid and obnoxious behavior which would have been unthinkable to broadcast 10 - 20 years ago.

My response:

Dear The Chairman:

Yesterday, I subconsciously ascribed dignity to the females I daily encounter at school out of an old-fashioned sense of courtesy. I am afraid no looseness (however pun-worthy!) was intended, and that I have cheapened the inherent value of the word lady by using it on the malcontent pseudo-whores that pass for human females these days. For that, I apologize to everyone.

Let me give you a sample of the conversations these girls have engaged in, JUST this semester:

1) When referring to an infant who had extremely disturbed androgen production that caused him to develop coarse body hair as well as pubic hair at birth, and an almost adult sized penis, the female teacher quipped that he would be the most popular boy in High School by the time he was a teenager. A girl in class commented to everyone that the infant might have twelve-inch penis or larger by the time he was an adult. And another commented to me after class (unsolicited mind you while we were discussing an unrelated lab report), “I’ve slept with a guy who had a ten-inch penis and it hurt having sex with him.”

2) One female describing how she was so infatuated with her High School gym teacher that she considered offering herself to him for sex. And, reaffirming how gorgeous the teacher was by insisting that her best friend went so far as to say: “There’s a man who I’d be willing to eat out his ass for him.” Though the female disagreed with her friend, she reaffirmed that the teacher was worth doing nasty things for.

3) One female asking the advice of another after having slept with another man twice over the weekend while her boyfriend went to visit his parents out of town. The other suggested the girl do both guys and keep it a secret. In a subsequent conversation, it was disclosed the cheating girl had broken it off with the cheating man, though feared he would reveal her indiscretion.

4) One female lamenting how she did not like to perform oral sex on her boyfriend because he didn’t wash his penis sufficiently, perhaps, she suggested, because it was so large.

5) During a conversation on the side effects of birth control, one girl casually mentioning an abortion she had to have while in High School, even though she was on birth control.

In all of these cases, I was overhearing a conversation or being told things I had not asked about. To be sure, I would not dare bring such subjects up, firstly because such topics are inappropriate, and more imperiling because, as a man, I could be accused of sexual harassment on campus for suggesting or even participating in such conversations.

What is disturbing to me is that several of the girls who carry on in this manner are competent scholars who, nevertheless, swear and swap dirty stories like sailors itching for shore leave. All of them have been friendly toward me, as well as helpful and polite in the laboratory. I like them as colleagues, but am confounded by their frivolous and promiscuous behavior.

A few points to note:
- Conversations about current events or developments in our field of interest are ONLY initiated by me.
- Conversations about politics or religion DO NOT occur.
- Conversations of a non-sexual nature always involve one or more of the following: television programs, pets, bath room habits, musicians, and for some unfathomable reason – Nascar.

I have come to the conclusion that women today are being trained by the feminists of yesteryear to be wide-roaming prostitutes who do not charge for their services. From the age they are old enough to put on a cowboy get-up and strut the stage like a stripper, they are prepared to be a well used hole in a mattress. Where once, sex, as in gender, was meant to be made irrelevent to equal pay and equal opportunity - sex, as in the behavior, is now a tool for the attainmnet and retention of power over males. Dignity is now irrelevant. Body-integrity is an obstruction to success. Without sex, the partnership of man and woman is unfathomable.

Your thoughts, gentle visitors?

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