Monday, October 30, 2006

Just An Unfriendly Reminder

The reason that there are any members of the White Power movement in the world today is because for some reason or another, the programming we were subjected to during our youth failed. This does not necessarily reflect either our genius or some deficiency in ourselves, but can be accounted for simply by probability.

With that in mind, remember that conversion of the masses is an impossibility. Awakening them cannot happen either, for this implies there is something of value inside their minds (that just is not there). Deprogramming them will take a massive, spectacular failure of the system that impacts the daily lives of the sheeple. Whether such a catastrophe is orchestrated or naturally occurring, it still remains outside of our control.

The one thing we can control is the programming of the next generation. We can increase our numbers only by targeting the young, and getting our programming in before the system gets its in.

The system is designed to create idle, ignorant, fearful, decadent consumers.
What do you want to create?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 7 Of Celebrity Ape Alert

Trevor Berbick, a boxing monkey-man who defeated Muhammad Ali in 1981, only to in turn be defeated by Mike Tyson in 1986, has been found dead – apparently he was hacked to death with repeated blows of a machete to his head. Berbick was engaged in ongoing land disputes with his neighbors on the island nation of Jamaica. Berbick’s other pastimes included: 1) 1991, assaulting a female business manager by putting a gun to her head while accusing her of stealing from him, 2) 1992, forging his ex-wife’s signature in order to secure a mortgage and 3) also in 1992-1993 serving 15 months in prison for raping his family’s babysitter.
Law of the Jungle, Mr. Berbick.

Other Celebrity Shenanigans...

Looks Like She Won’t Need You When You’re 64

I despise Paul McCartney. He and his free love, drug experimenting, commie-loving generation of multi-millionaire rock star hypocrites should be blotted from existence. That is why I so enjoy his current woes.

Oh Sir Paul, who could have realized that marrying a one-legged, race-mixing, skanky, pseudo-pornstar 26-years your junior could cause you any problems? How could you have guessed that not signing a prenuptial agreement with such a woman would lead to even more problems? Many hundreds of millions of problems in pound-note form to be precise. If only you had put down your Viagra and honoured the death of your mad-hippie-jew-wife. Incidentally, being a vegetarian, tree-hugging whacko didn’t stop cancer carrying her off to Hell at age 57, now did it?
Heather Mills McCartney - Hundred-Million-Dollar Call Girl? You decide:

Friday, October 27, 2006

Three Posts in One

Continuing the Trend: 6th Straight Day of Celebrity Ape Alerts

On Friday, 27 October 2006: Snoopy the Rapping Mutt Ruff Ruff Bow Bow Hippity Hopper Doggy Dog, was arrested at Bob Hope Airport in California for possession of a firearm and marijuana.

Here, Snoopy the Rapping Dogg, costumed to resemble the world's gayest Robin-Hood-as-a-Pimp, shares a tender moment with Jason Alexander (birth name Jason Greenspan), who is forever costumed as the world's dumpiest jew.

The Kids Are Alright


The recalcitrance of adolescence is a biochemical safety mechanism designed to sever the emotional attachment of parent to child, child to parent.

This is different from the more widespread theory that such behavior is the result of the separation/alienation of youth or the failure of society to find proper ritualistic forms of adolescent-to-adult transformation.

By the new theory, maturity rituals blunt the edge of the separation and make it easier, but are not the cure for the recalcitrance, which is not a dysfunction in the first place. Thus, prolonged contact with one’s parents after adolescence is a dysfunction.


Another Little Way to Mess with People

Walk over to someone at an outdoor restaurant or other public venue and ask, “Pardon me, do you see that man over there? [point to some random fellow].”

When the person responds affirmatively, reply: “Good, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining things again. Thank you.”

Don’t like that one? Think of your own creative replies and post them if you like.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

You Can Take A Nigger Out of the Jungle…

No matter how rich, educated or “beautiful” the elite of the ape people get, they cannot control their primal jungle impulses. They howl and hoot, thieve, and bop one another on the head just like they did when they were gnawing each other’s bones and sniffing each other’s backsides in the forest primeval.

On Sunday, 22 October 2006, reports began swirling that O.J. Simpson is to receive 3.5 million dollars from The Enquirer to write a book in which the running-silver-back will tell a hypothetical account of how he might have hypothetically killed his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman, hypothetically.

On Monday, 23 October 2006, the country of Namibia awaited a request from the United States government for the extradition of Wesley Snipes, blade-wielding-baboon extraordinaire, who is wanted for 12 million dollars worth of tax fraud.

On Tuesday, 24 October 2006, chimpette rapper Foxy Brown was sentenced to probation for punching and kicking her beauticians over the issue of a bill for a manicure and pedicure.

On Wednesday, 25 October 2006, supermonkey Naomi Campbell was arrested for assaulting her drug counselor, who is but the latest of Naomi’s growing list of victims.

On Thursday, 26 October 2006, Grey’s Anatomy performer Isaiah Washington, token simian doctor apologized for attacking a fellow actor earlier in the month. During the scuffle, Isaiah reportedly grabbed his white colleague by the throat and made anti-gay remarks about a third actor who was late for a shoot.

This is just five days worth of Black celebrity news! And for those offended by the primate references: Tell them to stop acting like apes, and I will stop calling them apes.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Things *Doo* Change

I was flipping through the channels over the weekend when something caught my attention, well, a pair of somethings caught my attention. Let’s see if you can spot the difference between these two pictures, keeping in mind that both are supposed to be acceptable for children:

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fuck You Like an Animal

Apparently, the Oslo National History Museum has nothing better to do with its money than to open up an exhibit on homosexuality in animals. Yes, an entire exhibit is devoted to displaying photographs of: “one male giraffe mounting another, of apes stimulating others of the same sex, and two aroused male right whales rubbing against each other.”

Endlessly fascinating, don’t you think?

What is the purpose of the exhibit? According to the museum spokesperson to: "help to de-mystify homosexuality among people... we hope to reject the all too well known argument that homosexual behaviour is a crime against nature".

So showing photographs of apes jerking each other off and giraffes butt-fucking one another is going to demystify homosexuality and prove that homosexuality is not a crime against nature? And does this not in the least smack of natural science being hijacked by social science?

Let us say that NAZI’s showed pictures of tribes/packs of animals fighting each other to the death over territory, eating one another’s young and chasing off members who did not confirm to the pecking order of the group. Now the NAZI’s could easily say that violence, genocide, and expansionism are all natural imperatives and that photographic evidence of such behavior demystifies the need for war and proves that horrific violence is not a crime against nature, let alone against humanity. Come on you filthy liberal cock-suckers, are you ready to go there?

Still not convinced that this exhibition is a social Marxist’s wet dream made a taxpayer nightmare? Let’s look at the numbers related in the article: “[…] homosexuality has been observed among 1,500 species, and that in 500 of those it is well documented.”

Well that clinches it! Except for the fact there are an estimated 25,000,000 species (check your latest High School Biology Book) on the planet earth…doesn’t seem so impressive now, does it?

Some insects eat their partners after sex. Some fish mate once and die. Some plants can inseminate themselves. Some amphibians are able to switch gender. Some microorganisms can swap genetic information and still reproduce asexually. Aren’t these just as natural? Does that mean they apply equally to human sexuality? Why didn’t the museum make an exhibit on animal sexual behaviors in general, wouldn’t that have been more educational and less a tool of propaganda?

Who gives a fuck about gayness? This is about social engineering in general. Any social behavior could be condemned or justified on the basis of its naturalness or lack thereof. What is sickening is when government funded institutions mask their social science with a natural science. That is such an abuse it should be condemned by the academic community. Instead, BBC News does another propaganda piece for the social engineers and the pseudoscientists.

I know that some of you in the White Power Movement hate faggotry just as much as you hate Jews or Niggers or whatever. Therefore, that angle of this article probably angers you more than the one I am complaining about.

Personally, I don’t see the difference between a man butt-fucking another man or a man butt-fucking a woman. They are both as unhygienic, as deviant, and as ineffective as forms of procreation, therefore they are both forms of faggotry. And I will go further: Unless you can agree with that statement you are both a pervert and a hypocrite, and probably a faggot too!

Of course this story is from Norway, but it could just as easily happen here in America.

What infuriates me is when perversion becomes a matter of social policy, when people are allowed, even encouraged, to parade their deviancy down the streets and demand that we watch it, demand that we accept it as normal and worthy of pride. They would never extend the same courtesy to our racial views, which they so abhor. Nor would the government spend a dime promoting our views, but our enemies are completely unable to see this contradiction.

Enjoy your Sodom on the Potomac for now you faggots.
Those who are laughing today will be crying tomorrow.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Quarter-Jew Harrison Ford has Announced He is Still "Fit" Enough to Reprise His Role As Indiana Jones

From this photo of his latest interview, I would doubt his claim:
This is the Article TT Spoke of on His Show Tonight

Southern Poverty Law Center: The Godfathers (of White Power)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Keep Telling Me How Rare Stingray Attacks Are

It has happened again, but this time the guy survived. Yet again a man was stabbed in the heart with a stingray barb! Apparently the stingray had leapt from the water into the man’s boat, and when the 81-year-old went to put the stingray back in the water, it stabbed him in the heart.

What, is this the same fucking stingray?
Is it some sort of serial murderer stingray?
Was the old man trying to emulate Steve Irwin and die in the same manner?
Are the stingrays trying to tell us something?

They say in the article that the barb was kept in, so the man didn’t bleed to death. It has been speculated that this was the difference that allowed the old man to live, while the mythic Crocodile Hunter went to the great Outback Steakhouse in the sky. One wonders how the old man’s heart was able to pump with a stingray barb in it.

Imagine if someone bred these vicious stingrays en masse and released them into waters all over the world. Hmm....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Congratulations to The Neck on his historic victory over The Georgia Nigger, The New York Bitch, and The Miami Mustache.

Dear, The Neck: Try not to lapse back into your self-destructive substance abuse problem, and remember to send a letter of apology to the Mother of the Blossom-Wannabe.
Just Another Day In America

- 10,000 African Turds Floating This Way, State Department Tells Americans: Open Wide!

- More Proof that Touchy-Feely Education Just Does Not Work: Students who are confident with math and enjoy it are less likely to do well than those who don't. Thus, building confidence with a subject DOES NOT EQUAL building competence in a subject.

- New Orleans: American Soldier Back From the Iraq War, Dismembers Girlfriend and Cooks her Head in a Pot. Her legs and feet were cooked separately in an oven. The rest of her body was left in a trash can. The corpse (what was left of it) was discovered after the veteran leapt to his death with a 5-page suicide note in his pocket. The press is blaming it on Katrina! Look 1/3 of the way down the page for the story.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006

When a Tar Baby Becomes a Flail

On Tuesday, this Negress (Chyrotia Graham) swung her baby like a blunt weapon at her baby's daddy. As you can see, his gorilla paw was a bit more effective then her monkey cudgel. Apparently she had been drinking, and says it was all a mistake. Yeah, Chyrotia Me a River you repulsive ghetto chimp.
Is it me, or does she look an awful lot like this guy from Return of the Jedi:

Oh dear, just as I wrote this, I was felled from my high horse, and there was a light, and a voice from the light said: Mocketh not the ape, for t'was ordained and foretold:

“The negress trollop shall thrust the picaninny from her very breast, to countermand assaults of primordial beasts. Such commissions are the will of Yahweh, praise his name, and shall ner’ be disparaged. It is HIS will this mechanism employed. The next 1st day of counting grants the dissemination of riches from the Higher Ones. In the whilst, the beast shall reap benefit from another of the herd, they being plentiful bitches”.
Poitier of Sidney 12:10
- Courtesy of Pastor Boob, Archbishop of Fenway

Here is a picture of the baby daddy, ready for his baby's mama to get out of prison. Sometimes I get heavy into visual humor.
How retarded is this?

When I first saw a commercial for a cup stacking game, I thought I was watching a parody. However, none of the people in the commercial were recognizable comic actors. Then it dawned on me - it has come to this: anything to waste the product of human labor.

The idea that people would pay for specialty cups for this ridiculous game only compounds my unimaginable sorrow. Cost at Walmart Online: $38.26, and be aware that pink Speed Stacks are out of stock!

Oh, but it’s harmless, and it’s great for building hand-eye coordination, and it’s less expensive than video games!

So is emptying the dish washer, and you don’t have to pay $38.26 for the privilege.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Like Mona Montgomery, but this is Disturbing.
Idiots, Idiots Everywhere...

This Story Reminds Me of My Eighth Grade Gym Teacher
Coach who had autistic kid beaned imprisoned: Downs, 29, allegedly offered 8-year-old player $25 to hit teammate
Coach admits guilt: "I didn’t do nothing"

This Year’s Must Have Fashion Accessory: Your Own Nigger AIDS Orphan from Africa!
Malawi boy's future bleak before Madonna
Imagine how the other children felt when Madonna took one of their own out of squalor and left the rest to starve to death.

Bugs Bunny Blamed For Spontaneous Generation of Botulism in Carrot Juice
Consumers to blame for botulism outbreak, juice maker says
The company that distributed carrot juice linked to a string of botulism infections has blamed the consumers for not refrigerating the carrot juice properly.

Dear, Bolthouse Farms:
Due to the research of men like Pasteur, we now know that microorganisms and the toxins they create do not spontaneously materialize from foul vapors. Please fire the 17th century alchemist you have working in your Quality Control Lab and then shoot to death your spokesperson for having even suggested that Clostridium botulinum is an acceptable contaminant in carrot juice that can be dealt with by standard refrigeration.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey! Teachers! Redux.

Today, I would like to respond to a comment by The Chairman, regarding my blog entry yesterday. Here is a portion of that post, the rest of which is available in the comments section of yesterday’s entry:

From The Chairman:

I assume you use the phrase 'young ladies' loosely (pun intended)... 'socialist female fodder' might be a better characterization.

As I've observed (and this was obvious among the females even back in the 1980's) over the years; what is really happening is the subtle desensitization of the masses by 'normalizing' behavior which would be considered highly distasteful, vulgar, rude, or obscene by our parents and grandparents... this is a classic example of how communist/Marxist dialectic destroys our moral barriers and inhibitions.

One merely needs to turn on the TV for a few minutes to witness the glut of sordid and obnoxious behavior which would have been unthinkable to broadcast 10 - 20 years ago.

My response:

Dear The Chairman:

Yesterday, I subconsciously ascribed dignity to the females I daily encounter at school out of an old-fashioned sense of courtesy. I am afraid no looseness (however pun-worthy!) was intended, and that I have cheapened the inherent value of the word lady by using it on the malcontent pseudo-whores that pass for human females these days. For that, I apologize to everyone.

Let me give you a sample of the conversations these girls have engaged in, JUST this semester:

1) When referring to an infant who had extremely disturbed androgen production that caused him to develop coarse body hair as well as pubic hair at birth, and an almost adult sized penis, the female teacher quipped that he would be the most popular boy in High School by the time he was a teenager. A girl in class commented to everyone that the infant might have twelve-inch penis or larger by the time he was an adult. And another commented to me after class (unsolicited mind you while we were discussing an unrelated lab report), “I’ve slept with a guy who had a ten-inch penis and it hurt having sex with him.”

2) One female describing how she was so infatuated with her High School gym teacher that she considered offering herself to him for sex. And, reaffirming how gorgeous the teacher was by insisting that her best friend went so far as to say: “There’s a man who I’d be willing to eat out his ass for him.” Though the female disagreed with her friend, she reaffirmed that the teacher was worth doing nasty things for.

3) One female asking the advice of another after having slept with another man twice over the weekend while her boyfriend went to visit his parents out of town. The other suggested the girl do both guys and keep it a secret. In a subsequent conversation, it was disclosed the cheating girl had broken it off with the cheating man, though feared he would reveal her indiscretion.

4) One female lamenting how she did not like to perform oral sex on her boyfriend because he didn’t wash his penis sufficiently, perhaps, she suggested, because it was so large.

5) During a conversation on the side effects of birth control, one girl casually mentioning an abortion she had to have while in High School, even though she was on birth control.

In all of these cases, I was overhearing a conversation or being told things I had not asked about. To be sure, I would not dare bring such subjects up, firstly because such topics are inappropriate, and more imperiling because, as a man, I could be accused of sexual harassment on campus for suggesting or even participating in such conversations.

What is disturbing to me is that several of the girls who carry on in this manner are competent scholars who, nevertheless, swear and swap dirty stories like sailors itching for shore leave. All of them have been friendly toward me, as well as helpful and polite in the laboratory. I like them as colleagues, but am confounded by their frivolous and promiscuous behavior.

A few points to note:
- Conversations about current events or developments in our field of interest are ONLY initiated by me.
- Conversations about politics or religion DO NOT occur.
- Conversations of a non-sexual nature always involve one or more of the following: television programs, pets, bath room habits, musicians, and for some unfathomable reason – Nascar.

I have come to the conclusion that women today are being trained by the feminists of yesteryear to be wide-roaming prostitutes who do not charge for their services. From the age they are old enough to put on a cowboy get-up and strut the stage like a stripper, they are prepared to be a well used hole in a mattress. Where once, sex, as in gender, was meant to be made irrelevent to equal pay and equal opportunity - sex, as in the behavior, is now a tool for the attainmnet and retention of power over males. Dignity is now irrelevant. Body-integrity is an obstruction to success. Without sex, the partnership of man and woman is unfathomable.

Your thoughts, gentle visitors?
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!

Last Thorsday (Thank you, TT), I participated in a casual conversation in class regarding school shootings, teacher sex scandals and so forth.

One of the young ladies chimed in with the helpful insight: "Maybe there aren't more women teachers having sex with kids, it's just that we hear more about it now."

To which I responded "Does that make what they are doing acceptable?"

To which I received the reply: "I'm just saying people are making a big deal out of it now."

Why is this such a common ploy used to justify unacceptable behavior: the "There Never Was a Good Old Days" argument? As if immorality is a constant that makes no difference to the final social equation.

I happen to believe that things ARE IN FACT WORSE than in decades past. And I happen to believe that female-teacher promiscuity and the sex abuse of male minors approaches crisis proportions in schools today. In light of the outrage over the Foley scandal, the hypocrisy of this nation is on full display as female teacher sex scandals become so common as to no longer warrant attention. Here is the support for my contention, helpfully organized by someone else.
This Is One of My Top Five Dream Jobs -

Birth Control Pilgrim

Just under: 4) Grand Inquisitor

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A quick bit of reasoning today…

Ask a white racist: How would you like to be reincarnated as a black person / kike / untermensch and face the hatred you direct towards people you consider subhuman?

This is a bit of Twilight-Zone-inspired, moral lesson claptrap but it probably causes more than a few racists to stumble.

Here is a suggested answer:

Good point. That’s why we need to KILL all the untermenschen, so that White people will only be reincarnated as White people.

Here is another suggested answer:

Are you implying that as karmic punishment, racist White people will be reincarnated as a lower life form, i.e. a black, jew, spic, homo, and/or paraplegic?

Does anyone else want to contribute a suggestion?

Friday, October 06, 2006

This story is preposterous: Women outnumber men in online games, survey finds

More from the article:
Of the 117 million active gamers in the U.S., 56 percent play games online. Sixty-four percent of those online gamers are female, according to results of the survey, released by Nielsen Entertainment on Thursday.

I simply do not believe this story. What methodology was used for this survey? Did they only interview people who played The Sims Online, or what? Is it a bunch of old ladies playing online blackjack who boost the numbers? Does clicking on the banner-ad-monkey count as a game now? If anything, 60% of avatars in online games are female, but most of those turn out to be immature men into controlling a female because they have never actually touched one. You know who you are.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Society Has A Responsibility to Destroy the Progeny of Charles Carl Roberts IV

I called Paul Gellar's show tonight, and advocated for the death of Charles Carl Roberts IV's children. Mr. Gellar was very polite, even while opposing my sentiments. He didn't even call me crazy (directly anyway), wasn't that nice of him? For those who don't understand my position, it is thus: Why allow the progeny of a murderous child molester to go forth and multiply, when the murderous child molester has destroyed the progeny of law abiding people? An eye for an eye, and a child for a child. Otherwise, the world will be overrun with the descendants of violent, child-molesting rapists and murderers...Which is what is happening right now!

On Monday of this week, I wrote:
The murderer’s wife, Marie Roberts, says that the man who did the shooting was not the man she knew as “loving” and “an exceptional father” to her children. Give it time you retard, you’ll remember the warning signs sooner or later, such as when the press digs them up and throws them in your gaping, mongoloid face. This was based on the story HERE.

Today, there is an update, and as I predicted:
On Tuesday, police revealed that Roberts had told his wife he molested young relatives 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting children again.

Now we see: she is complicit and should pay for her husband's crimes because she failed to get him help. I know, some will say: "What could she have done?" Imbeciles! She has a civic responsibility to get mental healthcare for her husband. If he had been put under psychiatric evaluation for a few days, this event could have been avoided. If it had been your children shot, perhaps you would understand her responsibility.

Many conspiracy enthusiasts claim this event was a Mind Control / Black Op / Whatever meant to get tougher gun control laws in place. It seems to me these people claim that every time something like this happens. Let us assume a Black Op was perpetrated. Does that mean that his wife had to sit by after being told this disturbing thing by her husband and not act upon the information? There is still a breakdown of society here, when a wife just goes about her business after being told, let me repeat the quote: "he molested young relatives 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting children again." After all, they had three children together!

And that doesn't change the fact how nambie-pambie the White people of this country are, that they hold the passivity of the Amish up as some sort of model for correct behavior in the face of violation and murder (read some of the comments on the Hal Turner Show website regarding the shooting story). Hello White people: this is exactly why the Christian sickness leads you to passively permit illegal immigration, black crime, government malfeasance, and on and on and on - compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, prayer, acceptance, there is no end to your self-defeating, self-annihilating madness.

And of course, don't let me ruin your Amish-love-in by reminding you of the high incidence of incestuous child molestation reported among the Amish. This is of course similar to how I ruined the Steve-Irwin-love-in by reminding everyone of him dangling his baby like a pork chop in front of a crocodile while reassuring us that he was too well trained to be in any danger (good thing the crocodile didn't have a stingray barb handy).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What did the exasperated Clone Trooper mutter to himself during combat?

Looks like I have to do everything myself in this army.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This man recently won a Noble Prize.
I am guessing it was not for inventing the toothbrush.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Amish Paradise

There has been yet another school shooting, by yet another crazed, lone gunman - Charles Carl Roberts IV (notice he’s got the assassin’s middle name thing going). More children are dead, and answers are not forthcoming to small minds. The perpetrator, a milk truck driver, took hostages at an Amish schoolhouse, tied up and executed three young girls, and then shot himself. A few days ago I argued that cowardice and lack of honor contributed to the death of a girl in a hostage taking in Colorado. Oh very funny Jew God, trying to make a counterargument, eh?

Well fine, so the Amish believe in nonresistance to violence. In this case, pure cowardice and self-interest don’t seem likely explanations for the compliant behavior of the hostages (both those released and those killed). In this case, we have another old favorite to justify insane, destructive behavior: Christian dogma. Taken to its extreme, turn the other cheek has permitted three girls to be executed. And what can the Amish do for justice or revenge? They can do nothing; they trust God will look after it.

If the society around them (that insulates them and permits their anti-culture to survive in a world that would otherwise be hostile) collapsed, the Amish would be made short work of. Even in the past century, the Amish have been abused by the supposedly “tolerant” society that shelters them, simply because the Amish don’t defend themselves.

Just because this seeming exception to the rule has occurred does not change my mind that the principle cause of our societal ills is our warped sense of justice and our complete lack of honor. America’s definition of justice and honor is just as confused and ineffective as the Amish. Though they differ in their spirit, their end result is the same: they permit injustice to flourish and displace their personal responsibility for the world they live in. And what is strange is that both America and the Amish are quick to evoke God for justice that they are unwilling to attain on Earth. Both argue that earthly justice is inadequate; one group simply prefers shunning to discourage injustice, and the other prefers imprisonment. And neither is willing to act preemptively and purge society of undesirables, those defective individuals most likely to be troublesome in the first place.

The murderer’s wife, Marie Roberts, says that the man who did the shooting was not the man she knew as “loving” and “an exceptional father” to her children. Give it time you retard, you’ll remember the warning signs sooner or later, such as when the press digs them up and throws them in your gaping, mongoloid face. Listen to the plea she made in her press statement:

"Our hearts are broken, our lives are shattered, and we grieve for the innocents and lives that were lost today. Above all, please pray. Pray for the families who lost children today, and please pray, too, for our family and children."

No. I refuse to have sympathy for you. I refuse to pray to a God that not only permitted this to happen, but one you slavishly revere on bended knee as the divine coordinator who absolves you of responsibility for this crime. Yes, you stupid whore – you are culpable. You married him. You slept with him. You should have known what was going on. And we cannot permit you and your kind, clueless as you claim to be, to exist any longer.

I call for the public execution of this woman and the children she sired for the murderer. Let them be shot by firing squad to wipe out the murderer’s seed from the earth. Why let his genetic legacy go forward, when he has destroyed the genetic legacy of others? Why permit the criminal and the defective to reproduce and thrive, while they destroy the progeny of the law-abiding? In a rational society, my argument would be seen for the sane, reasonable measure it is. But because we live in topsy-turvy land, the Christian imbeciles who populate this living Hell called America will embrace both the gunman’s children and the parents of the victims. They will all cry together and praise their fantasy God for his quirky plans. And I will be hated for even suggesting something as horrible as two wrongs making a right. Regardless, I don’t see answering a wrong with hysterical sobbing, hand-wringing, prayer, candlelight vigils, mercy, and sensitivity training is working any better.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Is Eugenics Making a Comeback?

Last Wednesday, a group of children, ages 14 (girl), 12 (boy), and 9 (boy), were detained for armed robbery at a Hollywood Video in Charleston, S.C. The 9-year-old was released to his parents after police said he was too young to be charged with a crime.

The District 10 Councilman of Charleston, one Mr. Larry Shirley, exasperated by a society in which young children behave like little gangstas offered this wisdom:
"What we've got is a failure in society, whether it's in Mount Pleasant with yuppie parents or whether it's on the East side with poor crackhead parents [...] We pick up stray animals and spay them. These mothers need to be spayed if they can't take care of theirs. ... Once they have a child and it's running the streets, to let them continue to have children is totally unacceptable." Deadbeat dads might ought to be sterilized as well, he said.

Dear, Mr. Larry Shirley:
Did you ever know that you’re my hero? I can fly higher than an eagle, because you are the wind beneath my wings.

Finally, a solution is offered to the PRODUCTION of the criminal element. In keeping with yesterday’s post about the inadequacy of reactive law enforcement, this solution is proactive in that it prevents the emergence of future criminals. But I go further, Mr. Shirley – sterilize the children as well! I say this in all seriousness - this is not humor, not sarcasm: I mean it. Aside from killing the little monsters, which would get Christian panties in a twist, sterilization of the criminal element is the next best thing. It’s like certain pest control methods, ones that prevent the insect from breeding but don’t kill it – less toxic (in this case to the conscience of the community), nearly as effective.

What’s that? A foul stench is seeping in. The winds are picking up. Get to your root cellar; I sense a shit storm on the horizon. Shall we take bets before how long Mr. Larry Shirley takes to apologize? I say his apology will be forthcoming by noon on Monday. Does anyone want to offer their own estimate?

Along with the above article comes a response from a Democrat State Senator, Robert Ford (Lord High Coon of Charleston):
[…] the notion of sterilizing people is just “crazy.” “What Larry Shirley needs to talk about is getting City Council to provide some recreational facilities and activities for these kids and creating an atmosphere conducive to normal society," said Ford, a former councilman. "We've got all sorts of things for kids to do in my neighborhood in West Ashley. They need that downtown. But he's upset that kids aren't listening to their parents. So what's new?"

Remind me to send some douche for Mr. Robert Ford’s feet; it must be very trying to do so much pussyfooting around. All right retard, let me dispose of your present argument:
1) First of all, don’t rationalize the actions of armed children holding up a video store and try to equate it with some sort of quaint adage that “those gosh darn kids just won’t listen.” This isn’t forgetting to do their homework, or not taking out the garbage, or jumping on the bed. This is armed robbery. Your dismissive attitude insults the intelligence of those you represent.
2) Lots of things to do? So it is the responsibility of the state to keep children distracted to ease the burden of their parents? Why is that kind of social engineering any less “crazy” than eugenic sterilization of the unfit? Your social programs enable the irresponsibility of inattentive parents, and place additional burden on responsible parents, who must pay more in taxes to cover welfare cheats, deadbeat dads, and community daycares for teenage thugs.
3) Normal society begins with the family relationship. All the social entitlement programs in the world will not fix broken people with broken children. In other words, these little hoods are beyond repair. Give them everything YOU have, waste all of YOUR time on them, but don’t make the rest of us unwilling contributors to your naïve reforms.

Mr. Ford, considering your smug, thoughtless, clichéd response to the sterilization argument, you are unworthy of leading a fly to dung, let alone restoring decency in a decaying civilization. You just assumed everyone would swallow your platitude, didn’t you? Don’t be fooled by any press attention you receive. To the average citizen, you’re just another blowhard who looks ridiculous.

If it is agreeable - let we few, we happy few, congratulate Mr. Shirley for his insight, and condemn Mr. Ford for his disingenuousness.

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