Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some'thing' Wicked This Way

Oh, this one is amusing. A couple from Maine, Nicolas and Lola Kampf, was arrested in New Hampshire, charged with kidnapping their 19-year-old daughter. It seems they wanted to take their 19-year-old out-of-state to have an abortion performed. Why you ask? We can’t be sure, but let’s examine the current facts:

1) The parents of the girl are White.
2) The baby-daddy is a Negro.

Well, that settles that, at least in the minds of the media. Here are a few more facts:
1) The 19-year-old, known as Ho-lita, I mean Miscege-annie, I mean the Future-Welfare-Mother-Formerly-Known as Mi’Bitch...I’ve got a million of these…named Katelyn, is not living with her parents, but at her baby-daddy-momma’s house.
2) According to this CNN article, the baby-daddy, Reme Johnson Ape III, “[…] last week began serving a 6-month sentence for theft at the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn, Maine. He also has previous felony convictions for burglary and receiving stolen property, the Portland Press Herald reported.”
3) The parents didn’t seem to mind the boyfriend when they met him previously.
4) The lawyer that represented the abortion-happy parents at the arraignment is now only representing the mother.

Yes, something is suspicious in Koontown, Maine. I wonder what led to the abduction, and just what kind of people we are dealing with. Needless to say, a story that combines interracial sex, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, criminality, and interstate abortion capers is bound to draw the media vultures. This should be interesting.

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