Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let’s Do Some Updating, Shall We?

The Glen Cove Slaying

Weeks ago I brought you the story of Evan Marshall, whose Jewfro combined with a history of childhood Catholicism confused me so. Oh yeah, Evan Marshall was also found in possession of his neighbor’s head in his car trunk, while the rest of her body was cut up and left in garbage pails around his mother’s basement, where Evan Marshall resides. Well, surprise! He has pled not guilty! Do we really need to go through with a trial? Do we really need to pretend someone is guilty until proven innocent in such a case? In the same article, the woman Marshall is accused of hitting with his car (a vehicle otherwise known as the severed-head-mobile) on the day of the murder is quoted as saying: “The most important thing is that he is kept in jail." Dear God help me, I am feeling weak. That’s the most important thing? Not that justice is done and Marshall suffers as his victim did? Not that we find people like Marshall and eliminate the threat before it happens? Not that the state must pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to keep Marshall alive and in prison for God knows how many decades? It sounds like this lady has brain damage following her run in with the severed-head-mobile. By the way, the main reason I am updating this story is because once again I am getting visitors looking for information related to the story: specifically, for Supervised Lifestyles – the mental health facility Marshall did a stint in.

Islamic Anger at the Pope

Even today, as the Pope says he is “deeply sorry for the reactions” to his Regensburg lecture, world Muslimry has proved it is exactly what Emperor Manuel II Paleologus said it was: ISLAM IS EVIL AND INHUMAN. Want proof? A 70-something Catholic nun was shot three times in the back while working at a children’s hospital in Somalia. Already her death is being blamed on the Pope’s comments. Dear Holy Father, please do not apologize any further for your speech. They want you to say you are sorry for your words, not their reactions. They will scream and flail and behave like monsters until you do. But every day that goes by without a full apology, is another day to Muslims prove the Emperor’s point. There will be no dialogue with these beasts. The BBC is running this picture on their frontpage, I am copying it specifically for the purpose of critiquing the BBC, which is a legally protected means of reproducing copyrighted work:

Oh very clever BBC whores. Make the Pope look like he is having a crying fit as he apologizes. Don’t think your crude attempt at humor and desecration of the image of the Holy Father has gone unnoticed. You are enemies of the West and your time will come. No matter which side wins the clash of civilizations, you media whores will be dealt with by the victors.

In Tribute of Oriana Fallaci

I cannot adequately express my disappointment with the West in that the best tribute of Oriana Fallaci that I can find is in an Israeli newspaper. Every Western journalist writing on Fallaci is quick to distance himself or herself from Fallaci’s anti-Islamic views. Here is a link to the Israeli article that gives fair treatment to Fallaci’s memory. The concept that a 76-year-old Italian woman would have been on trial for defaming Islam is a NATIONAL DISGRACE FOR THE ITALIAN PEOPLE. Have you Italian men been castrated? You are a pack of worthless Turkish bath boys, sodomized by your Muslim masters. Prove that you are still men and spill the blood of your invaders. Or is cowardice your true legacy?

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  1. If people wish to learn more about Supervised Lifestyles, where Evan Marshall lived during the murder, they can view it here: