Tuesday, September 26, 2006

IRONY! New and Improved! In Crunchy-Chewy Muslim-Head Form!

A re-envisioning of a Mozart opera has been pulled from the Deutsche Oper in Berlin because it contains a scene in which the severed heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha and the [faggot] prophet Muhammad are held aloft with the declaration “The Gods are dead.” Those in charge of the production are reacting to the imagined possibility of violence in response to any perceived criticism of Islam. This fear-based self-censoring is not original, and now that the Pope is bowing and scraping to the Muslims, the German Opera pansies are in good company. Oh, mein Pope-fuhrer, you could have given us another Crusade! What a disappointment you are to me.

Where was I? Oh yeah! So, what is interesting about this story is not the self-censoring nonsense, which many of us have seen before, but the jointly hypocritical and ironic behavior of German bigwigs, who condemn such censorship without seeing how they crudely censor the political beliefs of others all the time (think Zundel). Check a few quotes from the article:

“If the mere fear of Islamic protest leads to self-censorship, then the democratic principle of freedom of expression is directly threatened,” said Bernd Neumann, the cultural adviser of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. “Art and the media have the task of setting out contradictions and arguments that are going on within society.”

Unless they are about the Holocaust, right Herr Neumann?

Peter Ramsauer, the head of the conservative Christian Social Union parliamentary faction, had stronger words: “It is an act of pure cowardice. We are opening ourselves up to cultural blackmail.”

Which is normally not a problem for you and other Germans, as long as it is Jews doing the cultural blackmailing, right Herr Ramsauer?

Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Interior Minister who is due to open a conference today on Islam and German society, said that the decision to cancel the opera was insane, laughable and unacceptable.

Insane, laughable and unacceptable, I agree Herr Schäuble; too bad your critique of censorship is so myopic.


  1. What an ironically profound paradox!

    The very people who cry 'never again' cower to the Islamo-Fascists... censoring the German nation's musical genius out of blind fear.

    Seems to me that's exactly how the Nazi's imposed their will on the German populace.



  2. It is good to hear from you, The Chairman.

    If there is one people on earth with a greater guilt complex than American White people, it is the German people.