Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey, There's a Stingray Barb in My Heart!

Oh, how quickly they forget. Now that the Crocodile Hunter has violated his last angry, lethal predator, and now that he may no longer tempt fate on a daily basis, the tributes and flowers flow in. But dear amnesiacs – don’t you remember the story of Steve Irwin dangling his infant son from his left hand while feeding a crocodile with his right? I know, I know – how dare I bring up something like that while the whole world mourns this “tragedy”. Ah, this is exactly my point! This wasn’t a tragedy, it was predictable.

Here we have the death of a man who on a daily basis defied statistics and common sense. Here we have the death of a man who was basically a daredevil who used animals in his act, rather than flaming loops and a motorcycle. Accidental death was probable, severe injury unavoidable. To say that he did this to raise awareness of the need for conservation of rare animals, which you believe is a laudable goal, does not change the fact that what he did for a living was reckless and dangerous.

As long as he only wanted to put his own life in jeopardy, he could be ignored. When he brought his infant son in on the act, he crossed the line of sanity. He also proved that he suffered from a dangerous sense of over-confidence in his abilities. If Irwin could have been caught off guard by a stingray that pierced his heart with its barb, there is always the possibility a crocodile could have mistook his son for bait.

It is always amazing to me the human ability to forget misdeeds without constant reminders. The Jews are aware of this propensity in humans, and so they pound the Holocaust into our heads every chance they get. In this case, to express shock and wonder at the cruel “tragedy” that took down the Crocodile Hunter is ludicrous. The man courted disaster with suicidal determination! In a way I am pleased by the news, perhaps it will remind the human race that actions have consequences which, in the age of preemptive wars, balloon mortgages, and morning after pills, humans seem to have forgotten.

The death of Steve Irwin should also be an object lesson for those who believe nature is on our side. But of course, people are still morons who refuse to learn even the simplest lessons, and who will turn this event into another excuse for driveling sentimentality. Take this little bit of pablum reported by CNN:

"Steve, from all God's creatures, thank you. Rest in peace," was written on a card with a bouquet of native flowers.

Here is my version:

"Mr. Irwin, from all Nature’s creatures, we didn’t know you from a hole in the ground," was written on a note made from crocodile hide.

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