Saturday, September 30, 2006

God glances irritably toward Colorado, where the prayers of children cry out for help. God grumbles to Himself, “Oh, what now?” and goes back to helping football and basketball teams to victory.

By now you have heard of the Colorado man who took six girls hostage at gunpoint in a rural school and then sexually assaulted them. During a subsequent S.W.A.T. raid, the gunman shot one girl (Emily Keyes) dead with a bullet to the back of her head, and then shot himself. Great job by the pigs in this case! Oh, I know … dwon’t cwiticize the coppers, thwey’re onwy dowing thweir job. So what do you call it, a success?

I know this “tragedy” (god, I hate triteness) will be used as another example of how dangerous gun nuts are, with retaliation from gun nuts that if the kids had been armed they could have fought back. But people will miss the more important issues: 1) our society’s dependence on reactive (not proactive mind you) law enforcement, which cannot prevent crime, and 2) the cowardice of our people. The first proceeds from the second, mind you.

One may ask, what bravery do you expect from teenage girls, and I respond, a bravery which says it would be better to be shot resisting than to be molested. “Oh, you monster!” the jellyfish shriek, gelatinous tendrils aquiver. But let me put it to the spineless in a way they can understand, though which they would probably not act: Is it better to be a slave or resist? Is it better to be conquered or fight back? Obviously they, believing in the delusion of democracy without morality, would proclaim it is better to fight for one’s freedom and risk death than to be a prisoner or slave. But, because they are deluded, they place no value on sexual purity and self-integrity (think being strip searched at the airport or scanned with a machine that can see you naked), having been convinced thusly in order to make them more licentious and thereby decadent and easier to control (think advertising using sexual imagery used to sell unsexual things – naked chicks and cars, movies, food, etc.).

In other words, our country gives a lot of lip service to bravery and fighting for what is right, to putting it on the line (think, “Let’s Roll!”) but when hostage situations occur, we see how weak and cowardly everyone really is. In a society with a modicum of honor and respect for decency, the class taken hostage would fight back with anything they had, spirit being all that most of them would possess. The teacher would not leave some children behind; students would not abandon their classmates. Fellows would say, “I will risk being shot, being killed, to fight for what I believe in, that not one of us is worth more than another.”

Jellyfish: Oh, but that might have disastrous consequences!
Me: Or it might be a heroic gesture that saves lives.

Jellyfish: It’s not worth the risk.
Me: In other words, one life, perhaps your life, is worth more than another’s.

Jellyfish: That’s not what I said!
Me: Than what did you mean?

Jellyfish: Leave it to the professionals.
Me: The professionals cannot prevent crime, only react to it. Why is it acceptable to just allow crime to happen right in front of you when you could prevent it?

Jellyfish: Cause you could get your foolish self killed!
Me: What about your precious Flight 93?

Jellyfish: They knew they were going to be killed, they had to fight!
Me: And when one hostage is let go, and leaves a friend behind, the one who is leaving knows s/he is safe, but does not know the fate of the one left behind. How is that acceptable?

Jellyfish: What can s/he do?
Me: Fight.

Jellyfish: But s/he could be killed!
Me: Thus it is with any belief worth fighting for. But because our society encourages selfishness and cowardice under the guise of playing it smart, injustice flourishes.

Jellyfish: (Wobble. Vacillate. Exit.)

Here is what I say: If we were willing to fight and possibly die or suffer injury for what we believe in, we could fix every problem with which we were confronted. It is unacceptable to be a part of a society so dedicated to self-interest that these girls suffered the way they did. What was once outrageous and inconceivable to the White Western World is now an everyday occurrence. Our children are being victimized daily, and we all play the “tragedy” lottery, hoping our number is not drawn.

Teach your children it is better to fight than to submit.
Teach your children it is better to die with honor than to live in shame.
Then live by your words, and teach your children by example.

By the way, there is no mystery in the motive, as everyone claims. Don’t wrack your brain too hard detectives, as you pour over the last note the shooter wrote. The man was a loser on his last legs, tired of life and hateful toward those who he perceived had wronged him. He decided to show the world just what he thought of it by violating it and taking an innocent with him. I say torture and kill his immediate family - the only people he seemed to care about. That should satisfy the Furies. I know it would satisfy me.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Flurry of Updates

I hope you few loyal readers won’t mind if I take this opportunity to update several stories I have previously commented on. It seems to me that the media is very willing to just drop a story like a lead weight once it has, in their minds at least, run its course. I think more highly of you than they do, so I think you will appreciate these follow-ups.

He Sure is the Queen, but He’s No Beauty
Remember John Mark Karr? Now we know there was no DNA evidence linking him to the Jon Benet Ramsey case. But did you know that through the ineptitude of the American legal system, he is probably going to go free? This is because the pornographic images that formed the basis of the case he fled to escape trial for have been lost. So, to recap, thousands were spent to bring John Mark Karr back to justice in a business class seat where he was fed prawns and champagne, to end up dismissing the charges against him? We truly live in a madhouse, not a country.

Austrian Girl Held Captive 8 Years, Doesn't Cure Her Bitchiness
It turns out that Natascha Kampusch is even weirder than I first declared her to be. After sympathizing with her captor and avoiding her parents (see this blog’s archives for proof), the 18-year-old has also had to defend herself against allegations she went on a skiing holiday with her captor within the past year. Now one might say that it was all part of her Stockholm Syndrome, but what about when she LIED to reporters by denying she had been on holiday with her abductor, only to have her lawyer confirm it later? This comes amid reports she is busily marketing her image to make as much money as possible from her plight. Today, I officially upgrade her weirdness from its current “Patty Hearst in a Closet” level to “Michael Jackson in an Oxygen Tent”, which means all sympathy for her must be cutoff by midnight tonight, even from Christian whackos.

God’s Smackdown of Nature-Lovers Confirmed
The 20-some World Wildlife Fund workers and the other do-gooders reported missing after their helicopter disappeared in Nepal over the weekend have been found – which is to say, what’s left of them has been found. Dismembered bodies were strewn amidst the wreckage of their helicopter, discovered early this week. In related news, the world shrugs and goes about its business.

Quote Should Have Read: The Only Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim
I marvel at the lunacy of the Germans, well, of Europeans in general. Hot on the heels of the Berlin Opera’s Islamic-fearing censorship gaffe this week, we have this comment from the German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who earlier condemned the censorship as “insane, laughable, and unacceptable”:
"We want a dialogue with Germany's Muslims who no longer simply represent a foreign group, but who are an integral part of our society […]”. Charming, Herr Schaeuble; but personally I find this remark insane, laughable, and unacceptable.

Monkey See Monkey Do (An 11-Year-Old Girl)
A fourteenth negro has been charged in the gang-rape / lesbian-coached circle jerk involving an 11-year-old HIV+ negress in Milwaukee earlier this month. And as usual, a story damaging to the niggers goes ignored on the national level. Media quoted as saying: "Unless the nigger is going to be acquitted, we don't want to hear about it!"

But When A White Person Does It…
By contrast…a little over a week ago, a race-mixing college drop out, several months pregnant by her incaracertated nigger thief boyfriend, was taken across state lines by her well-to-do parents, who sought to get her chimp-baby aborted. The attorney for the parents says he wants the couple sentenced to counseling, while the DA wants to pursue them for kidnapping charges that could mean thirty years in the slammer. The story gets weirder – the whore, Katelyn Kampf, will not speak to her parents and, according to the afore-linked article, "has made known her position of what happened to law enforcement and she just wants the criminal process to see its way through so they can be punished for what they have done." I find this a rather odd thing for a daughter to do in such circumstances. Perhaps she is not the victim the media has made her out to be? Here's hoping you spontaneously abort your baboon and break your neck slipping on the blood and mucous pouring from the public toilet you call a vagina Katelyn!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Man With the Face of a Rotting Jackolantern Attempts to Complete Pumpkinification of His Appearance By Contracting Hepatitis C

Under the headline, Tyler Admits Being Treated For Hepatitis C, we learn that the Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler wants to raise awareness of the disease, after having survived grueling chemotherapy to treat his own Hep C infection. But what goes unexplained by the many articles circulating about his infection, is how he acquired it.

Did he catch the disease after an organ transplant in the early 1980's?
Was he secretely a blood banker by night who accidently stuck himself with an infected needle?
Are we supposed to believe the infection was a spontaneous manifestation of sin? don't it couldn't don't think that HEROIN ABUSE had anything to do with the infection, do you? No, that's not true. That's impossible.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

But in the interest of raising awareness of Hepatitis C, why not discuss transmission routes, Mr. Tyler?

Here is a link to a current picture of Mr. Rotting-Jackolantern-Face, to prove the description is no exaggeration. Note that the title of this article includes "Hep C shock". Oh yes, who could have imagined someone like Steven Tyler could get Hep C. That's a real shocker, you fucking retards.
IRONY! New and Improved! In Crunchy-Chewy Muslim-Head Form!

A re-envisioning of a Mozart opera has been pulled from the Deutsche Oper in Berlin because it contains a scene in which the severed heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha and the [faggot] prophet Muhammad are held aloft with the declaration “The Gods are dead.” Those in charge of the production are reacting to the imagined possibility of violence in response to any perceived criticism of Islam. This fear-based self-censoring is not original, and now that the Pope is bowing and scraping to the Muslims, the German Opera pansies are in good company. Oh, mein Pope-fuhrer, you could have given us another Crusade! What a disappointment you are to me.

Where was I? Oh yeah! So, what is interesting about this story is not the self-censoring nonsense, which many of us have seen before, but the jointly hypocritical and ironic behavior of German bigwigs, who condemn such censorship without seeing how they crudely censor the political beliefs of others all the time (think Zundel). Check a few quotes from the article:

“If the mere fear of Islamic protest leads to self-censorship, then the democratic principle of freedom of expression is directly threatened,” said Bernd Neumann, the cultural adviser of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. “Art and the media have the task of setting out contradictions and arguments that are going on within society.”

Unless they are about the Holocaust, right Herr Neumann?

Peter Ramsauer, the head of the conservative Christian Social Union parliamentary faction, had stronger words: “It is an act of pure cowardice. We are opening ourselves up to cultural blackmail.”

Which is normally not a problem for you and other Germans, as long as it is Jews doing the cultural blackmailing, right Herr Ramsauer?

Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Interior Minister who is due to open a conference today on Islam and German society, said that the decision to cancel the opera was insane, laughable and unacceptable.

Insane, laughable and unacceptable, I agree Herr Schäuble; too bad your critique of censorship is so myopic.
We Don't Want Him, You Can Keep Him

George Allen is alleged to have used the N-word in 1976.
Imagine my shock and awe.
You know what the N-word is don't you?
As a white racist, I in no way condone what George Allen has possibly said. To be sure, he should have said it much more loudly, much more recently, and much more fervently. To the current political establishment: we don’t want George Allen in our camp. You keep him, like you did Trent Lott.
I have been thinking in strange directions lately.

I have come to the conclusion that The Chipmunks are actually supposed to be monks, on the basis of the cowled, single-piece garb they wear.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

God Says to Do-Gooders: “I Don't Think So!”

A helicopter carrying representatives from the Nepalese government, a Finnish Diplomat, a member of USAID (United States Agency for International Development), and a slew of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) activists has gone missing in the mountains of Nepal. LINK

Possible Outcomes:
1) Do-gooders are rescued and prayers to God for His mercy waft to the heavens
2) Do-gooders are all dead and prayers to God for His mercy waft to the heavens
3) Do-gooders are a mixed bag of survivors and corpses being held captive by Maoist guerillas
4) Do-gooders are a mixed bag of survivors and corpses, with survivors feeding off the dead while fending off flesh-eating Yeti attacks
5) Do-gooders are made into slaves of the secret Panda Empire, a race of Nazi-like super pandas that conquered Xanadu millennia ago and now command their bamboo-spaceships from inside a command center in the hollow earth

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some'thing' Wicked This Way

Oh, this one is amusing. A couple from Maine, Nicolas and Lola Kampf, was arrested in New Hampshire, charged with kidnapping their 19-year-old daughter. It seems they wanted to take their 19-year-old out-of-state to have an abortion performed. Why you ask? We can’t be sure, but let’s examine the current facts:

1) The parents of the girl are White.
2) The baby-daddy is a Negro.

Well, that settles that, at least in the minds of the media. Here are a few more facts:
1) The 19-year-old, known as Ho-lita, I mean Miscege-annie, I mean the Future-Welfare-Mother-Formerly-Known as Mi’Bitch...I’ve got a million of these…named Katelyn, is not living with her parents, but at her baby-daddy-momma’s house.
2) According to this CNN article, the baby-daddy, Reme Johnson Ape III, “[…] last week began serving a 6-month sentence for theft at the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn, Maine. He also has previous felony convictions for burglary and receiving stolen property, the Portland Press Herald reported.”
3) The parents didn’t seem to mind the boyfriend when they met him previously.
4) The lawyer that represented the abortion-happy parents at the arraignment is now only representing the mother.

Yes, something is suspicious in Koontown, Maine. I wonder what led to the abduction, and just what kind of people we are dealing with. Needless to say, a story that combines interracial sex, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, criminality, and interstate abortion capers is bound to draw the media vultures. This should be interesting.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Popeye's Bloody Diarrhea

Michael *Martinez* writing for the Chicago Tribune is perplexed by the E. coli outbreak that has tainted spinach grown in the Salinas Valley. He asks why there have been 9 outbreaks in that region over the past decade. To him, it seems as if the E. coli is just spontaneously generating amidst the vegetation. Hint: This particular strain of E. coli prefers the human bowel for its living space, not leafy greens.

Later in his article, he quotes an organic grower who had another idea for the source of the outbreak:
Alex Sancen, 38, who quit his job as an aluminum factory worker in the Los Angeles area two years ago to become a farmer, said the contamination probably occurred after the package of spinach was purchased. "I think the problem is with the handling in the restaurants," Sancen said. "Restaurants have more bacteria than restrooms. I think part of the problem is with the handling."

Well thank you for your insights Professor, but I wonder at the widespread simultaneity of the exposure. In other words, shut your ignorant face you dullard.

I will tell you the source of the E. coli outbreak, which hitherto has been blamed on cows and dirt, and now restaurants that disparately-though-simultaneously generate potentially lethal strains of E. coli:
The source is a bunch of filthy, squat, Mestizo dwarfs defecating in ditches next to the fields from which you fill your salad bowls. The Mexicans may have picked up the microbe from the soil, but their intestines are the necessary environment for an outbreak to erupt. After spraying blood tainted diarrhea into ditches, they return with their unwashed hands and gather your food. And, presto, you have E. coli Outbreak Mania 2006.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I thought I'd share a brief sketch I wrote today for a friend:

What if Thomas Aquinas was alive today? I think it would go something like this -

Enter Paolo, Thomas’s College Dormmate

Paolo: Holy F**k Tommie, what have you been doing inside all day, it’s the f**kin’ weekend!

Thomas ignores Paolo and tries to finish what he is writing.

Paolo: You should have hung with us today man, oh f**k, you f**kin missed it! Me, Skeeter, and Dog Boner lifted weights together all morning, then we hit the showers together and went to the mall to look for High School pu**y. They were all a bunch of tight ass bitches, so we went to Skeeter’s mom’s house and we jerked off to this video Skeet has of him doing his girlfriend up the a**, it was wild man!

Thomas’s concentration is broken; he saves his file and exits to desktop. He glances over at Paolo with an exasperated look.

Paolo: So, what the f**k have you been doing all day?

Thomas: I have been writing an article on the virtue of chastity.

Paolo: Dude, that is so gay.

End scene.
Let’s Do Some Updating, Shall We?

The Glen Cove Slaying

Weeks ago I brought you the story of Evan Marshall, whose Jewfro combined with a history of childhood Catholicism confused me so. Oh yeah, Evan Marshall was also found in possession of his neighbor’s head in his car trunk, while the rest of her body was cut up and left in garbage pails around his mother’s basement, where Evan Marshall resides. Well, surprise! He has pled not guilty! Do we really need to go through with a trial? Do we really need to pretend someone is guilty until proven innocent in such a case? In the same article, the woman Marshall is accused of hitting with his car (a vehicle otherwise known as the severed-head-mobile) on the day of the murder is quoted as saying: “The most important thing is that he is kept in jail." Dear God help me, I am feeling weak. That’s the most important thing? Not that justice is done and Marshall suffers as his victim did? Not that we find people like Marshall and eliminate the threat before it happens? Not that the state must pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to keep Marshall alive and in prison for God knows how many decades? It sounds like this lady has brain damage following her run in with the severed-head-mobile. By the way, the main reason I am updating this story is because once again I am getting visitors looking for information related to the story: specifically, for Supervised Lifestyles – the mental health facility Marshall did a stint in.

Islamic Anger at the Pope

Even today, as the Pope says he is “deeply sorry for the reactions” to his Regensburg lecture, world Muslimry has proved it is exactly what Emperor Manuel II Paleologus said it was: ISLAM IS EVIL AND INHUMAN. Want proof? A 70-something Catholic nun was shot three times in the back while working at a children’s hospital in Somalia. Already her death is being blamed on the Pope’s comments. Dear Holy Father, please do not apologize any further for your speech. They want you to say you are sorry for your words, not their reactions. They will scream and flail and behave like monsters until you do. But every day that goes by without a full apology, is another day to Muslims prove the Emperor’s point. There will be no dialogue with these beasts. The BBC is running this picture on their frontpage, I am copying it specifically for the purpose of critiquing the BBC, which is a legally protected means of reproducing copyrighted work:

Oh very clever BBC whores. Make the Pope look like he is having a crying fit as he apologizes. Don’t think your crude attempt at humor and desecration of the image of the Holy Father has gone unnoticed. You are enemies of the West and your time will come. No matter which side wins the clash of civilizations, you media whores will be dealt with by the victors.

In Tribute of Oriana Fallaci

I cannot adequately express my disappointment with the West in that the best tribute of Oriana Fallaci that I can find is in an Israeli newspaper. Every Western journalist writing on Fallaci is quick to distance himself or herself from Fallaci’s anti-Islamic views. Here is a link to the Israeli article that gives fair treatment to Fallaci’s memory. The concept that a 76-year-old Italian woman would have been on trial for defaming Islam is a NATIONAL DISGRACE FOR THE ITALIAN PEOPLE. Have you Italian men been castrated? You are a pack of worthless Turkish bath boys, sodomized by your Muslim masters. Prove that you are still men and spill the blood of your invaders. Or is cowardice your true legacy?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Doesn't dignity mean anything to you? Don't you have a little pride, pigs?"

Oriana Fallaci is dead. I am sad. I will not give you links to any obituary article as I have been unable, after hours searching, to find an article that does her justice. If you can find one, send it to me. I cannot read Italian. Maybe that would have helped my search, I do not know.

If one more idiot reporter criticizes The Rage and the Pride without quote or explanation, I will be forced to projectile vomit into the face of any Muslim I may come across.

Please read this, it is by Oriana Fallaci:

I don't go to raise tents in Mecca. I don't go to sing Our Fathers and Hail Marys at the tomb of Muhammad. I don't go to pee on the marble of their mosques, I don't go to make caca at the feet of their minarets. When I find myself in their countries (something I never derive pleasure from), I never forget I'm a stranger and a guest. I'm careful not to offend them with clothes or gestures or behavior which for us are normal and for them inadmissible. I treat them with dutiful respect, dutiful courtesy. I apologize if through carelessness or ignorance I infringe one of their rules or superstitions. And this cry of pain and indignation I have written you not always with the apocalyptic scenes with which I began my piece before my eyes. At times instead of those I saw an image that for me is symbolic (and therefore infuriating), of the great tent with which for three months a summer ago the Somali Moslems disfigured, defiled, and outraged the Piazza del Duomo in Florence. My city. It was a tent raised to blame, condemn and insult the Italian government that played host to them but didn't grant them the necessary papers to run around Europe and didn't let them bring hordes of their relatives into the country Mammas, daddies, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, pregnant sisters-in-law and even relatives of relatives. It was a tent situated near the beautiful Archbishop's Palace and on the sidewalk outside it they put the shoes or the slippers that in their countries they line up outside the mosques. And together with shoes or slippers, empty water bottles they used to wash their feet before prayer. A tent set up in front of the cathedral with the dome by Brunelleschi, beside the baptistery with the golden doors of Ghiberti. A tent, in fine, furnished like a sloppy flat: chairs, tables, sofas, mattresses to sleep or to fuck on, cook stoves to prepare food and befoul the square with smoke and stinking smells. And thanks to the usual insensitivity of the ENEL, which cares about as much about our works of art as it cares about our landscape, it was furnished with electric light. Thanks to a radio-tape player, it was enriched by the tortured voice of a muezzin who regularly exhorted the faithful, deafened the infidels, and drowned out the sound of the church bells. And together with all that, the yellow lines of urine that profaned the marbles of the baptistery. (Good God! They have a long stream, these sons of Allah. How do they manage to hit a target separated from the protective railing and therefore almost two meters away from their urinary organ?) With the yellow lines of urine was the stink of their shit which blocked the gate of San Salvatore al Vescovo: the exquisite Romanesque church (A.D. 1000) which sits on the shoulders of the Piazza del Duomo and which the sons of Allah had turned into a shithouse. You know it well. You know it well because it was I who called you, begging you to speak of it in Il Corriere, remember? I also called the mayor who, I must concede, kindly came to my house. He listened to me, he said I was right. "You're right, you're really right..." But the tent wasn't removed. He forgot about it or couldn't manage. I also called the Foreign Minister, who was a Florentine, indeed one of those Florentines who speak with a very Florentine accent, not that he was involved in the matter. And he too, I concede, listened to me. He said I was right: "Ah, yes, You're right. Yes." But he didn't raise a finger to remove the tent and as for the sons of Allah who urinated on the Baptistery and shat upon San Salvatore al Vescovo, he soon made them happy. (As far as I know the daddies and mammas and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and pregnant sisters-in-law now are wherever they want to be.) That is, in Florence or other cities in Europe. Then I changed my strategy. I called a friendly cop who runs the security office and said, "Dear officer, I'm not a politician. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it. Moreover I have war experience and I'm wise to certain things. If you don't remove that frigging tent tomorrow, I'll burn it. I swear on my honor that I'll burn it, not even a regiment of carabinieri will be able to stop me, and I want to be arrested for this. Handcuffed and carried off to jail. I'll wind up in all the papers as a result." Well, being smarter than the others, in the course of a few hours he took it away. Where the tent had been there was nothing left but a huge disgusting pile of garbage. It was a Pyrrhic Victory. In fact it didn't in the least influence the creeps who for years have been wounding and humiliating what was the capital of art and culture and beauty. It didn't in the least discourage the other very arrogant guests of the city: Albanians, Sudanese, Bengalese, Tunisians, Algerians, Pakistani, Nigerians who with such fervor contribute to the drug trade and prostitution, apparently not prohibited by the Koran. Oh, yes: they're all still where they were before my cop took away the tent. In the courtyard of the Uffizi Gallery, at the foot of Giotto's tower. In front of the Loggia dell'Orcagna, around the Loggie del Porcellino. In front of the national library, at the entrance of the museums. On the Ponte Vecchio, where every so often they stab or shoot each other. Along the Arno, where they've sought and been granted financial support from the municipal government (yes, ladies and gentlemen, financial support). On San Lorenzo's church square where they get drunk on beer, wine, and liquor, race of hypocrites that they are, and where they utter obscenities to women. (Last summer, on that church square, they did that to me, who am by now an old woman. It goes without saying they brought more harm upon themselves. Oh, they brought more harm on themselves! One is still there moaning over his genitals.) In the historic streets where they bivouac with the pretense of selling "goods." By "goods" you must understand pocketbooks and suitcases copied from models protected by patents, and therefore illegal, and carvings, pens, African statuettes which ignorant tourists think are sculptures by Bernini, and "stuff to smell." ("Je connais mes droits," "I know my rights," he hissed at me, on the Ponte Vecchio, one I'd seen with his "stuff to smell.") And too bad if a citizen protests, too bad if he responds with "go exercise those rights at home." "Racist! Racist!" Too bad if by walking between the goods blocking a passage way a pedestrian damages a so- called Bernini sculpture. "Racist! Racist!" Too bad if a city policeman approaches and attempts an "Honorable son of Allah, sir, would you very much mind moving aside just a hair so people can get by?" They eat him alive. They menace him with a knife. At the very least they insult his mamma and his progenitors. "Racist! Racist!" And people endure with resignation. It has no effect even if you yell at them what my dad shouted during Fascism: "Doesn't dignity mean anything to you? Don't you have a little pride, pigs?"

The rest is HERE.

Death to Islam.

Friday, September 15, 2006

As If We Needed Another Reason to Hate Islam

The Pope has been blasted for speaking the truth – or, in fact, only quoting the truth spoken by someone else over six hundred years ago. The Pope did mention he was not speaking his own words but quoting Emperor Manual II Paleologos of the Byzantine Empire, who said:

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Of course world Muslimry (not a real word but I like it) is as outraged as a Jew on Christmas morning because of the Pope’s statement. The chorus begins: HALAH ACKBA ABBA MECH MA, or whatever the hell their babble is supposed to be saying. Generally, the babble translates to: Islam is a religion of love, the Pope doesn’t understand Islam, Islam is a religion of peace, Christians are responsible for persecuting peace-loving Muslims during the Crusades, we will kill the Pope and eat his foreskin on a kebob if he doesn’t say what we want him to say, and so on.

Of course, Western people are so damned stupid and cowardly nowadays they may just believe what these lying Muslim retards have to say.

After all, the liberal Western pansies will say, what about the Crusades? As usual, I am left saying: So, what about them?

Pansy: Didn’t Christians kill Muslims and try and conquer the Muslim lands?
Me: Yes, but what of it?

Pansy: Well, conquering and killing is bad, and Christians shouldn’t have done that.
Me: So when Islamic peoples conquered Palestine in 636, conquered Christian Egypt and North Africa by 698, conquered Christian Spain by 718, invaded Christian France in 732, attacked Rome in 844, invaded Hindu India in 1030, conquered Christian Byzantium in 1453 and turned one of the largest churches in the world into a mosque, invaded the Balkans and reached the gates of Vienna 1529, what was that supposed to be, make-believe?

Pansy: Well, that was bad too, but Christians should have known better.
Me: Ah, which implies that Muslims are of a violent, inferior religion of militant psychos, right?

Pansy: No! No! I mean, two wrongs don’t make a right.
Me: But you don’t expect Christians to behave any differently than Muslims in an epic contest of religions, since you just said Christians aren’t any better than Muslims, and Islam is just like Christianity in its values, right?

Pansy: Well…yeah…I guess so.
Me: Then why the hell do you think the Crusades make Christians more guilty than the violent conquests perpetrated by Islam make the Muslims guilty?

Pansy: Well, they don’t. But Christians shouldn’t say that Islam is evil, since Christianity has done evil things too.
Me: I can conceptualize a continuum of evil, which is to say, accept that some deeds are worse than others. In this case, the Muslims aggressively attempted to conquer Christian lands for a thousand years while the Christians were still weak and emerging from the Dark Ages after the Fall of Rome. Once the Christians became a predominant culture and could take the fight back to Islam, they did so with gusto. The practical need for safety and prosperity in one’s own land may have led the Christians to respond to Muslim aggression with equivalent aggression (Crusades, Spanish Reconquesta, Mediteranean Trade Wars, and Balkan Revolutions against the Ottomans to name a few) but taking the fight into solely Muslim lands was a product of 19th State-Sponsored Imperialism and 20th century Corporate Warfare, not religious fervor.

It is too easy to criticize Christians for the Crusades against Islam by forgetting that the Crusades were reactive in nature. The true history of Christian violence came from conquest of Pagan peoples both in Europe in and areas of European colonial expansion. Islam shares this predilection for aggression against Pagans, considering it was necessary to conquer pagan Mecca just to get the religion going in the first place!

From examination of the Pope’s address in Regensburg, which started all this nonsense, one would come to the conclusion that the Pope was talking about the compatibility of reason and faith. In his address, the Pope used several quotes from a discussion between Emperor Manual II Paleologos and “an educated Persian”. The Emperor questioned the reasonableness of the use of violence to spread religion, while the Muslim simply asserted that it didn’t matter how conversion was achieved, God would let happen what He wanted to let happen. Here is the relevant text:

In the seventh conversation (*4V8,>4H - controversy) edited by Professor Khoury, the emperor touches on the theme of the holy war. The emperor must have known that surah 2, 256 reads: "There is no compulsion in religion". According to the experts, this is one of the suras of the early period, when Mohammed was still powerless and under threat. But naturally the emperor also knew the instructions, developed later and recorded in the Qur'an, concerning holy war. Without descending to details, such as the difference in treatment accorded to those who have the "Book" and the "infidels", he addresses his interlocutor with a startling brusqueness on the central question about the relationship between religion and violence in general, saying: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached". The emperor, after having expressed himself so forcefully, goes on to explain in detail the reasons why spreading the faith through violence is something unreasonable. Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul. "God", he says, "is not pleased by blood - and not acting reasonably (F×< 8`(T) is contrary to God's nature. Faith is born of the soul, not the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats... To convince a reasonable soul, one does not need a strong arm, or weapons of any kind, or any other means of threatening a person with death...".

The Pope rejected the use of violence to compel conversion as unreasonable, thus agreeing with the Emperor:

The decisive statement in this argument against violent conversion is this: not to act in accordance with reason is contrary to God's nature

You may read the rest of the Pope’s lecture HERE.

It would be nice if global media would read the lecture as well, before condemning the Pope’s statements. Quashing freedom of speech is the raison d’etre of all political and social movements in existence today. I would have no connection to the racist movement if it hadn’t been for such a trend.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Don’t Look At the Ark, Marion!

Looking away while you think about something might be beneficial to coming up with the right answer. LINK

I wonder if this is how they came up with the Final Solution. ^-^

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Something's Fishy in Peru

It always amazes me how inverted priorities are for humans.

In Peru, a girl born with her legs fused has successfully undergone surgery to separate her legs, but faces another decade of reconstructive surgery to give her a “functional” genito-urinary system.

Milagros Cerron suffers from sirenomelia, which gives her a mermaid like flipper body. Note that sirenomelia wins this year’s award for most cleverly named horrific birth defect.

Now here is my outrageous and insensitive question: How much is all this going to cost, and who is paying for the operations?

Of course this is being done in Peru, so one might say it is none of my business – but I am still curious. Which is to say I am curious how a child from a poverty-stricken family in a third world nation with glaring social inequalities can afford such surgery, and how people in Peru feel about spending so much money on a defective. This sort of thing usually involves a hospital in the U.S. donating the surgery to some squat brown foreigner, at least that’s not the case this time.

According to the BBC article, the City of Lima is paying for the surgery, and the mayor of Lima happens to be the girl’s godfather.

Inappropriate Joke 1: I wonder if the godfather has to grant any request asked of him by fish mongers on the anniversary of the day his goddaughter was born with a fish tail.

Inappropriate Joke 2: I suppose if the godfather decided to pull funding for the operation, he wouldn’t send a note, he would simply send the fishtail girl home wrapped up in newspaper – they’ll get the message.

Inappropriate Joke 3: It must have been really awkward when the godfather had to borrow a fishing pole and bait to fish his goddaughter out of the baptismal pool after she wriggled out of her Christening net.

Believe me I could keep going like this all night. Anyhoo – here’s my point whenever I read a story like this: Humans will spend thousands upon thousands of (insert currency here) to fix defectives, while the masses of healthy people go without free preventative medical care. Humans will spend thousands upon thousands of (insert currency here) to personally educate retards, while normal children are crammed dozens to a classroom. Humans will spend thousands upon thousands of (insert currency here) to house and feed criminals, while denying a living wage for the law abiding.

Humans have inverted priorities.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Justice Has Been Swift Lately!

I must say, I have been smirking now for 24 hours, and my face is getting tired – but please don’t stop the good news!

First, there was the story of ER Nurse Susan Kuhnhausen, who strangled a home invader with her bare hands. Here is more detail on that story.

Second, there is this story out of Harlem, in New York City:
Margaret Johnson, 56, shot and wounded a mugger who tried to take a chain from around her neck, thereby preventing the theft. What makes the story more extraordinary is that Margaret Johnson is wheelchair bound, carries a licensed pistol, and was on her way to a shooting range when the attack occurred. Congratulations, Margaret Johnson! Thank you for your bravery and your service to the community!

And third, there is an update on the Milwaukee child gang-rape story:
Police said the alleged 11-year-old victim willingly interacted with these men and has been sexually active for some time. The girl was born with the AIDS virus, and police believe there are many men out there who were unaware of the health risk they were taking.

OH DEAR GOD, IT IS JUST TOO PERFECT. I am quite pleased I was unable to predict this twist to the story; it has been like X-mas in September.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Let Us Rejoice Tonight, For One Strong Woman

An Oregon ER nurse, Susan Kuhnhausen, came home to find an intruder, armed with a hammer, burglarizing her home. What was her solution?

She strangled the man to death with her bare hands!

The man, a convicted felon, was reported to be 5’ 9” tall and weighed 180 pounds. Kuhnhausen is reportedly 5’7” tall and weighs 260 pounds. That makes her BMI greater than 40, meaning she is morbidly obese. But that didn’t mean she was helpless or unable to cope with the threat.

In fact, I wonder what would have happened had she been 5’7” and 120 pounds? She may have had the same fighting spirit, but would she have had the bulk to crush the invader’s throat? Let’s hope so, but I'm afraid I doubt it.

Regardless of size, bravo Susan Kuhnhausen! Your justifiably violent defense of your property, combined with the public admiration of your bravery, give me a reason to smile tonight. Very well done!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

11-Year-Old Girl Sexually Services As Many As 20 Males in Milwaukee Gang Rape Incident

This report is just beginning to spread and the coverage of the story largely hinges on repetition of the AP report. Some stories report a few more details than the others, but everywhere the story is headlined as the gang-rape of an 11-year-old. I will give you a few more details of the story, which to me seems less cut and dry than at first presented, though no more wretch-inducing.

- An 11-year-old girl goes over to the home of a 16-year-old girl to whom she is homosexually attracted. The older girl is reported to have dressed and acted like a boy.

- The 16-year-old girl, in collaboration with her 15-year-old brother, discuss the possibility of organizing an event at which the 11-year-old may perform oral sex upon neighborhood boys.

- The 11-year-old says she was coached by the 16-year-old into performing the sex acts on the boys and one man who showed up.

- The 16-year-old girl says it was the 11-year-old girl’s idea, and that the younger girl needed no encouragement, but does not deny watching the spectacle.

- The 11-year-old girl performed oral sex on three of the teenagers and the one adult man, the 40-year-old uncle of the 16-year-old girl.

- It is supposed that as many as 20 teenage males may have participated in other acts with the girl, and it is asserted that they were at least present to watch.

Legally, this is rape. However, though it boggles the mind, it must be considered that the 11-year-old really was willing to engage in the sex acts as a way to please the older girl – the object of her homosexual attraction. It is difficult to comprehend that any child could be a party to such acts, but certainly the 16-year-old was, so what does that say about the possibility that the 11-year-old was too?

My belief is that this story is much too graphic and raises too many terrifying questions for it to spread. There are some horrors that humans just don’t want to think about because they fear the assault upon their sanity. To consider that an 11-year-old American girl might be so debased as to willingly put herself into the situation is too much of a strain on the psyche. It is easier to accept the more common explanation that the girl was most likely abused (probably molested) before the incident, and the gang-rape is simply a continuation of the first abuse. This may be the truth, or it may be a method to dismiss the whole story and get on with life.

But, we should consider that America may be a place so saturated with abnormal sexual displays, education, behavior, and permissiveness that we are now seeing depravity in children of that age. Do people who are molested all end up behaving like whores servicing their neighborhoods? Of course they do not. It is simply too convenient to rely on the abuse explanation.

My prediction for this story:
1) As mentioned, the story will NOT go national in any big way because it is too graphic and would disturb the sheeple.
2) Efforts will be made to minimize the extent of the crime (number of spectators, extent of sex practices) though the fundamental truth will go unchanged; at least people will be able to comfort themselves by saying, “It wasn’t as bad as first reported!” (Remember: 50,000+ died on Sept. 11, and then it went down to 3,000+).
3) There is video or photographic evidence to the crime that will point to the complicity of the 11-year-old.
4) The adult will be deemed mentally retarded or in some way mentally deficient and incapable of understanding the consequences of his actions, though he will still be punished, just not as severely.
5) The spectators will be sent to counseling, not Juvenile Hall.
6) The brother and sister will go to Juvenile Hall.
7) The 11-year-old will receive therapy, but will end up dead for whatever reason by age 30.
8) Life will go on as usual in the U.S.A. No one cares anymore what goes on as long as it doesn’t directly concern them – let society go to hell. America will continue to get worse and events like this will become more common.
9) Politics will intervene. Milwaukee will do a crime crackdown that will force the rats into hiding for a year or two. Liberals will cry for more sex education and free condoms in school, conservatives for abstinence education and prayer in school. These efforts will change nothing in the long run.
10) The people involved in this atrocity were a) Latino or b) African American or c) both.

Daily I become more and more convinced of the need to exterminate humanity. This attitude does not solely arise from learning about the defectives who do things such as described in this story, but from observation of the sheeple who cannot be bothered to care about where their society is heading.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Barbie’s New Dog Eats Its Own Crap

There is a new Barbie out. This Barbie comes with a dog, a garbage can, a magnetic pooper scooper, and magnetized brown lumps that double as dog biscuits and crap. Literally, you put the brown lumps in one end and they come out of the other. Then Barbie, equipped with her magnetized pooper scooper and with your help, picks the lumps up and puts them in the garbage.

Finally, it is your turn to take the crap out of the garbage and feed it back to the dog.

What a perfect metaphor for life in America.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey, There's a Stingray Barb in My Heart!

Oh, how quickly they forget. Now that the Crocodile Hunter has violated his last angry, lethal predator, and now that he may no longer tempt fate on a daily basis, the tributes and flowers flow in. But dear amnesiacs – don’t you remember the story of Steve Irwin dangling his infant son from his left hand while feeding a crocodile with his right? I know, I know – how dare I bring up something like that while the whole world mourns this “tragedy”. Ah, this is exactly my point! This wasn’t a tragedy, it was predictable.

Here we have the death of a man who on a daily basis defied statistics and common sense. Here we have the death of a man who was basically a daredevil who used animals in his act, rather than flaming loops and a motorcycle. Accidental death was probable, severe injury unavoidable. To say that he did this to raise awareness of the need for conservation of rare animals, which you believe is a laudable goal, does not change the fact that what he did for a living was reckless and dangerous.

As long as he only wanted to put his own life in jeopardy, he could be ignored. When he brought his infant son in on the act, he crossed the line of sanity. He also proved that he suffered from a dangerous sense of over-confidence in his abilities. If Irwin could have been caught off guard by a stingray that pierced his heart with its barb, there is always the possibility a crocodile could have mistook his son for bait.

It is always amazing to me the human ability to forget misdeeds without constant reminders. The Jews are aware of this propensity in humans, and so they pound the Holocaust into our heads every chance they get. In this case, to express shock and wonder at the cruel “tragedy” that took down the Crocodile Hunter is ludicrous. The man courted disaster with suicidal determination! In a way I am pleased by the news, perhaps it will remind the human race that actions have consequences which, in the age of preemptive wars, balloon mortgages, and morning after pills, humans seem to have forgotten.

The death of Steve Irwin should also be an object lesson for those who believe nature is on our side. But of course, people are still morons who refuse to learn even the simplest lessons, and who will turn this event into another excuse for driveling sentimentality. Take this little bit of pablum reported by CNN:

"Steve, from all God's creatures, thank you. Rest in peace," was written on a card with a bouquet of native flowers.

Here is my version:

"Mr. Irwin, from all Nature’s creatures, we didn’t know you from a hole in the ground," was written on a note made from crocodile hide.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Keep Trying, John!

John Hogan, the Death Leap Dad who killed his six-year-old son and wounded himself and his daughter by jumping from a hotel balcony while on holiday in Crete, made another suicide attempt while in police custody. The Times Online reported that Hogan grabbed a glass, smashed it, and tried to slit his wrists with the shards. Unfortunately for us all, he was saved.

This is what a person who was once insane and has now recovered his wits and realized the horror of what he has done would do – to remove himself from society. I have now a modicum of respect for Mr. Hogan, as long as he keeps trying to die.

“Oh, but what about his wife and daughter?” some would say.
“So? What about them?” I would respond.

Do you think the family could ever be reunited and have a normal life after what that man has done? Do you think that the family should have to waste all its resources traveling back and forth to Greece and putting on a defense for a child-murderer?

The girl-child is still young enough that if the defective-father is removed from her life and the mother finds another man, the girl will look upon that new man as her father and have a chance to grow up normally. What the hell do you people want? It’s as if some of you want to turn back the clock, or at least not give up the few scraps left from this disaster. Let it go for Christ’s sake.

Accept the reality that is. The only way around something like this is through it. All parties involved should try to get through this as quickly and efficiently as possible and avoid wallowing in the muck.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Name is Tanya…I Mean Misbah

Ah, more delightful perils of mixed-race, mixed-religion love! A quick summation: A white woman from Scotland, Louise Campbell, has lost her twelve-year-old mixed race daughter Molly. It seems Molly decided she no longer wants to live in the West with her mum, she wants to go live with her father and two other siblings in Pakistan. Louise claimed her daughter had been abducted and would be put into an arranged marriage. But Molly says she left of her own free will. Molly has even abandoned her Western name and prefers to be called Misbah now.

Please excuse me for a moment; I have to go laugh maniacally for six or seven hours.

Ok, I’m back.

Now for a little more background detail: the mother, Louise, married her Paki lover when she was just sixteen and he was twenty-three. Together, they have had four mixed offspring – two daughters and two sons. The eldest son lives in Britain, but is quoted in the press as saying his mother is in the wrong for having reported the mysterious disappearance of her own daughter as a kidnapping. Her other son and daughter live in Paki-land with their monkey patriarch, I mean father. It seems her children don’t approve of the fact their mother abandoned Islam! With Misbah’s departure, poor foolish, lonely, used-up Louise is left disgraced before her entire country, she has now lost everything. I would also guess she hasn’t received any more support from her subhuman husband since he returned to Pakistan, since he says she is now collecting welfare.

It is just too delicious. All the talk of mixed race, mixed religion marriage being the glorious expression of free will and universal love and harmony looks pretty well sodomized when international borders and Islamic patriarchy turn against this white whore who sold her culture down the river. Had her husband been a white, Christian man of her own country, the law would have been on her side regardless of what the child wanted. But now she must grovel and be debased even more just to see her daughter again. What rapture!

This reminds me of dear, sweet Katherine R. Lester, who fled to the West Bank of Israel for a mystery date with an Islamic man she did not even know, except from his admittedly revealing screen name: Abdullah Psycho. It’s like looking into the future Katherine! Do you wonder little girl where your escapade would have led? Take a look at the life of your future self = Louise Campbell.

By the way, that kid is huge for 12-years-old. She looks 18 at least. Maybe it's the excessive body hair of her simian ancestry that makes her look older?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fear of Superiority

I was disturbed by Mr. David Pringle’s show on Wednesday night. I wrote this letter to him in response to that show, and I wish to share it with the few readers I have left now that my show and its blog is no longer linked on Mr. Turner’s page. Though I believe this letter will interest my readers because you are the cream of the Aryan crop, it is most necessary for those who have a certain mindset in our movement. I am not a white nationalist or separatist – I am a white racist. I will even go a step further and say I am also a white supremacist. If you are pro-white and cringed when you read the words “white supremacist” please read the following:


Dear Mr. Pringle:

I enjoy listening to your show, and I admire your dedication to white separatism. I wonder if you would indulge me as I expound upon a topic that you discussed with Phil from Omaha on your Wednesday, 30 August 2006 show. That topic was white supremacy.

If I understood your position, it seems you agreed with Phil that white supremacy is at the root of the illegal immigration crisis in this country, just as it was at the root of American slavery. I could not disagree more with this position. I believe that such an understanding of white supremacy is the result of a phobic reaction to the appellation “white supremacist”, which is similar to the phobic reaction some experience when labeled a “racist”. Even as the pro-white community begins to reclaim the word racist, and respond to the label with a dismissive “So what?”, must we still fear the label white supremacist? Must we continue to spew out the anti-racist line that designates white supremacists as bad, and thus proves their point that there are white people working to oppress others on the basis of racial difference, thus validating the existence of the anti-racists who pursue all pro-white people with such venom?

I assert that white supremacy is not at the heart of the support for the American military adventure in Iraq, support for Israel over Hezbollah or Hamas, slavery or its abolition in the United States, nor the current American illegal immigration crisis.

For the opposite to be correct, for white supremacy to be at the foundation of these ills, requires an incredible contortion of reality more worthy of our opposition than ourselves. Somehow we are meant to believe that it is white supremacism that led to our current interventionism in Iraq, that leads us to favor one group of nonwhite people over another in the Middle East, that was the driving force behind American slavery, and that motivates our politicians to open the borders to mestizo hordes! Such is a strange hodgepodge of positions to be sure.

If it was white supremacism that was the causative agent of these woes, I would rightly support your argument, but I have found a much more obvious and reasonable explanation for these policies that can explain them without the need to hold two contrary opinions in one’s mind at the same time. After all, for white separatists to believe that white supremacy is evil because white supremacy advocates the superiority of one people over another, and for those same white separatists to say that race-mixing is bad because it corrupts the bloodlines and destroys the advanced civilizations only white people can build is the height of doublethink.

The much more obvious and reasonable explanation for the aforementioned conditions is the phenomenon of Christian Elitism, which spans cultures, races, and centuries. It bridged the beliefs of both the abolitionists and the slave masters and defined their contest. To the abolitionists, slavery was an affront to God that cruelly ignored Christian brotherhood and Christian compassion for the sake of property and profit. To the slave masters, it was Biblically ordained that they could rule over their slaves, both as punishment for Ham’s sin and as Paul advised slaves to obey their masters. The supremacy of the white race was evident to both sides; it was Christianity that framed the conflict. And let us never forget that slavery and serfdom are traditions common throughout the globe and do not require racial difference for functionality.

Is it not the primary argument of those who support immigration, both illegal and legal, that it is Christian duty to feed and clothe the poor, to accept all people as brothers, to welcome the stranger and give him the coat from your back? When it came time to deport Elvira Arellano, did she decide to hide out among white supremacists? No, of course not, she fled to a church! Now she is untouchable due to the supposed sanctity of the Christian church. Was not the opposition to Irish, Italian, and Polish immigration in 19th century America framed in the context of fear of popery? Was it not the Protestant fear that Catholic immigration would undermine freedom of religion? And of course one can not underestimate the fear of economic competition. And if racial slurs against the Irish, Italians, or Poles were flung about, tell me how anyone could tell the difference between a Scots Presbyterian and an Irish Catholic except by where they went to Church on Sunday! Once these Catholic hordes lost their accents, they were indistinguishable from other whites and assimilated fully, which is the key difference faced by America with mestizo immigration. The labels of licentious, criminal, subhuman still stick to blacks hundreds of years after such accusations were long ago found inapplicable to Irish, Italian, and Polish Catholic immigrants simply because blacks have proven the stereotypes, and white Catholics have disproved them. Either way, once again we see that Christian Elitism frames the debate for and against immigration, while white supremacism is irrelevant.

If Israelis and Palestinians are of the same stock, namely the nearly all-encompassing nonwhite stock, how can a white supremacist support one side or the other? Would not a white supremacist find both sides equally unworthy? White supremacists would never intervene to help one nonwhite group over another! Only Christian Elitism can explain the behavior of American Christians (of all races mind you) actively supporting the Israeli’s and demonizing their Muslim neighbors. It is Christian elitism that allows Christians to see Israeli “Jews” as their spiritual older brothers and to sympathize with their kin accordingly. The state of Israel is believed by evangelicals to be a prerequisite of the return of the Christian God-King, to support said state is to support the divine manifestation of God Himself. How does white supremacism fit into this equation at all? What kind of white supremacist supports the continued existence of Israel? As we have seen, it is much less of a leap of logic to conclude that it is not white supremacy that motivates Bush and Company to support Israel, but their Christian Elitism.

The final piece of the argument you endorsed on Wednesday night was that the corporate capitalists of this country are white supremacists. I believe you even agreed with the fanciful description of multi-million dollar homes in which rich white people were serviced by their underpaid illegal immigrants. If you agree with this association, I argue you are much more in agreement with social Marxism, which states that it is rich whites that keep the races distinct for their own enrichment, and that, should the races unite, the white corporate capitalist pigs will be thrown down from their high places. But if we can accept that open immigration is supported in the country by concepts of Christian brotherhood, that our history of slavery in the United states was a conflict of religious interpretation, and that our current support of Israel comes from the Christian love affair with Israel and millennialism, we have all the components necessary to defeat the final assertion of the argument that white supremacy is the source of America’s woes, that corporate capitalism is white supremacy. In as much as slavery, immigration, and support for Israel are tied up in Christian sentiment, the wealthy in this country will direct their money to those ends. In other words, if we can accept that slavery, immigration, and support for Israel are not contingent on white supremacy but instead on Christian Elitism, than the direction of wealth into those ills is seen not as a similar ill, nor the driving force of those ills, but the natural outcome of the desire to perpetuate those ills. And we realize now that the rich, so-called white family, living in their mansion with their underpaid mestizo laborers do not go to a white power rally on Sunday, but to their neighborhood mega-church.

I will go further with this analogy. That multi-millionaire white family believes that they do not need to preserve the earth’s ecology because they are the last generation before the earth will be consumed by fire. They don’t feel the need to worry about illegal immigration, because they believe they will be raptured away before any final (race) war breaks out. They don’t care that Israeli’s are slaughtering Palestinians because they need the State of Israel and Armageddon for their God-King to return. They don’t feel conflicted about their vast wealth because they believe God has rewarded them financially for their faith in Him. And that family could have just as easily been of any race or ethnicity or background, as long as they accept the preeminence of Christian Elitism - as with half of the Bush Cabinet: Rice (and formerly Powell), Jackson, Gutierrez, Gonzales, and Chao.

Bush and Company are clearly Christian Elitists; they believe they have a divine mission to shape this Earth according to their ideas of what God wants manifest. Such a view is an incredibly more sensible causative agent for policies of mass immigration, foreign interventionism, and support for the state of Israel than white supremacy is! To label them white supremacist positions completely contravenes logic and smacks of a psychologically-induced immunological response that equates white supremacy to everything else that our Western culture now views as bad. It may be likened to the hysterical involuntary reaction one gets to Nazism, the Holocaust, the Klan, and to things that are even innocuously White in general; these things are bad because we are told so and we don’t need to think to know that they are bad!

I strongly urge you and others in our movement who express disdain for white supremacy to question the origin of that impulse. I believe you have been manipulated by anti-racist, religiously inspired moral condemnation of the phrase. The propaganda of our opposition urges instinctual condemnation of white supremacy as bad, just as it does every other word they can think of that follows the word White. The only bad words we should accept in our movement to follow the word White are race traitor. The concept of the White race traitor does not emerge from outside our movement, as those who have left our fold are considered by our enemies to have been cured. White race traitor is the only acceptable criticism of a white person that everyone in the movement will be able to heartily agree upon and that does not originate outside of us.

No matter how one comes to the pro-white movement or how one approaches the solution to our woes, not one of us should be disparaged for our beliefs as long as we have the interest of White people as our primary motivation. If you and others in our movement continue to believe you are not superior to non-whites, I will accept our disagreement and still admire your dedication to white separatism. Personally, I believe whites are superior to non-whites and that the only outcome that will ensure the survival of our race and a future for superior white children is a world without inferior non-whites. To capitulate in any way with our lesser is to prolong the inevitable and leave our race vulnerable to extinction.

Best Regards,
Adrean Arlott, Compulsory Diversity News