Thursday, August 03, 2006

While We Were Distracted

Phillip Distasio, an Ohio pedophile, was indicted on Wednesday on 25 counts of child rape. The boys that he targeted were autistic and otherwise mentally disabled children that he had been tutoring at a school he ran in his own apartment. Distasio asserts: “The only reason I'm charged with rape is that no one believes a child can consent to sex.” But these children could not even communicate, they could not tell anyone what they were going through. He preyed upon the most helpless people he could find.

While the entire globe focuses on Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism, the story of Phillip Distasio slips away, remains unremarkable. What are our priorities as a civilization, as a species?

Consider this: The law should demand death for this creature. People should howl for his blood. He should be sentenced to be drawn and quartered publicly.

Now you decide: would the previous comment apply more to Mel Gibson, to Phillip Distasio, to both, or neither?
I shudder to consider what this world is coming to, what people might answer to that question, what their priorities are.

This survey says that the belief pedophilia is not immoral is growing amongst Canadians; 11% said it is not immoral, 8% said they did not know if was immoral or chose not to comment. You don't know if it is immoral? Excuse me now, I have to go slam my head into the wall for a few hours since I cannot comprehend the depths of human depravity and stupidity.


  1. Back in the day many of our elders said "if you open the door for homosexuals, youll also be inviting the pedophiles, and every other form of perversion imaginable".

    We were taught by the media and the 'liberal' universities, to scoff at our elders and say "oh you are just square, old fashioned,bigots".

    Roughly 3 generations we have pedophiles making political parties. Pedophilia and incest curriculum in grade schools.

    Ever notice how porno news stands on the sidewalks and porno mag stands in liquor stores are all at KIDS eye level rather than adults?

    The pedophile rights groups are calling for lowering the age of consent. In my opinion though with the way the majority of people behave, we ought to concider RAISING the age of consent rather than lowering it.

    Is it just my mind, or is it long past time for the human race to "spring clean" itself?

  2. "Is it just my mind, or is it long past time for the human race to "spring clean" itself?"

    I agree 100%.

    Did anyone here see AMW last Saturday? This story made me sick:

    "Richard Steve Goldberg
    FBI Top Tenner - A Dangerous Child Predator Who Targets Neighborhood Children
    Long Beach, California police say Richard Goldberg molested six young girls under ten years old from January through May of 2001. They say that he took pictures of himself with the young girls and stored them on his computer. Police fear Goldberg may have disseminated the pornography via the internet.

    Police say Goldberg gained the trust of the neighborhood parents, then became a babysitter and "friend" to the kids in the area. Cops say the single man made his home a magnet for children. His backyard had swings and a cage with rabbits and ducks. Inside the house, Goldberg had children's computer games, kid's music, art supplies and even children's soap. He would provide free babysitting to the children and gave them freedom to come over to his house anytime.

    Running Home To Mommy
    Police say that Goldberg was "found out" on May 11, 2001. That's when cops say two young girls playing on Goldberg's computer saw an image of two of their young friends naked with their next door neighbor. A full investigation was launched and six neighborhood kids reported being sexually assaulted by Goldberg. Agents discovered several pieces of child pornography on his computer, including photos of Goldberg himself, engaged in sex acts with children."

    So many AMW stories end with mestizos fleeing to their home countries. But in this case, I wonder if Goldberg considered fleeing to Israel. I am sure he would be welcomed as a hero.