Monday, August 21, 2006

What did you have for dinner last night? Well, guess what…

So what is the American taxpayer paying for today? To answer that, let’s see what was on the menu for John Mark Karr’s extradition flight according to a article:
“Before takeoff, he sipped champagne. During dinner, Karr had pate, salad with walnut dressing and fried king prawn with steamed rice and broccoli. Karr had a beer before a glass of French chardonnay with the main course.”

My, my, that makes my Hamburger Helper from last night seem more than a little bit pedestrian by comparison. Out of curiosity, what did you have for dinner last night?

Why was Karr given this treatment? Apparently, the immigration and customs authorities were hoping it would loosen Karr up and get him talking. Karr supposedly even clinked glasses with the investigator from the Boulder District Attorney’s office.

Let’s take a magical trip into the fantasy world of the immigration and customs officials escorting John Mark Karr:

Karr [lisping and staring vacantly into space]: Oh deary, I just love champagne. It makes me all….giggly. Oh I do declare, these bubbles have just gone straight to my little head, I do believe I have the vapors…….ooooooo…..I am swooning…..I hope one of you big muscle-y guards will catch my fall! Oh my, what strong arms you have, officer. Sitting here, looking in your soft eyes, drinking my bubbly, I’ve never had a night quite like this. By the way, did you know that I strangled JonBenet with a piece of blue string and a duck call? Quack! Quack!

These are the kind of retarded shenanigans that pass for law enforcement these days. Should it turn out that Karr is just a nutcase who made the whole thing up, please remember this preposterous escapade being wasted on a kiddie porn freak. And should it turn out that Karr actually committed the murder, never forget how the West treats its pseudo-celebrity murderers.


  1. You know, it's bad enough I have to hear it covered on the radio... I cannot imagine how utterly macabre it must appear on television to any of the 9 remaining people in this country with any sense of humanity or self-respect not to indulge the mass media mental illness called 'news'! When I left the media marketing business 7 years ago (stopped watching TV 12 years ago) I walked into my favorite watering hole where my gun-buddy bartends, pointed at the TV and told him: "-Everything- on that tube is a lie.. it's ALL propaganda, I don't care what channel you select, it is ALL a diversion designed to pollute your mind, corrupt your soul, and sap your life! Reality shows are everything -except- reality, and most sports series are rigged to go to seven-game championships to extract every last drop of advertising revenue from the fans." My friend didn't belive me.

    This entire media 'saga' is about diversion, distractions.. 'shiney objects' for the masses and perpetuating the media racket. We have too many 'journalists', 'media-arts' majors, and mindless females who get liberal arts 'communications degrees' so they can pose in front of the news cameras as pseudo reporters and 'feel' legitimate ... they all serve as propaganda whores for the Beast, and now I am forced to hear them on the talk-radio news breaks; and on YouTube, BBC Online, and other internet sites. It has become inescapable... Lenin, Stalin, and Mao only dreamed of such absolute mind control!

    Huxley and Orwell were lucky, they died before seeing how bad it would -really- get; and Lot had the sense not to look back.

    Regardless of what he (Karr) did or did not do, the U.S. Media and press no longer provide -anything- of substance. They are ALL complicit in the most massive propaganda machine in history... don't look at Iraq, don't look at Israel violating Palestine or Lebanon; nor the quickly collapsing financial card-house of your nation. Just watch the 'dog & pony show' of some freak and his coddling by the judeo-media police-state working themselves into a feeding frenzy.

    What did I have for dinner? Nothing, I had to vomit...

  2. I am posting this on the frontpage.