Monday, August 28, 2006

Sabine Syndrome

By now, you have probably heard the story of the Austrian girl kidnapped at ten years of age and kept in a basement dungeon for the past eight years, who just last week fled her captor. Once he discovered her missing, her abductor killed himself by jumping in front of a moving train.

If she escaped a year ago, when she was still 17, she would now be back in the custody of her parents. But, as it is now, 18-year-old Natascha Kampusch does not want to meet with her parents after their brief encounter soon after her escape.

How strange is that? Well, it gets stranger.

In this article, Natascha Kampusch is reported as saying about her captor’s suicide:
"In my view his death was unnecessary. He was a part of my life and this is why I am, in a way, mourning him […] I feel sympathy for his mother."

You feel sympathy for him? Dear freaking god, there is no limit to human ignorance and folly! Don’t bother to make excuses for the girl, I have already considered them all and dismissed them as preposterous. This only reaffirms my belief, stated last week, that COMPASSION IS A DISEASE.

Do you want proof of this? Here it is: In psychological parlance the girl is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, in which victims identify with their captors/abusers. In theory, the Syndrome may be a primitive instinctual response meant to ensure survival through subconsciously motivated obeisance to a dominant authority.

But give me a freaking break – there has to be more to it than that!

Firstly, it seems a very womanly way doesn’t it? If there is an evolutionary component, it would most likely have evolved because a woman made pregnant through rape and captivity (obviously common occurrences in times of war and social disruption) would have a greater chance of surviving, as would her misbegotten offspring, if she was a compliant imbecile who could be convinced to love her tormentor. So if anything, we can see the trait as a survival technique of the weak willed, those who lack honour. After all, the women who would maintain their dignity and die alongside their fallen warrior mates would not propagate a generation for their conquerors.

Do you remember the story of the Rape of the Sabine women? They were probably all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome! They accepted their abductors as husbands and through this act of violation, Rome was founded. In a way, by producing offspring with women of such flawed character, the Romans implanted in their seedline the future death of their race. They created offspring biologically programmed to willingly capitulate. Women willing to lie with their violators and violators willing to mix with the defeated led to a culture that would eventually forego its honour for the sake of mere survival, a culture that would value submission, compassion, and mercy - all the ridiculous trappings of Christianity.

I know that white racists worry about their numbers…but numbers ill-gained will only produce ill-results! The quality of offspring should be of paramount importance, both in the male and female aspect. Both genders should be bred for defiance, fierceness, and a lack of compassion. The superior, regardless of gender, should look upon the conquered, be they female or male, as vermin to be exterminated, not as slaves and wives/whores. In this respect, color is no guarantee of such quality! The mass of white people alive today are whimpering cowards, as degenerate as the subhumans they so willing mix with.

In every culture, in every context, the fundamental human error of the victorious is to permit the vanquished to live. Progress of a victorious people to a defeated people:
1) Triumph, Conquest, Colonization
2) Victorious men enslave the enemy males and mate with the enemy women
3) A population of half-breeds and lower caste conquered peoples serves the victors and grows in numbers, while decadence and the easy life sap the will and drive of the conquerors
4) The conquerors permit interbreeding between low caste males and high caste females, and thus the final barrier between the conqueror and the conquered is removed
5) A multicultural, tolerant, cosmopolitan society is inherently tense, weak, selfish, unmotivated, and disharmonious – such a culture disintegrates from external and internal pressures
6) Lather, Rinse, Repeat

The result of this process is the widespread ruin of human stock.

I pose a question to my Germanic readers, of which there are actually a few according to my website traffic monitor:

When your own people reach the point that they permitted a paedophile predator to live undisturbed in their midst for eight years, and when the victim of same predator expresses regret that the paedophile had to die, what does this say about the modern Germanic character? Criminal, victim, and society, in this case, seem to be suffering the same disease: decadence.

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