Sunday, August 06, 2006

Negroes Prone to Crime Because of Poverty, Lack of Opportunity, Not an Inherent Trait –
And Other Lies You’ve Been Told

Do you know who Claude Allen is? In February of this year, Allen resigned from his position as Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Soon after, it emerged that Allen had been accused of stealing about a thousand dollars worth of merchandise from Target stores in Montgomery County, a suburban area of Maryland, northwest of Washington D.C. People were stunned. There were rumors that Claude’s evil identical twin brother Floyd was probably the culprit. Then, in March, Allen was arrested, and the story disappeared.

On Friday 4 August 2006, Claude Allen pled guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge, agreed to repay Target for the merchandise he stole, was sentenced to pay a court fine, and to perform 40 hours worth of community service.*

And what could be Allen’s excuse for his theft?

His wife gave the world this insight: "…the 14-hour work days…less than two hours [sleep] every night for about three months…These elements, when added together, took their toll on my husband.”*

In other words, Allen got sleepy and decided to start compulsively shoplifting and returning for credit the merchandise he just shoplifted over the course of several months. The Montgomery County police stated Allen “…had been receiving refunds in an amount exceeding $5,000 during the last year.”

A few other facts to mull over:
1) Claude Allen’s Federal job earned him 160,000$ a year.*
2) Recently before his arrest, Claude Allen had purchased a home that cost nearly one million dollars.*
…Sounds like he had a lot of money…
3) Claude Allen has a law degree from Duke.
…Sounds like he had a lot of opportunity…
4) Claude Allen is a nigger.
…Oh, that explains everything! You can take a monkey out of the jungle, but not the jungle out of a monkey. That’s right, an ape in a suit is still an ape!



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  2. I have been meaning to make new, better quality, smaller byte sized versions of my old shows...I will look into Putfile as an option for hosting them.