Monday, August 07, 2006

Grandma, Please Get Off the Cross

Madonna is painfully, publicly transforming from a naughty Catholic bad girl, to a leftist crazy Jewish grandma from hell.

Imagine Passover at Madonna’s house: Kabbalah readings set to dance mixes, plays in which she dresses up as Moses and threatens a cardboard cutout of George Bush that she will plague Texas with frogs unless he ends the Iraq war, matzahs made in the shape of illegal sex acts, the children begging mommy to step down from her mirrored cross and loosen their restraints so they can get some sleep.

Wait! You don’t have to imagine it…you can read about her show in Rome last week, it’s pretty much the same thing:


  1. I cant see any logical reason on earth why a gutter slut like her would even have children (other than possibly to share her talmudic perversion with a younger crowd).

    She taught our daughters to wear their underwear on the outside, to surrender themselves willingly to gang rape, to scratch their privates in public, and generally to behave in a very unlady like manner.

    As far as im concerned any children that woman ever produces should be promptly seized by CPS.

  2. Hey how bout that DLJ? Applauding murders and posting pictures of Mel Gibson from Neocon sites. I think he's gone off the deep end.

  3. Madonna has been confused with a sexually liberated woman, but in reality, she is a poster child for mental illness masquerading as sexual freedom. In a sane society, people would see that she is a deranged whore, whose behavior stems from her mental illness. In a sane society, she would have been sterilized like the mental defective she is. In a sane society, we would see that Madonna is no different than a psychotic bag lady on the street, pulling her dress up over her head and fingering herself while screaming obscenities, except that Madonna gets paid for doing it.

    Yes, I noticed that D. LaCunt Jerkins borrowed the billy goat crazy eyed Mel picture that every Jew media outlet has been floating since Gibson was busted. But what is interesting about Jerkins’s lead story on Marcin Strojny is that whoever is editing the story keeps changing the accompanying photo. Have you noticed that now Strojny’s picture is shirtless, and previous to that it was Strojny partying with a pretty girl? I guess LaCunt or Floyd Cockring has a little crush on Mr. Strojny. I really think that One Person’s Project is really the result of some homosexual attraction the cuckoo-birds there have for tough white guys. DLJ must be very disappointed that Floyd is so anorexic and AID’s-victimy.