Saturday, August 12, 2006

Are We Not Men? We are DEVO!

A Kurdish family in Turkey has sparked debate over the origins of their peculiar mode of transportation. The siblings in this family walk on all fours. They walk on their feet and the palms of their hands. The two predominant explanations for this behavior:
1) A genetic variation has caused the people to revert to an evolutionary stage of pre-humans, and that the way they walk could have been the way human ancestors walked.
2) The people have brain damage and can’t walk upright.

A few more facts might help you decide which is more likely:
1) They do not walk on their knuckles like apes; the reverse-evolutionists claim this may have allowed our ancestors to free their delicate fingers for manual tasks. Apparently the siblings can crochet and embroider.
2) They are all retarded. One of the five siblings can walk upright with difficulty and is apparently less retarded, so goes to the local village to interact with humans.
3) Their parents are very closely related.

My conclusion: This is the sort of nonsense that will end up, in the long run, embarrassing evolutionists who embrace the throwback conclusion. These hand walking people are inbred, retard sub-humans, not evolutionary throwbacks. The idea that one gene (apparently damaged in this case) or a magical combination of genes (that were all miraculously damaged in this case) is responsible for completing the transition to upright walking is ludicrous. These people are diseased. This is as preposterous as looking at midgets or mongoloids and saying, “Oh, that’s what are ancestors used to be like!”

This is a case of people projecting their own fantasies on the diseased behavior/condition - “Kinda looks like an ape, don’t it? They are walking like are ancestors did millions of years ago! Proof? I don’t need no stinking proof.” I was watching a show about circus freaks a week or two ago and they had a dog-faced boy, the werewolf type with hair all over his face. The voice-over said, something like “Maybe this is the way humans looked in the past.” Hello – idiot! Even chimps don’t have hair on their faces! The guy is suffering from a disease! I suppose flipper babies caused by thalidomide are throwbacks now to our fish ancestry? Give me a fucking break.

I just love the last line of this article on the 'throwback' family:
“Producer on the documentary Jemima Harrison said the programme's producers were moved by the family's "tremendous warmth and humanity.”

Well thank you Aunt Jemima Harrison for your opinion, but if that is what passes for human these days, I’m not just racist, I am anti-human! And I am damn proud of the fact.


  1. If it can be done, it can be undone.

    Also, I kind of hate to point this out because I like your style and respect your opinions...

    You attribute their 'condition' to being a retardation, likely due to INBREEDING.

    I agree fully. I also believe in broken genes (multi generational pedophiles for examples, or ebonics speaking inspite of multi billion dollar tax funded public schooling).

    However this reallity hurts. means we both understand that inbreeding is BAD. Not only is it morally bad, but its also genetically bad. (btw it likely started out being concidered morally bad BECAUSE survival instinct told us it was GENETICALY bad)

    Here goes the ouch part...the reallity of INBREEDING, and 'shallow gene pools', is that...truly homogeneous socieites would eventually degrade into mongloid freak shows.

    Need proof...look at africa, or 'hill billies'or mexicans... and more. I hate to be logical sometimes. But it seems to me that race mixing is inevitable to avoid retardation, and other disorders resulting from deteriorating DNA.

    Also it seems to me that whether you believe in god or in nature or whatever...that race mixing has ALWAYS been happening, and DOES happen, and likely will continue to happen.

    The thing is this...

    1) quallity vs quantity
    2) its supposed to happen slowly

    Furthermore, to hold the idea that not all people are the same, and , all white people are all the ones mind simultaneously as truth, is doublethink.

    The saxons are not the same as the nords. The indo's are not the same as the saxons. So on and so forth.

    Each 'white' race is ACTUALLY different from each other. Which means if we are to be picky about things like race mixing then we should also shun racial mixing between...nords and saxons.

    Which leads us inevitably back to square one...shallow gene pools.

    Pan Aryanism, not that im knocking it mind you, is natures warning to all 'white tribes'..."YOUR GENE POOLS ARE GETTING TOO SHALLOW, combine with each other instead of fighting with each other".

    Well in say 50 generations, wont this 'new' hybrid white man, "pan aryan" man, also eventually run into the "shallow gene pool" problem?

    At that time though, there wont be any 'white tribes' to assimilate/freshen up the DNA. They will all have already assimilated and made the white tribes into one race.

    So pray tell, when the day comes that the 'pan aryan' 'race' reach's the 'shallow gene pool predicament'...where will they turn to then for fresh DNA?

    So what we see (if we set jewish inspired religons aside)is that nature/gods solution to shallow gene pools which result in retardation, is "inter tribal breeding", with ones own "relatively similar" neighbors.

    This is the phase were are currently in, and possibly nearing the end of.

    So what happens when ALL tribes have interbred to the point that they no longer exist and instead are now one single genetic race?

    The genes will start deteriorating yet again. Its inevitable. Then we'll see inbreeding and retardation flourishing again.

    What then? Inter breeding between nations. Inter planetary breeding?
    Inter Species breeding? Or a whole planet full of ... people walking on their hands, named...planet Corky.

    Maybe SCIENCE will one day solve this problem, without the need to import DNA, we can only hope.

    ""I’m not just racist, I am anti-human! And I am damn proud of the fact.""

    I think hate of the human race is the highest form of racism a person can reach. Hate based on skin color is a mundane waste of such a valuable force of energy.

    Hate based on the behavoir of another race is justifiable but still not...the peak.

    Hate for the human cant get any higher than that can it? Also hatred of humanity is more honest and pure. "racial hate", implies that one race is good whilst the other is bad, or it makes allowance and excuse for a % of subhuman quallity within a given race.

    "Anti-Human Racism", covers EVERYTHING EVERYONE. Thus is why I say...'more honest and pure'. Maybe people like you and possibly me, are on the evolutionary cutting edge of "racism in its final most potent form", hatred of ALL humans.

    I think you said somehwere that you enjoy cartoons. Have you seen Batman Beyond? Theres an 'enemy' named 'Mad Stan'. Hes a hulking white guy that is well...a suicide bomber that never seems to die, and always causes destruction.

    He says "mans problem is too much information, we are suffering from information overload, the human race is fucked up, we should all die, blow it all up" so on and so forth.

    What I have always wondered is whether 'mad' stan is 'mad' as in, mentally unstable, or is 'mad stan', sanely accutely aware of reality and thus is MAD as in angry.

    All any of us can do in the end is push forward 110% in which ever direction we see fit. I sincerely hope you will continue to push forward, I enjoy your style very much and would hate to see you quit pushing forward, in your unique way.

    "Blow it all up" Mad Stan

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