Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Congratulations and Best Wishes

To White Nationalists, the Alt-Right, and White People in general, my congratulations on the election of your preferred candidate, Donald Trump. I also offer my best wishes for your future happiness and success. My opinions on what this election means and what the future holds for you are all documented on this blog. You have no need for me to repeat them, and I have no desire to do so any longer. To quote the favorite television program of my youth, with all the irony my Dark and Terrible God knows to be evident in my final reference for this project, "Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."


 A thought for 04.07.2017

Sunday, November 06, 2016

What the American Election Means

Here's what the American election means this week:

A Clinton victory means that White America has failed to put up a defense that can halt their demographic death.

A Trump victory means that the only defense White America could muster to their own demographic death was a WrestleMania, reality-TV show candidate with Jewish grandchildren.

However, regardless of the outcome, the destiny of White demographic death in America remains unchanged. The reasons follow.

There are those who will say that a Clinton victory can be pushed back against, and may spark a new American revolution. Firstly, there will be no revolution as a result of a Clinton victory. Secondly, future armed revolution to seize power is a dystopian fantasy that is laughable to any sane person. If you could not successfully rebel against the federal government when the most lethal weapon on the battlefield was a horse-drawn cannon, how do you think a rebellion will turn out in the atomic age?

There are those who will say that a Trump victory means White America will see a rebirth along the lines of a fascist or national socialist state that puts White people first (dog-whistled as putting America First). That too is laughable fantasy. It is a fantasy to be found in equal proportions in the rants of Keith Olbermann and the comments on Stormfront. That alone should tell you how nutty such a concept is. Neither Italy nor Germany had to contend with the racial, religious, and sociological diversity that their defeat ushered in following the Death of the West in 1945. The concept that Mexicans will be rounded up and deported, blacks brought under the heel of the police state, and Jews driven back to Israel is, once again, laughable fantasy. Not only is there no will to make such a thing happen, a Trump victory would mean Jewish grandchildren are playing in the Oval Office, not getting stuffed into cattle cars. As I said previously about Trumplingism:

This is not a victory on the path of growing White Racial Awareness. This is the Final Victory of Kike Media Warfare. White people have embraced living in the vile, polluted media factory the Kikes have been building, and think that appointing their own King of the Oompa Loompas means they aren't still a bunch of mental midgets slaving away for the kike Svengali who runs the factory.

When I started CDN, my intent was to attack diversity by exposing its absurdity, contradictions, and deceits. Back then, White Nationalism was a very somber, serious affair that did not laugh at the nonsense it got from the other side. I felt I offered an alternative. 10 years later, White Nationalism has become a joke, and nothing is taken seriously. Half of the movement does nothing but joke around, and the other half has replaced delusional seriousness with the joke of delusional elation. Worse than this though is that nearly 100% of the movement is infected with Multiculturalism, which is a disease of White people that happens when diversity is imbibed like tainted water from a stagnant mud puddle. Open displays of perversion and vulgarity, tolerance of mischling and homosexuals, the rabid hatred of White women, and the embrace of Mass Media culture are all signs that White Nationalism has been poisoned. It is too sick a creature to be the vanguard against White demographic death. Hence, the absurd spectacle of this election.

Because the Multicultural poison is now in the movement, CDN's mission to expose the absurdity, contradictions, and deceits of diversity meant criticizing the movement, and dealing with the death threats and denunciations (neither of which I would allow through to the comments), and the occasional strained plea for me to stop worrying and learn to love the Trumplingism bomb (which I would allow through to the comments so I could reject the pleas). I carried on because I thought it was possible that White Nationalists could be returned to their senses. But two days out from the election, that has not happened. They taste victory like German troops removing the barriers from the roads to Poland in 1939. That is a depressingly accurate comparison of mood, but inaccurate comparison of logistical and strategic strength, given that White nationalism has zero real world assets.

What we should see in the picture above is the failure of White people to do what is in the best interest of their race, rather than pursing the aggrandizement of their own foolish national pride. What we should see is the moment the poison was swallowed, to be followed less than six years later with the Death of the West.

In this election, White Nationalism had a chance not to take the poison. It did so anyway. If the Trump blitz fails this week, you lose. If the Trump blitz begins this week, you lose. For those who dismiss my prophecy and argue that this election, regardless of outcome, is just the first step along the road to victory, please see the photo above.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Is So Rayciss

Admittedly, Halloween is already pretty racist, but here's a little way I try to make it more so. I send racist messages by the candy I distribute to the chilluns! My candy tray is efficiently and rigidly organized in Nazi-esque fashion, so that each child gets a coded racist insult with my offerings. Here is what's on the menu this Halloween:

For niglets: Banana flavored Laffy Taffy
For mulattos: Dollar Store Caramels
For kikelings: Jujubies
For chingy chonglings: Rice Krispy Treat Minis
For chalklings: Milk Duds
For dotheads: Dots
For muzlets: Atomic Fireballs
For homos: Pixy Stix
For dwarfs: Runts
For beaners: Mexican Stoplight candy
For Retards: A whole potato

Hope you enjoyed. I won't be updating again until next week.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Secret Nazee Base Discovered in the Arctic!

5. Trump: Clinton's foreign policy plan would start WWIII
Nice try - but regardless of what you promise, I won't vote for her either, no matter how good it sounds.

4.  Woman Sues KFC Because Ad Showed Too Much Chicken
She wants $20 million because her bucket of chicken was not as plentiful as depicted in the ad. This story really is a triumph of MultiKulturalism. It unites the dietary concerns of the morbidly obese and niggers with the litigation instincts of kikery.

3. How White Nationalists Learned To Love Donald Trump
This article takes more time to describe the transformation of White Whateverists from despising Trump to worshiping him than any White Whateverist who underwent that transformation spent considering their own hypocrisy.

2. Nurse is charged with killing EIGHT patients between ages 75 and 96 in Canadian retirement homes
And she looks surprisingly like that midget kikess from Poltergeist

 1. Secret Nazee Base Discovered in the Arctic!
Top secret Nazi military base discovered near the North Pole
The outpost had to be abandoned after the staff was poisoned with parasites from eating raw polar bear. And yet, these are the same people who are supposed to be living in the Hollow Earth with UFO's waiting to return to reconquer the surface world. They have as much chance of doing that as Trumpling White Whateverists do of saving what remains of their race (see story 3).

And on that note, I am taking off the rest of the week from this blog. I have been posting daily for over 3 years now, and it is well past time to reconsider.

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's the Great Trumpkin

5. Fisher-Price faces a backlash after releasing toy which shows moms driving around getting smoothies instead of working
To be more reflective of the state of the modern Kwa, the toy should feature parents OD'ing on smack in the front seat, while a kid is strapped into a car seat in the back.

4. Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Says Subway Knew Its Spokesman Was a Pedophile
They mean spokeskike, not spokesman. Regardless, isn't it amazing that Subway relied so much on Jewey Jared that they were willing to overlook accusations he touched the chilluns? Was he really that important to their sales model? Did people literally decide whether or not to eat Subway sandwiches based on Jared, as opposed to based on being too poor to afford better or having no sense of taste?

3. France buses 1,600 migrants out of notorious ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais
Jebus Cripes - you would think Whities would have learned by now that nothing good comes from taking savages out the jungle. There are more appropriate ways of rectifying such a situation.

2. California Guard vets told to repay millions in enlistment bonuses
HAHAHAHA! Jewed by Uncle Schlomo. If you army boys didn't realize before that you fight and die for kikes, you should now.

1. It's the Great Trumpkin
Donald Trump visits a pumpkin patch and tells farmers that the election is 'rigged'

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reason to Thank Islam: Janet Jackson in a Hijab

5. With Teal Pumpkin Project, Halloween gets less tricky for allergic kids
When I was a kid, I knew no children with a peanut allergy. Snack time in kindergarten was a cup of peanuts and raisins and there were no alternatives (and we liked it!). A couple dysgenic decades later, and now Halloween has to be altered to keep up with the general decline in the quality of offspring. Pathetic.

4. Compare these articles released within just a day of each other:
Gay Republican Group Declines to Endorse Donald Trump
Gay Republicans Explain Why They Are Proudly Supporting Donald Trump

The funny thing is, the second article covers the content of the first, and reports that the Log Cabin Republicans aren't endorsing Trump, yet they still chose to lead with a title that touts Trump's gay-friendliness. No wonder Trumplings are confused, example: Trump supporter tells CBS: He will make America great again like it was before ‘the homosexuals’

3. Karl Rove: Donald Trump Can’t Win
Rove said that? Then we should expect a Trump landslide. Karl Rove is the idiot who refused to accept Mitt Romney lost even after FuxNews called the election for Obongo.

2. Obama nixes twerking at final White House musical event
Guess he's letting his white-half off the leash a bit now that he is about to exit public life and doesn't need to prove his black credentials anymore. And speaking of black, Islam-loving, divas ...

1.  Reason to Thank Islam: Janet Jackson in a Hijab

There's no chance of a wardrobe malfunction in this outfit... pregnant Janet Jackson, 50, covers her blossoming baby bump in Islamic-style dress

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and blame where blame is due. White people brought us Janet Jackson's pregnancy at age at 50. DAMN YOU CHALKY SCIENTISTS! Meanwhile, Islam has led her to cover the fuck up. Thank you, Islam. Don't expect to hear that from me often, if ever again - but credit where credit is due.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mass Media Morons Have to Issue Correction for TV Show Review

5. National Anthem Singer Takes a Knee During Heat-76ers Game
Very little Chalky outrage with this one. Made to choose between Patriotardism and Niggerballsportings - Chalkies have chosen Niggerballsportings.

4. Voice Actors Strike Against Video Game Companies
If you ever want to find out just how bad an actor someone is - make them do a voice over. Beyond good looks and posturing, a surprising number of actors have no real talent. Doing a voice over exposes this immediately. Voice acting is an under appreciated profession.

3. Richard Simmons to Close Exercise Studio Next Month
It is shocking that this Jewish gargoyle lasted so long as a fitness guru. Nowadays, he's sweatin' to the oldies just trying to get his socks on while listening to his own grunts.

2. Trump: Accusers 'will be sued after the election is over'
Should it be surprising that his plan for the day after the election is so typically Jewish in character?

1. Mass Media Morons Have to Issue Correction for TV Show Review
Quoting Presenting probably the most embarrassing newspaper correction in the history of newspaper corrections, courtesy of a New York Times review of the new TV show Goliath: "An earlier version of this review included an inaccurate discussion of the show's plot structure. The critic mistakenly watched the first two episodes out of order. [...] he knocked it for a "needlessly complicated structure," a first episode that left "so much unanswered," and a second episode that "jumps back in time,"

Think of the number of failures that had to occur for such an absurd thing to happen. The only thing that indicates we are not yet fully living in the Idiocracy is that someone eventually caught the error. But, just give it time.